American football is the most watched and followed sport in the land of red, white and blue. The National Football League (NFL) governs and manages the sport in the United States. There numerous teams in the league all hailing from different states and every state support their team with a passion and loyalty like none other.

The NFL events are major US economy contributors and help many local businesses to make a fortune especially in game day. The players are all well taken care of too, with Drew Brees of New Orleans Saints as the highest paid quarterback with total earnings of $31,250,000. It should not come as a shock then that the earnings of the team owners in the billions following is a list of the richest NFL team owners in 2019 who have made the most of them all.

10. Jimmy Haslam (Net worth $2.8 Billion)

Richest NFL Owners 2019

James Arthur Haslam III along with his wife is the owner of the NFL team Cleveland Browns. Haslam saw his beginnings as the CEO of Pilot Fly J truck shop, a subsidiary of Pilot Corporation founded by his father Jim Haslam in 1958. Before Browns, he had some minor interests in the Pittsburg Steelers in 2008. This hindered him when he wanted to buy the browns from then $1 billion.

9. Steve Bisciotti (Net worth$3.2 Billion)

Richest NFL Owner

This Italian of humble begging’s today owns majority shares in the NFL tem Baltimore Ravens. Stephen J. Bisciotti had his beginnings when he started Aerotek, atechnical staffing company with his cousin. Soon they changed their company name to Allegis Group which owns Aerotek, Maxim healthcare and TEKsystems. He bought 49% of the Ravens in 2000 and became a majority share holder in 2004. Under him, the team has seen the controversial firing of Coach Briam Billick in 2007 and the glorious Superbowl XLVII win in 2013 against San Francisco 49ers.

8. Robert McNair (Net worth $3.3 Billion)

Richest NFL Owner

Robert C McNair or Bob McNair is a businessman, philanthropist and owns the National Football League team Houston Texans. The Texans came into existence when Mcnair claimed he wanted a team from the city he was resident of. In 1999 NFL decided to have the 32nd franchise to be awarded to McNair. The Texans have been under scrutiny in 2017 when the team players kneeled during the national anthem protesting against some scandalous comments from McNair.

7. Terrence Pegula (Net worth $4 Billion)

Richest NFL Owner

Terrence Pegula is the owner of the National Football League team Buffalo Bills. Pegula bought the team in 2014 after the death of the former owner and founder Ralph Wilson. He apparently outbid the now President of the United States Donald Trump and front man Jon Bon Jovi. He was approved for the membership of the team by financial team of NFL unanimously. Besides NFL, he owns Buffalo Sabres in National Hockey League (NHL).

6. Robert Kraft (Net worth $4.17 Billion)

Richest NFL Owner

Robert Kraft is the owner of the National Football League teams the New England Patriots and the Gillette Stadium in which they play. Kraft has been a Patriot fan for all his life and had season tickets since 1971. Kraft Bought the Patriots in 1994 for $172 Million which was then the highest paid amount for any NFL team. Under Kraft, the Patriots have won AFC East titles 16 times.

5. Jerry Jones (Net worth $5 Billion)

Richest NFL Owner

Jerry Jones is the owner, president and general manager of the National Football League team, the Dallas Cowboys. He is known to have moulded the team into one of the most successful teams in the 1990. Jones himself a football player (linebacker) has played under and with some prominent hall of famers. He purchased the team in 1989 for $140 million. Under him team saw changes like the replacement of Coach Tom Landry for Coach Jimmy Johnson and victories like Superbowl wins in 1992, 1993 and 1995.

4. Shahid Khan (Net worth $5.6 Billion)

Richest NFL Owner

Shahid Khan is a Pakistani-American business tycoon and owns the National Football League team Jacksonville Jaguars. Before Jaguars, Khan made an attempt to buy 60% interest in St Louis Rams but the deal did not go any further. In 2011, Khan purchased the Jaguars fro then owner Wayne Weaver for a price of $760 million. The deal as finalised in 2012 making Khan the only owner of a NFL team who is member of an ethnic minority. Other than NFL, he owns Fulhma F.C. in the Football League Championship. He was born in Pakistan and flew to the States for education purposes.

3. Stephen Ross (Net worth $6.7 Billion)

Richest NFL Owner

Stephen M. Ross is a majority holder in the National Football League team Miami Dolphins and the football stadium Hard Rock Stadium. Ross first bought 50% of the Dolphins in 2008 from then owner Wayne Huizenga and in 2009 bought 45% more of hi shares, making his total 95%. The total cost of deal is said to be $1.1 Billion. There has been a speculation that Ross plans to shift the team to Palm Beach as he sees no future for the team in Miami. When asked Ross, he assures people he intends to keep the Dolphins in town.

2. Stan Kroenke (Net worth $7.6 Billion)

Richest NFL Owner

Stan Kroenke is an entrepreneur and owner of the National Football league’s team Los Angeles Rams. The Rams were relocated to St Louis in 1995 when Kroenke bought 30% of the team. Stan also owns teams like Denver Nuggets (Basketball), Colorado Avalanche (ice hockey), Colorado Rapids (Soccer) and Colorado Mammoth (Lacrosse). The team after a 20 year stint in Los Angeles came back to Los Angele in 2016 and currently situate there. Kroenke is a recluse and has been called Silent Stan by many media platforms.

1. Paul Allen (Net worth $17.8 Billion)

Richest NFL Owner

The no. one on this list also co-founded Microsoft alongside Bill Gates. Paul Gardner Allen is the owner of the National Football league team, the Seattle Seahawks. The team was purchased by Allen in 1996 from then owner Ken Behring. The purchase was made due to threats from Behring who wanted to move the team to Southern California. Allen was praised by the team and many minority owners like Herman Sarkowsky. Under his ownership, the Seahawks have made it to the Superbowl 3 times, winning Superbowl XLVIII.

Americans bleed football just like red, white and blue. The fan following for this sport in the states only comes second to the Cricket mania in India. Many of the above men have made it in the business industry and by entering the sports sectors made themselves visible to a completely different demographic.