The days when sports were viewed just as an entertainment is gone. It has grown out to be a thrill and people take pride in their favourite sides and stay loyal to it. It is now more than just some means of entertainment. This has resulted in mammoth contracts being signed among players and teams in order to construct a good roster.

The teams and the players no more play the game for pennies. Contracts are signed in high millions and sometimes even in billions and this trend has entered into the NBA too. Here is a list of top 10 richest NBA teams in 2019. The list is made after accounting for the operating income and revenue during the previous season.

10. Miami Heat

Richest Valuable NBA Team

Miami heat is known to be the host of many talented players like Lebron James, Dwyane Wade. Though the three-time champion failed to make it to the finals of the previous season, the season was still fruitful in terms of both player achievements and financial aspects. The current value of Miami Heat is $1.4 billion with a revenue of $200 million generated in the last year. It is an impressive rank for a team which has lost most of its veteran players.

9. Houston Rockets

Richest Valuable NBA Team

This team is now currently valued at $1.65 billion which can be viewed as a huge accomplishment for a team which faced financial problems back in the days. Their performance in the last season did not have any decremental effect on their net worth. They have a $65 million operating income and have generated $250 million a revenue of such huge figures. The all-star player, James Harden has raised the bar of the potential of this team.

8. Los Angeles Clippers

Richest Valuable NBA Team

This is one of the two teams from Los Angeles and both are pretty popular for their performance in NBA. The Clippers are currently valued at $2 billion with an operating income of $11.8 million and a revenue of $200 million was generated during the last season. The Clippers is the host of many big guns like Chris Paul and Blake Griffin and these players are hoped to guide the team to become the champion.

7. Golden State Warriors

Richest Valuable NBA Team

Nicknamed as the Dubnation, the Golden State Warriors is the current defending champion of the NBA league. They are one of the most powerful teams in the western conference and also the most valued team. This team is currently valued at $2.6 billion and the team totally deserves such an evaluation. Their operating income is $75 million and generated a revenue of $300 million during the last year.

6. New York Knicks

Richest Valuable NBA Team

This is the most valued team among both the conferences and also one of the most popular teams. “The Knicks rule” is a popular cheer from the crowd used in support of the New York Knicks. This team is valued at $3.3 billion and it is a huge number considering the team’s relatively poor performance during the last few seasons. But it is New York and only rich things happen here.

5. Dallas Mavericks

Richest Valuable NBA Team

This is one of the most consistent teams in NBA history and this has made it become one of the top 10 richest NBA teams in 2019. This is currently valued at $1.5 billion which is not surprising considering its record of having the biggest sellout streak of all the American sports leagues with a number of 691 sellouts which a huge accomplishment for a team with only one title in their name.

4. Brooklyn Nets

Richest Valuable NBA Team

This team is highly criticised for its massive value which still does not change the fact that this team is one of the most valued teams in NBA. They somehow have their hands on Kevin Garnett and a good roster which helped them maintain their position in the league. This team is evaluated at $1.8 billion and best guess about the reason behind this is New York and a half a million dollar market.

3. Boston Celtics

Richest Valuable NBA Team

This is one of the legendary teams with many legendary players like Larry Bird, Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett in their roster at some point in time. This team has never disappointed their fans and it also the most fabled team among all of the sports leagues. The Celtics are evaluated at $2.2 billion which is totally what they deserve. Though they have lost their legendary roster to other teams, they continue to be one of the greatest teams in NBA history.

2. Chicago Bulls

Richest Valuable NBA Team

The team which hosted the leader of the hall of fame, Michael Jordan have continued to put forth a wonderful show of spirit till date. This team has the largest fan base for seven consecutive years and continues to live up to their expectations. The Bulls are evaluated at $2.5 billion with an operating income of $50 million and a revenue of $250 million was generated during the last year. The team has been through several struggles because of the injuries happened to their star players but they rise back up after every mishap.

1. Los Angeles Lakers

Richest Valuable NBA Team

A legendary player started and ended his career in the team, such is the history of Los Angeles Laker. This is an evergreen team which has a very loyal fan base even with the “Mamba out”. The Los Angeles Lakers are currently evaluated at $3 billion which makes it the richest NBA team in both the conferences. This team pulled out an operating income of $100 million and a revenue of $300 million during the last season and a $2 billion dollar Los Angeles sports market which totally explains their net worth.

The above-listed team is the fabled legends who has several achievements and titles in their name. The value of a team depends on both their indoor and outdoor performances. Only the amazing ones can maintain a stable financial backing and produce revenue. Will these teams remain to live up to their fame and maintain a consistent finance record? is a serious question to answer. But whatsoever, these teams had given many memorable moments and remarkable players who continue to shine in the field.


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