Holidays spring up one’s heart that’s almost stagnant with monotonous steaks of life. A perfect destination is all you need to shed away the pale skin layered up with fixation of routines. All you need is a travel map stitched with relaxation and wonders to write new moments in your diary, sweeping off the tedious counts that usualness fetches you.

Here are a few travel spots enlisted especially for those who want to vent their cumbersome daily tunes on the laps of mother nature and get stimulated knots of welfare in return. Just dig in a bit more into the divine valleys, beaches, mountains, seas, islands to ensure that these are all you’ll need to give a soothing touch to your soul as a present of joy. Here are the top 10 best holiday destinations by cities in India in 2019.

10. Ooty:

Best Holiday Destinations in India 2019

This popular hill station in the south is mesmerising because of the presence of immense wrap of nature from the elegant slopes laid with grass, pathways containing eucalyptus, dramatic display of scenery along the sky that hugs you in and out. From gardens filled with roses to peaks and the vivid lakes will get you lost in the graceful highlights. It’s never a bad deal to sink into this place’s divine opulence.

9. Munnar-Alleppey:

Best Holiday Destinations in India

The Kerala style houseboats in Alleppey in the Kerala backwaters will drive you crazy with the wind hustling and bustling your hair, the hospitality comprising of a warm welcome with snacks, drinks, lunch, breakfast, dinner followed up by overnight halt amidst the water body. The Munnar hills tea gardens, wildlife, eco point, spice plantation, gardens, blossom park, kundale dam will be enough to sort your stained life for a good relaxation. Other provisions for adventures like rock climbing, trekking will also keep you charged. Covering approximately 650 km together, the tea growing town forms a canvas for you to withhold.

8. Havelock island:

Best Holiday Destinations in India

Honeymoon on your cards? This is the largest island in the chain of islands to the east of Great Andaman in the Andaman Islands. Well, this will surely steal the show. With a current population of 6351 of which Bengali settlers rule, this place alerts you to get ready to showcase your love in its distant land with the theme of cleanliness along its beaches! The Radhanagar beach also known as Number 7 Beach is a popular destination here on Havelock which was titled as the best beach in Asia by Time in 2004. Other panoramic beaches include Elephant Beach, Vijay Nagar Beach (No. 5), Beach No.3 and Beach No.1 on the coast along the east. Activities like sea walk, scuba diving, snorkeling will keep you occupied all the while. For others, you just need the lottery to be in your favor to get your footsteps on this happening land.

7. Kausani-Nainital:

Best Holiday Destinations in India

Ready to be engrossed in beauty? Here’s the offer dangling along your pocket, being friendly enough to get your eyes glued on the spectacular view of the Himalayan peaks including Trisul, Nanda Devi and Panchchuli Nainital and Kausani. Also called the Switzerland of India because of the conflicting appearance of landscapes, this hill station converges nature to the mother Earth. This station is a village situated in Uttarakhand. Here, all you need is a camera, your unburdened soul and a smile to add value to its splendor.

6. Ajanta-Ellora:

Best Holiday Destinations in India

In the district of Aurangabad, Maharashtra, are located the Ajanta caves, being about 29 rock-cut Buddhist cave monuments. Caves formed from rock weathering naturally will pull your horizon to allow you into discovering more of the living spots of your ancestors. Dating back to 2nd century BCE, this major attraction has in store paintings, sculptures cut out of rocks and a mysterious surrounding to enhance the thrill. They’re widely known for monuments of Buddhist cave monuments, the Hindu temples, Jain caves cut out of rock.

5. Goa:

Best Holiday Destinations in India

This place doubtlessly will set stars in your eyes upon viewing the beach where the world integrates with variant cultures to soak the extravagance of this exotic spot. Located on the western coast of India, it is considered to be highly rated by foreigners and Indians who tour along its belts. Also known for the museums, carnival, night party life, on beach festivals, legal drinks, you’ll never get enough of it.

4. Delhi-Agra:

Best Holiday Destinations in India

The capital will subside in your heart with its presenting you with the famous historical places to tour. One of the 7 wonders of the world will get you exclaiming beauty with curving of your lips to form a round, save your expressions from being overwhelmed by the Taj Mahal. Also, if you gulp history, you will be crushing on Agra Fort, Red Fort, Qutub Minar and the tomb of Humayun.

3. Gulmarg-Pahalgam:

Best Holiday Destinations in India

The extensive view of hills so steep, valleys covered with snow with huge depths, mountains perfectly snow-capped in this town will paralyze your vision. Pahalgam is located on the banks of Lidder River at an altitude of 7,200 feet(2,200m). The place is enriched with flora and fauna, with 90% conifers cover in the dominant forest. It’s home to rare, protected and endangered species of which prominent are the Himalayan mouse hare, musk deer, brown bear, rhesus macaque, serow, grey langur, hangul, leopard, etc. Fresh trouts are in abundance in rivers with plenty of common birds (both pheasants and upland) like monal snow, griffon vulture, jungle crow, Kashmir roller, etc are present. If your city is getting hotter, no need to rethink about making a trip to this perfect place of grandeur.

2. Kullu Manali:

Best Holiday Destinations in India

Sweat is a word undefined in its dictionary. Entailing an adventurous mind for the travellers to carry along, this place is all stars for a marvellous honeymoon setup. Manali in Himachal Pradesh is a valley near the end of north in the Kullu valley, attains an altitude of about 2,050 m (ie., 6,726 ft) situated in the Beas River Valley. Snow activities and mountain climbing are also on its menu. You’ll hardly meet another pull as this magnificent attraction.

1. Leh Ladakh:

Best Holiday Destinations in India

This being a home to splendid mountains, is a region in Jammu and Kashmir, will get you shivering for life in its vanity. Leh is the largest town in Ladakh, followed by Kargil. Ladakh is one of the most sparsely populated areas that extends from the Kunlun mountain range to the Great Himalayas, home to Indo-Aryan and Tibetan descent. Barren valleys, fishing, adventure along trekking, wildlife, the diversity of culture will embrace your soul to not regret the choice made ever. The freezing nature away from the cities of lights sets a whistle on any tourist’s bucket list.

All set to dive in the divinity of nature, you’ll be enthralled by the unsung music and get to discover threads that will spin your bookmarks through, again and again. These 10 places will do justice to the words synonymous to relaxation, endurance of journey, flavoring your bucket list with unexpected ingredients that’ll add to the pages of your secret fundamental happiness.


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