Coffee is one of the most loved drinks in Europe. The winter season in Europe is one of the reasons leading to coffee being a naturally loved drink. Most of the countries in Europe usually have large periods of cold weather so it is essential to get a hot mug of coffee every once in a while to warm their bodies. Of course there are people who do not like coffee but those are on the minority side. Coffee is addictive and therefore once you start drinking it, you most probably will always crave for a caffeine fix. There are many exquisite coffee house chains in Europe; most of them brew their own coffee from scratch which is even better. Let us look at some of the best and most popular coffee chains in Europe in 2019.

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10. Tully’s Coffee

Best Coffee Chains In Europe 2019

This is an amazing coffee shop that started in Washington U.S.A. the founder of Tully’s Coffee, Tom Tully O’keefe was originally inspired by the great success of Starbucks and hence wanted to start something of her own. The only difference is that Tully’s Coffee mostly makes crafted coffees. After a few years in operation, the owner sold the company for $9.15 million to Global Baristas. Even so the coffee chain continues to maintain a huge amount of success and they have spread their roots to other countries in Europe such as Sweden.

9. Coffee Beanery

Best Coffee Chains In Europe

This coffee chain is from the United States. The founders are JoAnne Shaw and Julius Shaw. They first started a coffee bean company known as Shaw coffee which then gave birth to the coffee chain shop Coffee Beanery. The shop has got great coffee thus making them one of the most popular coffee joints in countries around Europe and beyond. Along with the coffee drinks, they also serve burgers and sandwiches to go with the drinks.

8. Gloria Jeans

Best Coffee Chains In Europe

This coffee chain shop started in the year 1979 by Gloria and Gregg kvetko. They still maintain their great standards of brewing coffee hence thousands flock in to the shops every month. After a while, the shop was sold to Retail Food Group for the remarkable price of $163 million. The coffee shop brand continues to grow immensely spreading its operations across one hundred and forty countries in the world. They sell all kinds of coffee drinks along with snacks and pastries.

7. Coffee Republic

Best Coffee Chains In Europe

The brand was founded by two siblings in the year 1995. Bobby and Shar Nashemi started Coffee Republic in London and to this day, there headquarters is still located there. After two years in operation, the brand started expanding to neighboring cities such as New Castle and Manchester. They continued expanding and to this day they have set up shop in over fifteen countries across the globe. Their shops have the some of the best ambience and they have managed to create an attractive atmosphere.

6. McCafee

Best Coffee Chains In Europe

This is another world renown brand. This is the sister brand to McDonald’s. You are likely to find Mc Caffe in any place you get Mc Donald’s. The brand was founded in Melbourne, Australia. Mc Caffe is the number one leading coffee shop brand both in Australia and New Zealand. The company has grown really fast obviously riding on the success of McDonalds and its popularity as well. Presently they have more than one thousand three hundred outlets across the globe.

5. Caffe Ritazza

Best Coffee Chains In Europe

This coffee shop is originally from the United Kingdom. Caffe Ritazza is owned by SSP. They have most of their coffee shops in England and they have spread their operations across other countries in Europe such as Denmark, Hungary, France, Russia, Sweden, Spain, Austria and Cyprus. Their marketing strategy is to make sure their outlets are situated in areas where people frequent for example gas stations and train stations. That is how they have managed to have such success. The brand also serves snacks with all their coffee drinks.

4. Caffé Nero

Best Coffee Chains In Europe

Caffé Nero was founded by Ian Semp. The brand is originally from Europe and it was started in the year 1990. The headquarters of Café Nero is in London. They mostly have Espresso coffees and other coffee flavored drinks they serve. The brand has now grown to having more than 700 outlets worldwide. The company was sold to Paladin associates after a few years of operation. Some of the countries where the outlets can be found include Ireland, Poland, United States, and the U.A.E among others.

3. Costa Coffee

Best Coffee Chains In Europe

This is one of the beast coffee shop chains in Europe. The brand has grown immensely because of the good quality coffee they have and the numerous varieties available. The company was started by two siblings, Sergio and Bruno Costa. They have over three thousand outlets across the world, with over 1700 only in the United Kingdom. The company was then acquired by Whitbread after a few years of operation and then planted locations all over the world. The company has won awards for being the most reputable coffee house in Europe.

2. Dunkin’ Doughnuts

Best Coffee Chains In Europe

This is one of the most popular café in Europe. The company is originally from the United States of America. The company specialises is making donuts and coffee. The global brand has its operations spread all over the world. They have up to 11,000 shops in different locations. Some of the outlets are in countries such as United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland, France, and Italy among many others. William Rosenberg is the mastermind behind this reputable brand.

1. Starbucks

Best Coffee Chains In Europe

Starbucks is the largest coffee shop chain in the whole world. The brand was started by Zev Siegl, Gordon Bowker and Jerry Baldwin. The company was started in Seattle. Starbucks have the widest variety of coffee themed drinks. They even have coffee beer and their own brand of coffee ice-cream. Starbucks has worked hard in crafting their own types of coffee flavored drinks hence their products are loved. They are in countries such as England, Australia, Dubai, France, Sweden, Switzerland, Ireland, Italy, South Africa, Egypt, Peru, Mexico, Hungary, India, Japan, Korea, Russia, and Belgium among many other countries. They have more than 24,000 outlets around the world.

The above list comprises of some of the best shops you can have coffee at in Europe. Most often than not, the shops are busy with people who crave their coffee drinks and pastries from these shops. You can have coffee ice-cream, coffee shakes and all kinds of coffee flavored drinks and pastries at these shops. There are also different types of coffee which can be sampled here.