Sports are a favorite entertainment and recreation for a lot of people hence with that kind of attention the sporting industry brings in billions in revenue. So it is only natural that the players will earn a handsome amount of cash in salaries, bonuses and prize money not to mention money from endorsement deals from multi-million dollar brands. Some of the richest people in the world are sportsmen and women. Sports really do pay well generally but there are some sports that pay better than others so let’s look at some of the high paying sports in 2019.

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10. American Football

Highest Paid Successful Sports 2019

This is another favorite especially for Americans where the game originated from. The National Football League is where only the crème de la crème of the players play. American football games are usually packed to the maximum and with such a huge audience brands are sure to be competing for an opportunity to form partnerships with the top players and winning teams. Some of the top earners in this game include Joe Montana, Peyton Manning who once earned $42 million from the sport and Deion Sanders who raked in a whopping $22.5 million.

9. Cycling

Highest Paid Successful Sport

I know this is a surprise to most but who would have thought that riding a bicycle would make one rich, well when it is done as a sport, it could turn you into a millionaire if you are good at it. A lot of cycling tournaments take place all around the world and they have huge prize money gifts for the winners. Some of the very best cyclists get pretty huge endorsements from interested brands. Lance Armstrong is one of the highest paid cyclists in the world and according to Forbes list of rich players, he is at number nine earning 28 million dollars.

8. Baseball

Highest Paid Successful Sport

Baseball is one of America’s most loved sports. Boys learn playing baseball from a very young age in the United States and Baseball games record a high attendance rate. Because of this huge following, the sport has been able to attract a lot of endorsements for the players in the baseball league which adds to their wealth. Some of the richest names benefiting from playing this sport include Alex Rodriguez who earned above an average of $35 million.

7. Ice Hockey

Highest Paid Successful Sport

Also known as the fast sport, Ice hockey has one of the highest paid sportsmen on the Forbes list. Some of the top earning players include Wayne Gretzky and Joe Sakic who all managed to earn above 10 million dollars in the nineties. Currently the stakes are up to 20 million US dollars and above for hockey players in major hockey leagues. Sergei Federov once earned an impressive average of $28 million from the sport.

6. Tennis

Highest Paid Successful Sport

Tennis is a loved sport all around the globe. It’s a great recreational activity if you do not want to get dirty and dusty as it makes anyone who plays it look good. The French tournaments among other tennis tournaments rake in a lot of money both for the event organisers as well as the players. Andre Aggasi and Jim Courier are among the top earners in this sporting category all earning more than $10 million. Serena Williams is also a top earner in the women’s category as is Roger Federer who is currently topping the list with a total of $71.5 million in earnings.

5. Soccer

Highest Paid Successful Sport

Soccer is a celebrated sport all around the world; in fact it is reportedly the most loved sport in the world. One only needs to look at the number of people who attend the premier league matches and the huge viewership that sports channels have during football seasons to comprehend the level of dedication people have towards this sport. Some of the top earners in this category of sport include Lionel Messi whom Forbes magazine reports to have earned an average of $80 million in salary and endorsements and Christiano Ronaldo who leads with an astonishing $88 million dollar earn for salary plus endorsements.

4. Golf

Highest Paid Successful Sport

Golf is also known as the rich people’s game. Not only is it for the classy and sophisticated, it also makes its players rich. Tiger Woods remains the world’s highest paid golfer having won tournament after tournament. He has appeared of Forbes list of richest athletes a record number of eleven times with his highest earn being $115 million. Other rich players in this category include Jack Nickalus and Arnold Palmer who both earn in millions.

3. Auto racing

Highest Paid Successful Sport

Auto racing is a game for the thrill lovers and car enthusiasts. Tournaments such as Grand Prix for Formula one brings in a lot of money and fans from all around the world travel to come and witness this amazing tournament. Nascar is also another huge event in the world of auto racing as it draws in a lot of money from sponsors and endorsers of the event. Michael Scchumacher has definitely dominated this scene for many years earning over $50 million. Sebastian Vettel is reported to have earned $150 million from an endorsement deal with Ferrari. Fernando Alonso follows suit with a yearly salary of $40 million.

2. Boxing

Highest Paid Successful Sport

This is also another popular sport that has got a huge following all around the world. Boxing Tournaments pay very well and the prize money is a handsome amount too. Bets and Endorsements also add up to the amount of money paid in such tournaments. Mike Tyson who is a legendary boxer once earned $75 million from the sport. Floyd Mayweather tops the list though with his mega earnings of $105 million.

1. Basketball

Highest Paid Sports 2019

Basketball is a wonderful game; it follows closely after football in the list of the world’s most loved sports. If one plays in the major basketball leagues, you are guaranteed a great salary. The endorsements from the game are huge. The NBA reports that Lebron James and Kobe Bryant are the highest paid athletes. Lebron James reportedly earns $30 million and has over $300 million in earnings from endorsements from companies such as Nike, while Kobe Bryant earns $25 million from the Lakers with over $300 million in endorsements from brands such as Nike and Hublot and Panini.

The sports mentioned above have some of the highest paid athletes in the world. Sports is a huge attraction to people all over the world hence it is only natural that corporate brands will want to partner with these sports to make their own brands visible which means more money is being made. You might want to consider giving sports a try; the pay is not so bad.


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