If you don’t have the uncontrollable craze and craving for street foods and avoiding it totally, then it may conclude that you have a dead soul. The mouth-watering dishes that amazingly economically feasible and tummy filling is one of the best things that our great nation, India, is known for.

The variety reflects the extent of diversity that our nation has. Street food stands out to be the most tempting part of the culinary delights that our nation possesses. Not just the low price that they are available at, but the taste and even the smell will give you hunger pangs for sure. Exploring and having them all is a different kind of adventure in itself.

It’s this variety of foods and dishes that make our nation stand apart, in a better way of course! Also, the variation of food is mostly implied by geographical location and you will find that particular street foods do present or mark the region they are found in. Below are top 10 most popular and best street foods in India in 2019. Explore and try them all!

10. Papri Chaat:

Best Street Foods in India

Next on to make to the list is Papri Chaat. Hot, sweet, crunchy and tangy flavours combine to make this delicious street food. It is one of the most relished dishes in India. The spicy chutney spread all over the papris with another garnishing on tops like of chopped onions, tomatoes, coriander leaves, sev and other powder masala gives it the most mesmerizing look. It is very economical to the wallet and fills in the stomach perfectly.

9. Dabeli:

Best Street Foods in India

Kutch region of Gujarat owes this dish. It’s a far better alternative to the boring sandwich which empties your pocket. This dish is closely related to vada pav but has the uniqueness of its own. It comprises of spicy smashed potatoes in between buns or pav with lots of bells and whistles including roasted peanuts. It’s filling, delicious and cheap too!

8. Akki Roti:

Best Street Foods in India

This street food is most popular in the IT capital of the country i.e. Bangalore. It’s spicy bread which is made up of rice flour and is served with coconut chutney. It is the most popular Tiffin snack as it is easy to make and tastes delicious too. It is synonymous to dhosa and is found in huge variety over there. It tastes great and is cheap too.

7. Idli Sambar:

Best Street Foods in India

One of the most famous dishes in India, it represents the South Indian region with pride. Not just Idli, its close companion Dhosa coupled with either of Sambar or chutney is taken as breakfast in most of Chennai. Sambar portion comprises of veggies and tastes ‘khatta’ because of tamarind content whereas idli is made with rice and urad daal. This dish has made its way to lives of people spread all throughout the country.

6. Aloo Tikki:

Best Street Foods in India

The view of a patty of smashed potato hitting a tawa of sizzling oil is surely delightful. This legendary dish is present in every nook and corner around the country. This delectable snack is incomplete without the top being covered with lashing green chutney and tamarind. This small potato cutlet when combined with buns on both sides with some other chutney fillings, give McAloo a run for the money for sure. It accounts to be one of the most famous of Indian street food and is commonly found in Northern part of India.

5. Litti Chokha:

Best Street Foods in India

It is the soul food for the people in Patna. Looking like dal-batti, Litti Chokha has its own distinctive taste. The litti part is made with sattu and chana while it is served with chokha which is made up of mashed potato, tomato and brinjal sometimes. Along with a dose of desi ghee, this dish has its own share of the swag.

4. Paani Puri:

Best Street Foods in India

Not just one region, but Paani Puri can be made to represent the whole nation at once; this huge is its popularity. It would be wrong to conclude that only girls of a young age are crazy for golgappe or phuchka, as called in West Bengal. Be it male or female of any age, everyone loves to eat this tamarind-water filled crisp Puri snack. Smashed masala potato is filled in crisp puris and then dipped into tamarind-water. This snack also has a humble variety of its own.

3. Vada Pav:

Best Street Foods in India

This is the thing on which the whole Mumbai runs on or else say, depends upon. This humble staple is the soul of Mumbai and has spread to the rest of the country too. A single day would not be there when you haven’t seen Vada Pav on streets. The dish contains a ladi pav stacked with a well-spiced aloo vada in the centre. The whole thing is graced beautifully with well-spread garlic or other chutneys in between them. A green chilly is also accompanied. It is one of the most nourishing and comforting food out there in the streets.

2. Kathi Roll:

Best Street Foods in India

Every Indian city has this Kolkata-styled Kathi Roll in it. It’s the pride of The City of Joy. This snack can be found on virtually every street of Kolkata. The tasty flat dough touches the oil and gets half crisped and then rolled with a variety of things inside to give you many types of rolls. Be it egg, chicken, veggies, aloo or combination of them, the rolls are gonna fill your tummy without lightening your pocket much.

1. Pav Bhaji:

Best Street Foods in India

The never-ending clang of spatulas is what Mumbai is famous for, and Pav Bhaji is the reason behind it. It is the most loved street food all over India. The unctuous mass of potatoes, masala and veggies all mashed up, topped with butter and onions pieces and served with fresh Paw or buns is the most craved food. There is no comparison of this comfort food. The garnishing itself containing chopped onions & coriander leaves is mouth-watering. All major Indian cities have this street food in their heart.

These are few street foods that are renowned and relished upon. It can be easily said that many of your favourite street food may have skipped the list, but this list is everything a person needs to lighten his or her mood in a very, very pocket-friendly way.


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