“Your Google Adsense account has been disabled or temporarily banned”. “Your application has been rejected” what a horrific morning email subject to wake you up in the morning. Many bloggers can testify that this kind of an email is one of the boring, shocking and a catalyst to headache stress and low moods. The worst thing about AdSense application is that they might reject it again and again and I can only imagine the torment some of these bloggers go through with their eyes wide open staring at a rejection email.to be honest with you I feel your pain and for those who are out there struggling to get one, I think you can try something else after all “having something is better than nothing” right?

Although AdSense is by far the best advertising network for publishers out there don’t limit yourself to it, stop crying, stand up, be proactive and embrace other alternatives that I have listed for you down below. Remember the more you keep wasting time cursing Google the less money you make so embrace these top 10 best Google AdSense alternatives in 2019 and you can a decent revenue with them. Here are the Top 10 Best Google AdSense Alternatives in 2019.

10. Revenuehits

Best Google AdSense Alternatives 2019

One of the best ad networks out there and a good alternative to Google AdSense is Revenue hits. The way its system works it was designed to monetize toolbars websites, Im applications, widgets, search and many others. The good thing about Revenue hits they always display only the profitable ads at the right time and with accordance to the visitor Geo. More over hits is a performance based Ad network which means they normally award their publishers using (CPA).

Another good reason to consider Revenue hits is because they provide you with diverse monetization channels. You can also create sliders, pop –ups, buttons and many more. The other good thing about them is that creation of account is easy and they will most likely accept your application. They normally pay their publishers after 30 days and through PayPal, payoneer and others.

9. PropellerAds Media

Best Google AdSense Alternatives

Another great alternative to Google AdSense and one of the best in the market today is Propeller Ads. Most of the reviews online all point to propeller as a positive alternative. They have been in business since 2011 and as of today they have evolved to be one of the biggest pop-under network with very desirable CPMs. they usually love to monetize sites of the following niches, gabling, software, games, dating, finances, entertainment, videos/ films and many others so if you have one monetize it with propeller Ads and make much more than Google AdSense.

Usually they give their publishers a chance to use banners but the most profitable is pop unders. For those with traffic from Canada, U.K, Australia, U.S this ad network is great for you and to top it up for those who are in India, South Africa, and mostly third world countries propeller has something for you too so don’t limit yourself. They pay through wire transfers, payoneer, and prepaid cards among others.

8. Amazon Associates

Best Google AdSense Alternatives

Today in the world the biggest e-commerce site globally is amazon and being a global site they have something for publishers. for those publishers who have niche sites that speak about products that can be found on amazon (let’s say a health niche site focusing on weight loss) amazon associates could work with you to promote supplements or other weight loss products.

Their advertising program called amazon native shopping ads allows you to put dynamic image ads to your niche site so that you can promote them to your visitors and since it does not work like a CPM they usually award publishers a commission of every product a publisher sells through his or her link. Usually they have three types of ads offers to publishers, Custom Ads, Search Ads, and Recommendation Ads. They usually pay only through a check and if you’re a resident in USA then provide bank account number and you will get paid.


Best Google AdSense Alternatives

The reason why VIGLINK is on this group is because it’s a unique ad network which converts publishers normal product links into affiliate links such that when someone buys a product through your link then you’re entitled for a commission. This network will work well with any e-commerce based site. They pay after 60 days and their minimum threshold is $10 to PayPal.


Best Google AdSense Alternatives

One of the best and almost similar to viglinks is slimlinks. Normally the site uses publishers who are interested in monetizing their e-commerce sites. They usually apply affiliate marketing business model and they have over 20000 affiliate programs for you and you don’t even need to deal with creation of affiliate links or signups. If you are a blogger who has a site that contains product related content even keywords of a specific niche then this is the ad network for you.

What skimlinks does is to monetize your content and the fun part is here, you don’t need to have banners or adverts, all they do is provide links to relevant products automatically into your content and that’s all. For those bloggers who write about products such as reviews this is a gold mine for you. They usually pay through PayPal check bank as little as from $10.

5. Adversal

Best Google AdSense Alternatives

Another great alternative I can advise you to try is Adversal. They have taken the position one in serving ads, banner ads and have good CTR which works with several languages hence you will definitely get a better revenue. The only limitation to this ad network is that you are required to have at least 50000 monthly page views to be eligible for qualification. There mode of payment is via bank wire, PayPal, check or ACH.

4. Chitika

Best Google AdSense Alternatives

One of the reasons why Chitika is in this list is because its similar to AdSense ad a good alternative to AdSense. The best thing about Chitika is you can as well use it alongside AdSense and there is no conflict of interest between the two. Chitika usually accommodates nearly everyone regardless of the amount of traffic one has on the site so just visit their site and create an account and start earning something. They usually have three types of ads Local Ads, Targeted Ads and Mobile Ads and account approval its fast. Usually they pay via PayPal minimum $10 and wire transfer minimum $50.


Best Google AdSense Alternatives

Bidvertiser is a cost per click network that offers Text ads, slider ads, mobile ads, banner ads and others. This company usually displays the highest bidders on your site which gives you the as the publisher the benefit of earning the maximum revenue every time ads are displayed on your site. Its model of advertising is a bit different than that used by AdSense since AdSense usually displays adverts on your site based on the user interest but Bidvertiser.com usually creates a system of bidding that allows the highest bidder to display ads on your site.

The only set back with the site is that it takes sometime before your discovered by the bidders meaning you need to be patient but finally you will make it there. Payment is usually PayPal minimum at $10 or a check of $100.


Best Google AdSense Alternatives

Infolinks is a bit different than the rest of the advertising networks but its one of the best alternatives to consider. InfoLinks offers four types of ads InText, Infold, Inframe and InTag. Of all the choices the most famous one is the InText one followed by InFrame and the good thing about Infolinks is that as a publisher you can use other ad networks as well with it without a conflict of interest even Google AdSense.

The good thing about infolinks its that’s its ads will match the keywords of your content hence they will be relevant to your traffic. They normally pay through the PayPal, western union, Payoneer or bank wire. For PayPal the minimum is $50 and for Bankwire the minimum is $100.


Best Google AdSense Alternatives

If you’re searching for a closer match to AdSense network then Media.Net is what might be the answer. This is the contextual ad network AdSense for yahoo and Bing and provides a wide range of advertising and traffic monetization solutions. All publishers here earn their money from the advertising revenue and as of look of things better days are coming for yahoo and Bing publishers. Remember that when we look at the revenue Media.net runs the second largest contextual ads program on the world hence this should be your first choice. Usually the company pay publishers after 30 days and the minimum threshold is $100 either to PayPal or wire transfer.

Sometimes things don’t work out the way we may wish them to turn out. When your Google AdSense application is rejected, terminated just because you failed to adhere to the TOS don’t cry and whine about it, if you’re not making enough with AdSense just go for another option and the best alternatives I have already given you above. I would urge you to think like a businessperson, the more the income streams the higher chances of meeting your financial objectives.


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