Top 10 Most Read Magazines In India

Literature is always known to reflect the society. The kind of literature may vary which attracts a different group of readers. Different topics, articles, stories, novels, meaningful write-ups, necessary knowledge with news of the ongoing world, all constitute the index of a magazine. What is happening and not happening in the country and throughout the world, innovative discoveries, current affairs, milestones set etc is an essential part for us to be known about.

A good magazine comprises all necessary topics within it for keeping us up-to-date. For making it interesting to readers, they include colourful coverings, some puzzles, and entertainment gossips and lot other reader attracting things. India being a country with world’s second largest population has a wide range of readers coming from a variety of diversified backgrounds. It was a challenging job for a magazine to satisfy the need of all variety of readers. Moreover, being periodical they are able to create the urge of reading them and explore the surrounding situations. Below is the list of India’s most read newspapers which are able to attract most Indian readers towards them.

Here is the list of Top 10 Most Read Magazines In India in 2018


JAGRAN JOSH Top Most Famous Read Magazines In India 2017

They have the readership to about 0.82 million making them one of the most read magazines in India. They are one of the oldest magazines owned by Jagran Prakashan Limited. They mainly include general knowledge matters and are best for those who are eager to know about the current affairs. They are also proving an online app in android phones serving over years in proving necessary knowledge of ongoing society. The magazine get publish in Hindi language.



They have a readership of about 0.97 million making it popular among a wide range of peoples in the country. This magazine is owned by Malayalam Manorama group from Kochi. Their publication language is Malayalam. This is a weekly magazine containing informative news serving as a excellent knowledge provider. They mainly gained attention for the section of jobs information and different government and non government organization which is useful for the job seekers. They include a section about current affairs also.



They have a readership of about 1 million. This magazine was first published in the year of 1997 and from them they were able to be is the list of bestselling magazines. They are also known as best selling health magazines of the country. This magazine is owned by a newspaper company namely Mathrubhumi. This magazine is published in monthly basis was able to be in a position in the list of most read magazines of 2017. This magazine is published in Malayalam language.



They have a readership of 1.05 million peoples. They were first published in the year of 1979. Initially, they were published in Hindi language only, but now they get published in eight other different languages. They mainly include topics related to fashion matters, Bollywood gossips, family matters etc. They are mainly entertainment based magazine. They also include short stories and columns for advice which is under their additional features.



They owns a readership of about 1.30 million readers. This magazine gets published in Hindi language and is equally popular and available throughout the country. This magazine is especially for those who are looking forward for cracking the competitive exams. They have special section of job advertisement for the youth population and have huge store of current affairs. This magazine gets published in monthly basis.



They have a readership of 1.35 million readers and is one of the most popular magazines read by Indian readers. It was first published in the year of 1993. It is available in five different Indian languages but Hindi being most dominant. It is published fortnightly. This magazine mainly includes topics related to entertainment, politics and current affairs. They provide a mixture of all necessary topics under a single magazine. This magazine is available in both rural and urban areas equally.



They have a huge readership of around 1.36 million throughout the country. This is published in Hindi language. This magazine is published by India Today group and was now gained attention as a popular news agency. They are known for their high quality content. They include topics covering all the fields. They have topics from entertainment, sports, health and current affairs. They are famous for their accuracy level. They always rank in top positions in the list of top magazines.



They own a readership of 1.63 million peoples. This magazine can be found in nearly every household throughout India. This magazine is published on a weekly basis. This magazine is owned by India Today group. They are known to produce quality content news for different groups including entertainment, sports, politics, current affairs etc.



They have a readership of around 1.68 million peoples. They are one of the most popular magazines of all times. This magazine is published by the famous Upkar Prakashan. This magazine mainly focuses on competitive exam section. They also include sections like science, technology, economics etc. They are also famous for their sports section which gave this magazine immense popularity throughout the country.


VANITHA Top Most Popular Read Magazines In India 2018

They have a readership of around 2.82 million throughout the country. This magazine is in Malayalam language. This magazine was first published in the year 1975 and was owned by Malayalam Manorama Group. They have an average sale of 6.8 lakh copies. This magazine is not only famous in Kerala but is also read by people from other parts of the country also making it more popular. They include topics from the field of beauty, health, cooking, career guidance, parenting etc.

Besides these popular magazines, there are lots more which carry other forms of news too and are read by Indian people. They not only provide us news and knowledge but they are also a means of passing the quality time during the journey. Moreover, reading always the best thing one can choose for making wise utilize of the passing time.

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