Business magazines are becoming quite common everywhere. In the present time, they are not just known to provide some useful information about the modern businesses, but are a true source of inspirations as well for the young entrepreneurs. You might have no idea but there are many magazines that are known to provide very useful information regarding the current events, as well as the latest trends.

One of the best things is India is a huge market for any sort of business. It is because of no other reason than this, business magazines are demanded all over the country. On an average basis, there are around 95,000 plus magazines that are sold in India every day. One of the major factors responsible for their success is the high ride of this country on the economic boom.

This is exactly what that has attracted the attention of a lot of people all over the world. The good thing is most of them cover all the important topics related to latest trends in Indian markets, industry surveys and so on. They actually follow different models when it comes to presenting the news and other information to the people. In a never way before, these magazines are enabling the young businesses to keep up the pace in every aspect by providing them the most useful information on the information they always look for here and there. Checkout the list of top 10 most read business magazines in India in 2019.

10. Consumer Reports

Most Read Business Magazines in India 2019

There are a lot of newly introduced products by almost every business in the present time. Of course, reading their reviews before one invest money of them is a good idea. If you too think so, this is the magazine that you should trust. It is actually known to provide best reviews on different products that are widely consumed and demanded in the Indian markets. There are a lot of people who read this in India.

9. Bloomberg Businessweek

Most Read Business Magazines in India

It is a well-known and in fact, a prestigious business magazine which is widely demanded in India. The theme of this magazine is to enable the readers to understand the latest news on Indian businesses. There are news related to finance, business events, as well as about the stock. If you read it properly, it also covers various aspects of Indian stock market and help understanding the same up to a very good extent. Many people prefer it for stock advice too.

8. The Architectural Digest

Most Read Business Magazines in India

Well, if you are engaged in business that deals with home improvement and interior design, this is the magazine that is highly useful for you. There are a lot of other topics which it covers. In a nutshell, it can be said that it is a best available magazines for those ho believes in styles. Most of the information printed is about travel, celebrity style, shopping sources and so on. If you need to stay update with these topics, you can proceed with it without worrying about anything.

7. Adweek

Most Read Business Magazines in India

Adweek is another magazine that is largely read in India for business news. It is known to provide some of the very useful and in fact, best information on the advertisements methods that can be adopted to target the audience for businesses. It is widely trusted by a lot of business experts and because of the innovative articles published in it, one can truly inspire him when it comes to running a business.

6. Americas Quarterly

Most Read Business Magazines in India

Although it’s an American Magazine, It is quite famous among those who look the useful information on Indian business markets. The fact is, this magazine provide a ton of information about the American economy. This attracts the attention of a very large number of people who want to transform their financial skills by having the best information available with them.

5. Money Today

Most Read Business Magazines in India

It is another magazine which is popular in India and provides a lot of useful information about the finance. Actually, a lot of investors consider it one of the best available magazines that are helpful for them at every stage. Money Today got publicity due to the fact that it covers all the latest topics about the investment news and finance in India. It has helped many businesses in transforming from one level to another.

4. Business World

Most Read Business Magazines in India

It covers topic like Indian market, Indian economy, as well as aviation. In addition to this, there are articles on IT companies in India and what they are trending in the market in the present time. You might have no idea but this is actually an Indian magazine that has encouraged many people in India to begin their career as an entrepreneur.

3. Outlook Business Magazine

Most Read Business Magazines in India

This magazine has been recognised as one of the best available one in India when it comes to tack finance and funding businesses. A lot of newly introduced businesses have find it very useful for them. This magazine has gained popularity because of no other reason than this.

2. Business Today

Most Read Business Magazines in India

Well, if you often read information about the Indian businesses, you might already be familiar with this magazine. Provided by Living Media India Limited, it cover a lot of useful information related to top organisations and stock. It is known to provide some of the very useful information about the policy creation in the business. This factor has widely contributed in the success of it up to a good extent.

1. Business India

Most Read Business Magazines in India

Well, the number one and in fact the most popular business magazine in India is Business India. It is said that even some of the top-notch businessmen in India read it. It is actually known to provide useful information about every domain of a business starting from how to create a healthy and reliable work environment in a business. It also covers topics such as business tie-ups and their long-term plans.

All these magazines are available all over the country. You can even find them online as well. In fact, there are owners of some of the well-established businesses across the globe who read Indian business magazines. This is because to generate new ideas and to know how to target the right customers in the Indian markets. Moreover, these magazines offer a flawless blend of benefits to those who read them regularly.