Marriage or matrimony is a socially recognised blend between the spouses that lay forward the rights and understanding between them. Marriage is considered as a holy pairing process that eventually leads to the development of a family. The definition of matrimony differs from place to place. It is based on the cultural and religious at first place but also the social norms and ideas.

In the country, there are a lot of religious and communities. The maximum of people tries to marry in their religious and community. As there are many communities and religious so the matrimonial sites are needed in this country to find a match for the people and make them a complete pair. The matrimonial sites moreover help people to find matches for Manglik marriages and even second shaadis. Here are some of the top 10 best and most popular matrimonial sites in India in 2019.

10. Elite Matrimony

Most Matrimony Sites In India 2019

Elite Matrimony is an Indian matrimonial site that caters to the needs wealthy individuals and their families. The website was created by Murugavel Janakiraman and was launched in the year 2008. This website is a Chennai based firm that mostly works for the wealthy sections of this society. It provides the various options of Manglik marriage, second marriage, persons with disability and those who don’t want dowry. It is the flagship of but is observed as a totally separate site.

9. Community Matrimony

Most Matrimony Site In India

Community Matrimony, as the name suggests, in India it is still believed that a marriage Is healthy and strong when it strengthens the bond between the community. Community Matrimony offers about 350 community marriages across the country and catering a unique process of marriage. Community Matrimony is an absolutely different matrimony site that will help you to find matches according to the community if you want. The portal offers full service for its members, primary aim being the perfect match for the member in the required community.

8. Matrimonials India

Most Matrimony Site In India

Matrimonials India is one of the largest portals for marriages in India. This website was established in the year 1997 and is one of the foremost and vivid matrimonial sites in the country. It has been successfully delivering its promises over the years and has also set a benchmark with the perfect pairs it makes each year. The company has a wide range of options starting right from community marriages to second marriages or person with a disability. The company has always considered the member as the king.

7. Life Partner India

Most Matrimony Site In India

The next website in our list is Life Partner India. The website provides easy search and has a user-friendly interference which makes it handy. It is because of this reason that this website has grown to be one of the topmost matrimonial sites in India. The site provides a match for each and every religion and community. You will find a match for Hindu, Christian, Muslim, Sikh, Parsi and much more on this website.

6. VivahaBandhan

Most Matrimony Site In India

Vivahabandhan is India’s most comprehensive matrimonial site that is filled with the touch of tradition and feel of tradition. It is also one of the fastest growing portals in India and is dedicated towards the constructing the marriage and making it successful. This matrimonial site is actually for those people who are quite serious about their marriage and can prepare themselves within a short notice. It’s a benchmark for the underprivileged Indians who are quite satisfied with it because of its user-friendly performance. It also performs a depth search, superior being the satisfaction of the clients.

5. Simplymarry

Most Matrimony Site In India

Simplymarry is an Indian matrimonial site owned by the Times Group also knows as the Benett, Coleman and Co Ltd that is India’s biggest media monopoly. The simply marry was launched in 2006 with the primary aim of helping persons find their life partner keeping the various parameters of the families involved. It connects individuals internationally. Simplymarry allows two different people to share their interest and dreams in a safe and secure platform. It is a social platform where two people and meet and share and chat.

4. Time Matrimony

Most Matrimony Site In India

Time Matrimony is a 100% free Indian matrimonial website brought in professionals and developers and for South Asians all over this planet to find their love and perfect partner without spending a penny for it. The company is committed to providing you the best quality of service and find the perfect match. The website is very simple and handy and is, therefore, one of the most popular matrimonial websites in India. The website also provides interfaces to meet with partners and filters that can help one find their true love in this world.

3. Bharat Matrimony

Most Matrimony Site In India

The next matrimonial site in our list is Bharat matrimony. This is an Indian marriage portal that was opened in 1997 by Murugavel Janakiraman who met his life partner through his own matrimonial site. The company has nearly 130 offices spread across the country. It also has international offices in Dubai, United States, Sri Lanka, and Malaysia to spread the services beyond India. In the 2000s, there was skepticism regarding the online matrimonial sites and the amount of satisfaction they would offer to the people. Later this idea was dropped by the people and they accepted it as one of the most convenient ways of finding their partners.


Most Matrimony Site In India is again an Indian matrimonial site owned by Info Edge. It was founded in the year 2004 with its headquarters in Noida. The company was founded by Sanjiv Bikchandrani. The words Jeevansathi is composed of two words, “Jeevan” that means “Life” and “Saathi” which means “partner” thus meaning life partner. The company has more than 6 million registered subscribers and has also about 340 employees in its office working for the company. It is also registered on the Bombay Stock Exchange because of its growth in the past few years.


Most Matrimony Site In India

Topping our list of top 10 matrimonial sites in India is The company is operated by Canada but its core market is based in India. The company is actually as online wedding service just like the other sites in this list. The company was incorporated in the year 1997 by Anupam Mittal. It also has offices outside India, in UAE, United Kingdom, and the United States. The parent company of this website is People Group. In 1997 the name of the company was but after two years, that is in 1999 the name of the company was changed to Today because of its service and satisfaction to its customers, it has been voted as the top site for matrimonial purposes.

These are the top 10 best matrimonial sites in India in 2019. Maximum of them are indigenous while some are operated from outside of India. These matrimonial sites offer the best service to the public and help in finding the perfect life partner for you.