Travelling is always fun. It is something that simply let you collect the most precious moments of your life. Those who travel and write their experience are basically regarded as travel bloggers.

It is said that these people are able to live the life in the best way. The reason is travelling and then writing what exactly they experience always helps them enjoy life in a better way. There are memories they can make and when they write, obviously, they lock them in their own mind for a long time period.

In the present scenario, travel lovers always look for the blogs prior to visiting a place. This is to grab the best available information related to a specific place. You might have no idea that it’s nothing but the blogs that simply unveil the most accurate information of a place and can probably make your visit simply a memorable one. However, the fact is where to read the best available blogs.

Actually, searching on the internet with post name is a matter of gone days. These days you can find the best information or a personal travel experience post only when you search with the name of the blogger. This post is going to unveil the top 10 most popular travel bloggers in India in 2019 to let you know more about your next vacation spot.

10. Deepak Patel

Most Popular Travel Bloggers in India 2019

He is both a travel blogger and a technology lover. If you want to explore some of the best information related to ancient places and structures in India, his blog “Travel N Thrill would help you a lot. In his blogs, he often mention information about rich Indian cultural heritage which attracts the attention of several international readers towards his blogs.

9. Shivya Nath

Most Famous Travel Bloggers in India

She is another young female travel blogger who has visited many national as well as international tourist places. Her aim is to spread awareness that women are independent and can travel the world alone. Some of her blogs have been widely appreciated and one example is “The shooting star”. She shares her views on how to travel like a local person in any part of the world for which he was honoured with a tag of the best travel blogger. She is someone who quit her job to travel the world.

8. Karthik Reddy

Most Popular Travel Bloggers in India

He is known to share some of the best experiences of some of the well-known tourist spots on his blog which is popular as “Romancing, The Planet”. Karthik is well-liked by a lot of Indian youngsters and he is an educated personality who completed his MBA in the year 2012. After spending a few months in the job, he decided to be a travel blogger. Karthik explains the things very well and is known to provide a lot of useful information that can add a lot to your visit. Check out his blog to know more about him.

7. Arnab Maity

Most Popular Travel Bloggers in India

He is one of the best travel bloggers in India who often inspire working people to find some time for their own. He often mentions in his posts that travelling can be inexpensive and can simply load the life with happiness. Arnab is known to share some of the best and in fact the most incredible stories on travel. His blog has a lot of readers who call him one of the best travel blogger in India.

6. Anuradha Goyal

Most Popular Travel Bloggers in India

Anuradha Goyal is one among the most popular bloggers in India who are known to post travel blogs. She is an experienced travel blogger who is writing since 2004. She has visited almost all major tourist attraction in India and a few in other parts of the world. Travelling, as well as reading, are two of her leading passions. She is a much-liked writer who has gained popularity in a very short span of time.

5. Lakshmi Sharath

Most Popular Travel Bloggers in India

She is known for her multiple skills in different professions. Actually, she is not just a travel blogger but also a media person, photographer and in fact a writer. She has dedicated her life to these professions and the good thing about Lakshmi Sharath is her award winning blogs. It was in the year when her blog was voted as best travel blog in India. She has a huge fan following on some of her social media profiles and she is an experienced travel blogger.

4. Sankara

Most Popular Travel Bloggers in India

He is one of the best Indian travel bloggers who is famous because of his biking trips. You can find him featured in several media outlets in the country. He often combines his blogs with some of the most elegant pictures due to which a lot of people respect him as a travel blogger. One of the best things about him is he often post Visa information along with the things to enjoy on an international destination.

3. Shalu Sharma

Most Popular Travel Bloggers in India

Shalu Sharma is one of the travel bloggers who appreciates a lot of things about India in her blogs. She belongs to Bihar and is one of the very intelligent bloggers. You can find a lot of information about Indian culture, local food, as well as travel tips to a specific place.

2. Siddhartha Joshi

Most Popular Travel Bloggers in India

He is one of the Indian travel bloggers who believe nothing can bring more happiness than travelling. In the present scenario, he is considered as one of the very successful bloggers in India. He strongly believes that travel can make a person tolerant, help to avoid life’s emotional problems and can enable anyone accepting others. The name of his blog is “The Wanderer”

1. Ankita Sinha

Most Popular Travel Bloggers in India

She is a very popular travel blogger who is followed by a huge community of Instagram and Twitter users. All her blogs are best in every aspect and have an excellent writing style. The crispiest words make her posts simply the best ones. One of her strong desires and thought is everyone should travel alone and must not impose a limit on same. She doesn’t just travel in India, but also in many other parts of the world.

These are some of the well-known travel bloggers in India who have travelled almost all the major tourist places within the country and abroad. The good thing is many of their blogs and posts have been recognised as the best ones by a lot of readers. You can simply read their post on their official blogs or on several other websites. Another best thing about them is most of these bloggers have years of experience in writing travel posts.


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