India is known for its diversities among the cultures, communities, peoples and landforms also. India stands for unity in diversity. With a vast area and having all major types of landforms the country provides its citizens with a wide range of choice of places to live in. Mountains, plains, sea, islands, deserts all types are present here with all types of developing facilities, all you have to choose is the type of place which suits you the best.

Having 29 states, each having individual uniqueness, India is considered one of the safest and best places to live in the world providing all the citizen’s equality irrespective of their cast, creed or sex. Being world’s largest democratic country, India facilitates each and every citizen to live with their own choices and dignities. Moreover, all the conditions for a perfect place to reside in like healthcare facilities, proper educational facilities, respectful life, standard lifestyle, job opportunities, clean and healthy environment all are present here in every corner of the country. Below is the list of top 10 best states in India to live In 2018.


Best States In India

This is one of the north-eastern states of India. They have both hilly and plain areas suitable for staying. Due to the great climatic conditions, they have tea gardens, orchid farms, mushroom and several herbs farming due to medicinal purposes. This state provides a healthy atmosphere to live in with balanced climatic conditions and proper connectivity. Guwahati is their capital and is the hub of all famous educational and medical institutes.

9. GOA

Best States In India

This state is blessed with the perfect climatic conditions and a dreaming scenario. With several sea beaches, people here enjoy every moment of life. This is the best destination comes to mind for any kind of celebrations. Though this state is small in the area they provide their people with a peaceful atmosphere and healthy lifestyle everyone dreams for.


Best States In India

Teing situated in eastern India, this state is known for their cultural backgrounds. Every household here is known for innovative, cultural and creative peoples. In every field may be science, commerce, technology, arts, classical, the best mind minds come from here. There is a famous saying that “what Bengal thinks today, India will think tomorrow”. With several tourist attractions, historically important places, cultural places, educational institutes, medical institutes Bengal is one the best and safest place to have a comfortable life.


Best States In India

Being one of the fast developing states in India they also provide people with standard lifestyle and a healthy living. They have a balanced political, cultural, economic, industrial and social root. They have proper healthcare institutes, educational facilities, developed infrastructure, fast connectivity and a safe environment an individual requires to live in. moreover, they have major scientific research institutions also.


Best States In India

Being situated in northern part of India, this state is an agriculturally developed state and is also very much suitable for a healthy living. With the great historical value, this is one of the most healthy states to reside in. they have developed educational, healthcare and industrial facilities. The overall climatic conditions and the living atmosphere are perfect for a standard living. This is a financially and technically strong state.


Best States In India

Being situated in southern part of the country and having the Arabian Sea aside, they have favourable weather facilitating healthy living. They have several important cities like Bangalore known for proving best educational courses and also have several important hospitals known for the treatment they provide. This place is known as the fastest growing cosmopolitan city in Asia. They provide several business opportunities, higher study facilities, medical treatments ensuring a quality living. they have several IT farms, malls, silicon cites and planned cities all indicating a perfect living.


Best States In India

This is India’s one of the richest and urbanised state. They have the most suitable and stable climatic condition throughout the year facilitating a healthy living to the people. With the Arabian Sea side, they have several tourist attracting place and sea beaches proving people a refreshing lifestyle. This is a progressive state with several important cities like Mumbai, Nasik, and Nagpur etc and has all modern facilities.


Best States In India

This is one of the most developed states in India. This state is India’s one of the most economically developed states having every aspect of prosperities. They are developed in nearly every field and offer their people a healthy living. They have major industries which aid in their development with each passing days.


Best States In India

Being one of the urbanized states in India, nearly every individual here is highly qualified thus every people here enjoy a healthy lifestyle be it a city or village. This state is known as India’s one of the most developed states in the field of education and healthcare facilities. In each Panchayat area, people here are provided with a school and hospital. They have major tourist attractions leading to the growth of tourism industries. Moreover, they have IT industries with more than 200 companies provides job opportunities to the youth here.


Best States In India

Being situated in the southern part of the country they are to know to provide peoples with the best educational facilities. Having Indian sea in the sea, the scenic beauty and climatic conditions here are always mesmerising. Holding the pride of being richest cultural backgrounds, they have several tourist attractions including famous temples like Rameshwaram and have several important cities like Madurai, Chennai etc. They also provide enough job opportunities having several automobile hubs, scientific institutions, chemical industries, etc. they also have the best connectivity with several national highways and proper railway, planes and bus services.

Besides these states, all other states of India are also perfect to live in and provide their people with every basic facility. India is a country known for the togetherness reflected here by the peoples of the country which makes it one of the best places on the earth to live in peace and with dignity.


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