2016 saw Spanish giants Real Madrid overtaken by NFL franchise the Dallas Cowboys as the richest club in the world of sports. While Spain continues to dominate world football, the real money is in England and to be precise the English Premier League.

With the game worth well over £14 billion in market value, and an audience of around 4 billion viewers, football is not just a sport. The most expensive teams in club football break all kinds of transfer records, being able to lure expensive players, and backing up the business with sky high ticket sales and magnificent player performance on the pitch. When the next transfer window opens, watch out because the above ten clubs will spend big, just because they can. Here are some top 10 most valuable and most expensive football clubs in the world by 2019.

10. Tottenham Hotspurs- £704 million

Most Expensive Football Clubs 2019Tottenham Hotspur is probably the unluckiest football club around. Having been snubbed by Chelsea Billionaire owner Roman Abramovich, back in early 2000s when both clubs were in dire need of funding, you can call that unlucky right? Chelsea continues to do a number on the team, both on and off the pitch, hijacking their transfer targets along the way.

The only non-league club to ever win their first FA Emirates cup was founded 134 years ago following their motto ‘To Dare Is to Do’. Tottenham is not the best team in club football but they are proud to be the ones who end people’s runs on breaking records. One would say that. The team is linked with a charity giving and they donate to the charity foundation helping kids. Surprisingly it is funded by the player fines pay that help the foundation. Tottenham are also in the 2016-2017 English Premier League title race.

9. Juventus-£900 Million

Most Expensive Football ClubJuventus know how to win, and they do it so calmly you will never notice them, up until they reach the Champions League final. Winning 61 official titles in overall as a club is as much qualification to brand the team as the most successful in Italy. Having signed the most expensive goal keeper of all time Guianluigi Buffon Juventus got to record their biggest win of 15-0 while playing with Cento. Surprisingly Juventus has largely contributed to the Italian national team with even 8 players filling up the spots. They are currently Serie A record holders and defending champions winning the title 32 times.

8. Liverpool-£1.07 billion

Most Expensive Football ClubThe Queens’s team and one of the most successful teams in club football, Liverpool is a true football giant. You’ll never walk alone is the clubs most famous maxim for 124 years now at Anfield Stadium. Liverpool, 18 times English premier league champions have a story to tell as a club suffering two tragedies back in the day. As per now following the current season Liverpool are showing talent on the field under German coach and former Borussia Dortmund coach Jurgen Klopp. Liverpool has much to show and bring titles home under new management hoping to win the 2016-2017 premier league cup.

7. Chelsea-£1.15 billion

Most Expensive Football ClubPossibly holding the world record for staying in one stadium for 62 years without renovation The Blues have attracted crowds of supporters as well as making club record signings for the team as it progresses through the ranks in the Football League.

Chelsea to some point was recognized as the team with the most African players the likes of Mikel and Victor Moses to name but just a few. Their biggest record inn football history is a 13-0 thrashing that they gave Jeunesse Hautcharage in 1971 and recently hold a 13 game consecutive win in the premier league. Under Italian coach Antonio Conte the question remains is 13 their lucky number?

6. Manchester-City- £1.33 billion

Most Expensive Football ClubPurchased by Abu Dhabi United Group Man-City became one of the wealthiest clubs in the world. The team being founded around 122 hasn’t portrayed its team’s best form just until they got to win the English title in the year 2011 where they had tied with rival team the red devils but were then given the cup due to goals scored They also won the FA Emirates cup the same year. Now under the reign of former Barcelona coach their performance is not on point as it should be for they aren’t showing world class talent as they do. Pep Guardiola has hinted on retiring as head coach for the club.

5. Arsenal-£1.4 billion

Most Expensive Football Club12 time FA Emirates cup champion’s team was founded 130 years ago and became the first team in south London to ever play in the football league. Having being only relegated once in the league they still have a record among many of the records they hold such as being the only team in England that went for a whole season unbeaten.

