Shopping is a popular culture in India and establishment of malls all around the world has also become widespread. For any city to become a modern city there has to be at least one or two malls that attract tourists both locally and internationally.

India is no exception. With the large population in India, the need for large shopping locations is needed. There are a number of malls in India, some in Mumbai, others in Bhopal and others in Bangalore. Other malls continue to be established with the change in needs of the people who are living in India and those that come to visit. Advancement in technology is also another factor that prompts investors to bring up buildings that are conscious with the changes in time and technology. Let’s take a look at some of the top 10 biggest shopping malls of 2019 in India.

10. The Great India Place

Best Shopping Mall in India 2019The Great India place is approximately 850,000sq ft. the mall is located in Noida and was developed by a group known as Unitech group. However the mall is run and maintained by Entertainment City group whom are also are the maintainers of the amusement park known as Worlds of wonders where the mall is situated within. The mall is very well organized with one section entirely dedicate to womens apparel and another section fully dedicated to men’s apparel. There is also a large cinema and a food court at the top most floor of the building. Some of the shops found include Shopper’s stop, Globus, Nike, Pantaloons among many others.

9. Orion Mall

Best Shopping Mall in IndiaThe beautiful mall was opened in the year 2012 in Bangalore. It is 850,000 square feet big with four storeys of retail shops. The mall is a entertainment destination as well as a shopping destination as well. There are restaurants and food joints that are unique and diverse enough to satisfy every taste bud. There is even a bowling alley available for the fun lovers as well as a gaming lounge for entertainment and recreational activity. Stores that are in the mall range from clothing and jewelry stores all the way to tech and electronics shops.

8. VR Bengaluru

Best Shopping Mall in IndiaThe mall is also widely known as Black Box on Whitefield road. The approximate floor space for this mall is 900,000 square feet. This beautiful work of art is home to a luxury hotel, IMAX and a multiplex not to mention the other many retail shops and commercial office spaces also found there. The facility is developed and maintained by Virtous Retail. The mall is truly a lifestyle destination covering all the entertainment needs and homely needs of a society. Some of the brands housed in this great mall include H&M, IMAX theatre, The Hive among many others.

7. Mantri Square

Best Shopping Mall in IndiaMantri Square mall is found in Bangalore and it is 924,000 square ft. The mall opened shop in 2010 and has since attracted both local and international tourists. This is one of the largest malls in Bangalore with a large food court, bowling alley and a gaming center as well. The facility also has a screen theatre as well to make your entertainment experience diverse. The mall has about 252 stores in the mall. Some of the brands found in Mantra Square include Lifestyle, Marks & Spencer, Pantaloon, Shoppers stop among many others.

6. Fun Republic Mall

Best Shopping Mall in IndiaJust as the name suggests, Fun Republic Mall is all about the fun. The mall is located in Lucknow and it opened in the year 2007. It is 970,000 sq ft big. The mall receives more than 20,000 plus visitors every week. There are numerous food outlets and a hotel with 60 rooms within the facility among many other retail shops. The mall is owned by Zee group. The mall also has a gaming lounge and a huge cinema. The parking area in the mal can contain 550 cars.

5. Phoenix Market city

Best Shopping Mall in IndiaThe mall is located in Chennai and it was opened in the year 2013. Phoenix Market City Mall has a space of 1 million square ft. There are more than 200 retail stores at the mall. The luxury mall is home to some of the most high end brands. They include Adidas, Valentine, Lifestyle, Manchester United, Madden, Aldo, Croma among others. There are also multiple movie cinemas in the mall including IMAX and Luxe Cinemas. Some of the food joints available include Punjab grill, Hard Rock Café, KFC, Starbucks, Fruitwall among many others.

4. Elante mall

Best Shopping Mall in IndiaThe mall is 1.15 million sq ft. the mall was opened in the year 2013. Elante mall is owned by the Carnival group. The mall is located in Chandigarh. The establishment has three floors with an additional basement. There are more than 200 retail stores in the mall. There are both international and local Indian brands in the mall such as Zara, Marks & Spencer, Tommy Hilfiger, Gucci, Calvin Klein, Lifestyle, Burger King, KFC, Nandos among many other outlets.

3. LuLu International shopping mall

Best Shopping Mall in IndiaThe establishment was opened in the year 2013 in Kochi city in the Kerala area. The mall is 1.7 million sq ft big. The mall is owned by business mogul M A Yusuf Ali. The mall has about 215 retail stores five of them being anchor tenants. Some of the fun activities that you may indulge in here include ice skating, there is an ice skating rink and a bowling alley as well. There are numerous eating joints and family friendly hang out joints as well. Some of the stores found in this mall include Lulu Hypermarket, PVR cinemas among many others.

2. DLF of India

Best Shopping Mall in IndiaThe mall is located in Noida and it was established in 2016 and it is 2 million sq ft. The mall has seven floors and 18 anchor tenants. This mall also has 333 retail outlets. This is definitely a large tourist attraction. There are seventy five food outlets both fast food and fine dining as well as restaurants. DLF mall of India also has over 100 fashion brands including children’s wear. At this mall you get the complete package of entertainment, shopping and adventure.

1. World Trade Park

Best Shopping Mall in India

The massive mall was opened in the year 2012 and it has a space of 2.4 million sq ft. the mall is located in Jaipur. The mall has 11 floors and the parking space can fit up to 1,100 cars. There are hotels, health clubs, restaurants, commercial office spaces and great entertainment spots. Some of the stores found here include Zara, Lifestyle, Woodland, Da Milano and Celio among others. This is a one stop mall for entertainment, business and shopping.

The emergence of malls all around India has definitely helped make things easier for the locals in India as well as the international tourists in India. The malls have become tourist attractions and recreational areas where people can go and enjoy themselves. Above are some of the largest malls in India.