Have you ever considered visiting Singapore? Do you always wonder which the best locations for your vacation are? Considered as one among the greatest business and financial hubs, Singapore offers the perfect destination for business vacations.

This comes alongside a variety of attractive sites, recreation and accommodation facilities offering services tailored to meet individual’s taste. An island city located in South East Asia, Singapore boasts of tropical rainforest climate. Climate is almost constant throughout the year making it ideal location for a visit at any time.

Despite being densely populated, Singapore has an effective and reliable transport system. Locals and visitors alike get the opportunity to enjoy rides using the rail system, taxis and buses that follow a well crafted transport infrastructure. The safe, fast and convenient transport infrastructure ensures you get to the desired location in time without delays common in densely populated areas. Below is a list of the most attractive locations that you should not miss out when visiting Singapore in 2019.

10. Orchard Road

Best Place To Visit In Singapore 2019Buying gifts for your loved ones, pricy possessions and artifacts are among the key activities during a vacation. With Singapore being a business hub, there are numerous locations and malls in the town for this purpose. To ease the hassle in sourcing for the desired items, Orchard Road is the best location for an enjoyable shopping experience. Boasting of more than 22 malls and a number of departmental stores, it saves you time and energy to access the desired items. These are available alongside movie theatres and a variety of eateries that offer a place to replenish your body energies. International and traditional cuisines are offered in these joints to offer a taste of the local communities and ensure satisfaction of every visitor.

9. Fort Canning Park

Best Place In SingaporeWith its history dating back to 1850’s, Fort Canning part is a major historical site in Singapore. Built as a defense location, it carries along the historical achievements of the Singaporean armies. In modern times, a visit to the park gives you an opportunity to enjoy great performances from different troupes. This is alongside a variety of concerts and festivals usually held at the park. It is an ideal location for family for group picnic offering scenic artifacts from early history among them the “Sir Stamford Raffles’ personal bungalow”. It is here that you get an opportunity to shoot memorable photos depicting the historic Singapore.

8. Singapore zoo

Best Place In SingaporeWatching the wild in their natural habitat is an enjoyable experience. However, chances for such expeditions are limited and at times risky. Singapore zoo offers animal lovers an opportunity to enjoy watching the animals at their best. With its lush vegetation and natural settings, you get to enjoy views of different animals. It is a great resource for students and young ones as well to learn on the different feeding and other habits. Among the animals you find in the zoo include chimpanzees, white tigers’ kangaroos and mole rats. Spanning within an area you can cover in only 3 hours, it is the perfect place to meet and interact with the wild usually available on the screen.

7. Changi Chapel and museum

Best Place In SingaporeWorld War II was one of the greatest battles experienced around the globe. While most of the elderly would rather forget the experience, it is an important part of human history that shaped a number of modern day governance and international relations structures. A museum of the war, Changi chapel carries great memories of the war that include personal effects of the prisoners, letters, photos and drawings. Created s a prison for those who defied the Japanese, it is a great resource where you get a chance to learn more on World War II and its impact on Singapore and the world at large. The museum offers a guided tour that takes you through the accounts of over 50, 000 prisoners held at the facility.

6. Raffles Hotel

Best Place In SingaporeIt is not common for hotels to maintain their standards and reputation for centuries. Raffles Hotel is one that has defied the odds. Started in the 19th century, it has over the years maintained its stature. The quality of service and food offered at the facility remains above average. It is one of the great Singapore historic sites and a major attraction for tourists. Located in the colonial district and home to Raffles Landing Site among other historic sites as well as the origin of Singapore’s multi-ethnic community. History has it that the community resulted from immigrants from India and China invited by Sir Stamford Raffles.

5. Little India and Arab Street

Best Place In SingaporeSingapore has a rich history of Indian community that dates back to over 200 years. Marked by historic structures that include the Sultan Mosque and Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple, Little India and Arab Street is a place rich with this history. Otherwise referred to as little India, it is a great place to enjoy Indian dishes and cuisine alongside a variety of artifacts and accessories that depict the Indian customs. Traditional festivities common with the Indians are held within this area making an enticing and enjoyable supplement to the entertainment in Singapore. Ancient structures and building along the street don golden domes and craftsmanship offering unique sites for photo sessions.

4. Botanic Gardens

Best Place In SingaporeSpending days in the city sun, traffic and dust is not only hectic but not enjoyable in the long-run. Botanic gardens offer the perfect relief from the common and difficult experiences of the city. A preservation of the wider Singapore’s heritage, it is home to a number of indigenous trees in the region. The gardens offer a cool and welcoming atmosphere making it ideal for picnic and family outings. A guided walking trail is offered at the gardens giving visitors an opportunity to learn while at the same time enjoying the cool atmosphere. The gardens gave Singapore its first nomination for UNESCO world heritage.

3. Gardens by the Bay

Best Place In SingaporeA collection of different clean cut gardens along the bay, they are beautiful and attractive pieces that always offer a welcoming gesture to visitors. Bay East Garden offers a natural and cool atmosphere that welcomes visitors from the hectic and busy city life. Supertree glove is a cluster of structures and installations created to sustain and improve the surrounding environment. The tallest indoor waterfall in the globe is found in Cloud Forest Dome. It offers visitors a chance to not only enjoy its beautiful nature but as well learn more on biodiversity.

2. Singapore Flyer

Best Place In SingaporeLearn, experience and enjoy the best sights in Singapore by visiting the Singapore flyer. Acknowledged as the world’s largest observation wheel, it offers a variety of packages that offer different views of the countries beauty and the surrounding regions. Available packages are tailored in flights of 30 minutes offered through the day. Visitors get convenience to choose the most appropriate time as well as opportunity to sample different packages. Moore to the viewing packages, visitors get a chance to access multimedia journey of dreams which is an exhibition of Singapore’s history and the development of the flyer wheel.

1. Marina Bay Sands

Best Place In Singapore

A luxurious accommodation facility in the city, Martina Bay Sands is unequalled location worth visiting. It is designed as a complex with a mall, hotel, museum and a Skypark among other features. The skypark offers visitors an opportunity to view the entire city, the bay, Double Helix Bridge and other attractions in its neighborhood. A rooftop restaurant offers guest a chance to enjoy a cup of coffee and snacks while at the Skypark. The Artscience museum within the facility offers an opportunity to learn on the rich technological history of the city. A canal divides the mall where a wide range of items is available to quench thirst for visitors on shopping sprees.

Singapore is among the leading tourist destinations on the globe. Attractions available are immense offering with assured satisfaction and an opportunity to enjoy the world’s best. The listed attractions are among the best and a must visit for any individual or party looking forward to get the real taste of Singapore and the much is has to offer.


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