Emirates stadium as their home ground and under the longest serving coach since 1986 (20 years) arsenal have much to show for themselves with the recent style of play they are deploying from players such as Mesut Ozil, Alexis Sanchez, Alex Iwobi to name but just a few. Arsenal has not won the title for over 14 years now but head coach Wenger has a plan up his sleeves.

4. Bayern-Munich-£1.85 billion

Most Expensive Football ClubFounded 116 years ago Bayern has risen to become the most successful club in Germany. In Germany it is actually the richest club having a 75,000 seater stadium for its supporters. Bayern was founded by a group of 11 members and now are such a huge club having being able to reach the UEFA Champions cup 10 times winning it 5 times. It isn’t much of a breakthrough but for the team it is. Domestically they have a record for winning the Bundesliga title for 26 times under skilled manager Carlo Ancelotti more is yet to be portrayed by the team in their winning ways.

3. Manchester-United-£2.3 billion

Most Expensive Football ClubThe Red Devils as their nickname be was surprisingly founded twice. It was first founded in 1878 going by the name Newton Health LYR FC and again re-founded in the year 1902 as Manchester-United. 20 time English Premier League champions have much to tell as a team. Having one of the best coaches in the world Sir Alex Ferguson led the team into winning huge trophies as well as making achievements for the club. They are known as the great Manchester for showing their able talent down in the field and are now sharing the FA cup tittle record with Arsenal winning it 12 times.

They recently made a club record signing of Paul Pogba from Italian team Juventus. Not long after his signing his t-shirt brand became the most bought jersey in England and United ended up getting back their money. Having finished at a not so talk able position in the previous season Untied are not participating in the UEFA champions cup but they are currently the FA cup holders and they need to defend their title. Under able manager José Mourinho we shall see what he has to portray with the team.

2. Barcelona-£2.46 billion

Most Expensive Football ClubFounded in 1899 and commonly known for its nickname Barca, Barcelona is one of the world’s best team becoming the most supported team by its fans as well as on social media all over the world. They are currently holding records for winning the UEFA Super cup, UEFA Winners’ cup, Latin cup and the Inter-Cities fair cup. The team likewise having world-class players like the likes of Messi, Neymar, Suarez, Xavi, Iniesta and Rakitic but just a few Barcelona has become one team that has had most of its players winning the FIFA Ballon d’Or award out beating rivals Real Madrid.

Barcelona alongside rivals Real Madrid also have never been relegated in the Spanish top league as they prove to be a great team out on the field. As a team they have registered on of the best trio’s forward line of Messi, Neymar and Suarez who scored a total of 122 goals in one season. They currently play at Camp Nou which accommodates around 99,354 seats. Xavi holds the record for playing most matches for Barcelona.

1. Real Madrid-£2.52 billion

Most Expensive Football Club

One of the world’s best teams in the world founded in early years of the 18th century 114 years ago makes Real Madrid football club among one of the oldest clubs in football history but that doesn’t earn them the top spot either. One would wonder how a team would come up with such a name but the club tittle was bestowed upon them by one of the kings of Spain king Alfonso xiii. For such a great team since their foundation they have never been relegated in the top Spanish league and they look forward to keeping up that record.

Santiago Bernabéu Yeste became the club president during the Second World War and built the club’s home stadium which was named after him and has one of the largest holding stadium capacities of about 85,454. Having a team comprising of world class players the team made a club record signing of 80 Million bringing Manchester united star player Cristiano Ronaldo.

This wasn’t long until the club later made another club record signing of 100 Million for Gareth bale from English club Tottenham Hotspurs. As a club they have won awards and also set records currently holding the record for 11 time UEFA Champions Cup winners. Team coach Zinedine Zidane has walked the team through a whole year without a loss winning 29 games and 9 draws. Let’s hope to see more of the team boss this year.

Football is big business, and the above ten teams know how to combine on pitch flair with off the pitch branding and franchising to remain on top of their game, leg wise and financially. Real Madrid and their neighbors Atletico Madrid breached transfer rules and remain banned from the transfer market for the remainder of the season. Whether this means Real Madrid might lose top spot, only time will tell and be sure they are not just sitting pretty on top of the pile.


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