With the growing economy and the industrial sector in the country, also the entertainment and social activities have also grown in the past few years. The children of the nation now know to invest their free time in a better and quiet and expensive way with their family and sometimes friends, with the new age amusement parks, which are no an important part of the growing urbanization of the nation.

Although these parks have a high rate of entry fees but the live entertainment and spectacular food makes it worth paying the amount, as it brings that bright smile on the faces of the kids. Among the many few are doing very well. So let us know about the top 10 best amusement parks of the India 2019.

10. Nicco Park, Kolkata

Best Amusement Parks In India 2019

This heritage amusement park is one of the oldest in the nation and was known to be the first amusement park to get the full SA 800 certification, and first to get an ISO 14001 certification in whole of Asia. The food is amazing and quite affordable and the rides include the famous toy train, the ice world, the beautiful bowling alley with the modern new age adjustments added, flying saucer arena, cyclone and cave ride, which are few of the most loved and visited rides, also there is a lovely rope way which is one of the oldest rides of the park. The entry ticket for an adult is 280/- and for a child it is discounted to 230/- per head. This beautiful park is spread over 4o acres of land in the salt lake region of the city, accessible to all public and private transport system.

9. The MGM Dizzee world, Chennai

Best Amusement Parks In India

This amazing amusement park is in itself a heaven on earth in the city of Chennai which is very dry and humid, with the various water themes and rides people love to visit this park quite frequent. It has a separate amusement center for the kids known as the MGM mini bar, where the kids love to spend their time with full entertainment and fun. The entry ticket for an adult is 799/- and for a child it is 577/-.for the mega fun rates and the jumbo package is for 550/- for an adult and 450/- for a kid. There are various water rides, dry rides, rain dance floors and lovely food and music.

8. The GRS fantasy park, Mysore

Best Amusement Parks In India

It is one of the unique water theme parks in the nation, with huge variety of water rides and adrenal pushing wet fun games, makes it quite intriguing for the locals and the visitors from all around the nation. The entry fees is 575/- for an adult, 475/- for a child and affordable 300/- for a senior citizen. It maintains hygienic and cleanliness to the utmost with regular enhancing of the water fun making it more enjoyable for the visitors.

7. The Adventure Island, New Delhi

Best Amusement Parks In India

It is known to be the posh amusement park of the nation with the international rides which are included making it evolve to and international level. These rides have been imported from Italy, Germany and Switzerland. There are around 26 different fun and amusing international rides making it quite classy, the food stalls are also internationally themed with best quality and taste. The entry ticket for an adult is 600/- and for a child is around 400/-.

6. Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad

Best Amusement Parks In India

Known to be the Disneyland of India, this amusement park is the largest film city in the whole world. There are various replicas of the famous monuments around the world making it a heritage place to visit. The entry fees for an adult is 800/- and for a child it is around 700/-. It also has many fine hotels and five star restaurants included in the park, and would be a nice holiday destination in the whole nation. Its name is included in the Guinness book of world records, for being the largest film city in the world.

5. World Of Wonders, Noida

Best Amusement Parks In India

This amazing amusement park is one of the finest of its own kind and creed, with an entry fees of 600/- per adult, 400/- per child and 300/- per senior citizen, it is just built for every Indian to visit hassle free. The fun rides and the amazing food served in for the visitors here would make your heart want to visit it quite often if you are a local and would want to come back every time you are visiting the city. The La Fiesta Zone for fun is a unique place to enjoy all types of rides and enjoyment. It also holds many road shows and the disco is known to be very famous all around the city.

4. Wonderla, Bangalore

Best Amusement Parks In India

It is known to be one of the top rated and unique amusement park of the nation with various fun rides and spectacular food services. The entry fees for an adult is 700/- and for a child is 540/- accordingly. It also has some additional fun rides on the weekends which make every child love it the most.

3. Kingdom of Dreams, Gurgaon

Best Amusement Parks In India

It is India’s first amusement themed park with a theater, entertainment and leisure destinations included inside the park. In other words it is the destination for performing fine arts and enriching culture of the country. The main highlight of this park is its Culture Gully, which is an arts and craft boulevard with a full clean street performances by the local artists of the nation. The Nautanki Mahal, the hi-tech and enhanced auditorium, would be said another version but much modernized version of the Delhi hat. The entry fees are total of 599/- on a week day and 699/- on weekends and holidays.

2. Essel World, Mumbai

Best Amusement Parks In India

It is the first and the oldest amusement park made in India and is still the most favorite for all ages. There are more than 35 different fun rides and also has a separate water world for more wet fun for adults and children together. The newly added monster midst ride is a unique piece of fun in the whole nation for the first time. the entry fees for an adult is 1190/- and for a child is 890/-.

1. Adlabs Imagica, Mumbai

Best Amusement Parks In India

The Adlabs Imagica largest and the perfect amusement destination for children and adults together in the whole country, with the international level rides and food make it more desirable to all. The entry fees of this park is 1500/- per head of an adult and 1200/- for a child.

With these amazing and fun filled amusement parks in the nation it would be right to say that the children have the best amenities to enjoy and have full fun with their families and friends. Each of these parks is designed in a unique way which is parallel to any of the international parks around the globe. With the growing technology each year a new ride is being added to few of these amusement parks making them rank top among the other parks in the nation.


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