Today everyone is concerned on the issue of his or her wellbeing especially on matters of health. The health topic has become a matter of concern globally due to the rising number of health and lifestyle related diseases. After all who doesn’t want to live longer, look young and avert these life threatening diseases? I believe we all do.

One major topic in health circle is obesity or rather overweight. Being obese or overweight can increase your chances of contracting life threatening diseases such as coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, type 2 diabetes, abnormal blood fats, cancer, metabolic syndrome, sleep apnea, gallstones among others. This the reason why weight loss has become a hot topic.

You can lose weight by many ways such as exercise, taking weight loss supplements, eating a healthy diet and many other ways but did you know you can lose weight also by taking some fruits? Fruits are known to have low calories, low fats, extremely high in fibre content, rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which are all essentials in weight loss. Let’s have a look at the top 10 best fruits for weight loss.

10. Berries

Best Fruits For Weight LossOne of the best fruits for those who are looking at shedding some few pounds is berries. Berries such as blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and blackberries are potent sources of antioxidants and are fully parked with nutrients that have less sugar than any other type of fruit in the world. Although the antioxidants usually protect the cells from damage they also have a role to play in weight loss.  Berries help you lose weight through their availability of high water content in them which has less calories making you suppress the urge to eat, they are also belly fat fighters which in turn reduces cholesterol levels in one’s body.

Berries also aid in reduction of blood sugar and insulin levels and in addition boost metabolism all thanks to the antioxidant ketones. We cannot ignore also the fact that berries are good source of fiber which in this case plays a key role in weight loss. Apart from weight loss berries have other numerous health benefits such as boost bone density, reduce the risks of contracting cancer, boost your vision and its also a food for the brain.

9. Lemon

Best Fruits For Weight LossOne of the most effective fruit that can aid in your battle when it comes to losing weight is lemon lose some weight your body need to get rid of toxins, and your liver and digestive system should be a hundred percent functional and healthy.

Lemons usually contain flavonoids that keep your cells healthy, it also aids in the digestion of food, helps to eliminate body toxins, boosts your immunity since it contains vitamin C and Potassium phosphorus calcium, and in addition it contains hardly any calories. The best way to take lemon is through adding lemon to water and drinking and since water increases your metabolism mostly likely the result would be positive in relation to losing weight.

8. Avocado

Best Fruits For Weight LossIf you want to lose weight try incorporate avocadoes in your diet plan and you will definitely see some change. Avocadoes contain 80 calories per 50g serving so this can be a better option in substituting other fats. Another great reason why avocadoes best fit in the list of top 10 fruits for weight loss is because they are sugar free and 75% of the fat in an avocado is unsaturated.

Don’t forget that avocado fruits are a rich in fiber and low in carbs. Apart from weight loss avocado will help you improve your cardiovascular system health, joint health, better digestion, stronger bones, better eye health, and it’s also good for hair.

7. Grapefruit

Best Fruits For Weight LossDo you know that drinking grape juice when taking high fat foods can lower the amount of weight that you could have accumulated nearly by a fifth? Let’s go in-depth and evaluate why you should consider grapefruit in the morning. Grapefruit is rich in fiber hence will make you feel your full and kick the habit of eating now and then, its low in calories, its compounds reduce insulin levels, and amazingly even smelling a grape fruit can aid in weight loss.

To add up, research has shown that grape fruit has AMP-activated protein kinase an enzyme that assists your body in the utilization of sugar which then in return boosts your metabolism. There are many other health benefits associated with taking grapefruit such as boosting your immunity, skin cleansing, and better brain function among others.

6. Watermelon

Best Fruits For Weight LossOne of the fruits that will support your weight loss ambitions and goals is watermelon. Even though its sweet in nature it has a very low calorie count since two cups of watermelon contain just 80 calories and in addition no fat at all. Another great reason why I recommend watermelon is because 90% of its content is water which will definitely make you feel full hence you will be able to suppress you’re eating habits. Did you also know that watermelon contains fiber which will most likely have an impact in your digestion aiding weight loss? Now you know. Apart from weight loss water melon will help you reduce soreness, provide you with vitamin C and A as well.

5. Guava

Best Fruits For Weight LossThis mouthwatering treat nearly available in every continent is a powerhouse of nutrients. For those people who don’t want to compromise their intake on fiber, proteins and vitamins while on their mission to shed some weight off then guava would be a good choice. Guavas are known to be rich in vitamins, fiber and proteins and the good thing is the fruit has no cholesterol at all.

The sugar quantity in the Guava is in very small quantities and since it contains potassium which can aid in control of blood pressure it then emerges as a better weight loss additional reason to convince you Guava can do the trick is that the fruit is the second richest source of vitamin C and has low calorie. Guavas are also used to treat other illnesses such as cough, scurvy, diarrhea, eyesight booster, dysentery, among others.

4. Apple

Best Fruits For Weight LossAt one time you may have heard that one apple every day keeps the doctor away and I can add my own saying that an apple a day can make you lose weight. Apples do contain non digestible compounds that stimulate the growth of friendly bacteria in your gut that is interlinked with weight loss.

Apples do also contain a lot of water which in turn reduces calorie intake. They are also rich in fiber since one apple has around 4 grams of fiber that’s 16% of the daily dosage recommended and fiber means you eliminate food cravings. Apart from weight loss apples are well known to contain vitamins and minerals such as vitamin c, vitamin k, vitamin B6, potassium and copper.

3. Banana

Best Fruits For Weight LossIf you’re on low calorie weight loss diet then I would recommend you to take bananas and this is why. Bananas are very nutritious fruits and regardless of the reason you take them whether losing weight or just as snacks. Bananas do have a substantial amount of fiber in them and a unique fiber known as resistant starch known to provide good bacteria.

You might have an assumption that bananas because their sweet they are high in calories but they only have 92 calories compared to that delicious fries which has 375 calories. When it comes to fat they are low fat fruits, and they are low GI food and in addition rich in many other nutrients too.

2. Pear

Best Fruits For Weight LossIt is said that one pear a day will keep a pound away and a sturdy has shown that among the people who take pears regularly they are likely not to be obese. Pears have 24% of the recommended fiber and its calories are way below that of fries since it has 100 calories only. This sweet fruit is also free from cholesterol, and fat making it an ideal fruit for weight loss. We also can’t forget to mention that its full of other nutrients such as sodium, potassium, magnesium, copper and vitamin C.

1. Oranges

Best Fruits For Weight Loss

There is a reason why this fruit has taken position one as an ideal weight loss fruit. Oranges are fat free, they usually contain low calories about 85, they are nutrient dense, and have a substantial amount of fiber in them, and they are a filler food aiding in suppression of food intake.

The other reason apart from weight loss oranges can eliminate potentially causing free radicals, protect your skin which will make you look younger, lowers blood pressure, low risk of stroke since they have folate, and they help you deal with stress because they contain thiamine.

Now that you have the knowledge, go ahead and include these fruits in your diet and not just will you achieve your weight loss objective but you will also get some other health benefits from eating these fruits.


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