Did you know that US is a place of wonders? Home to numerous natural and man-made attractions, US offer a wide and inexhaustible list of attractions for visitors. Ranging from historic sites and museums, beauty of nature exhibited in national parks, game reserves and flower gardens, recreational and accommodation facilities, the list is endless.

Whether you are planning on a working holiday, to take your family or spouse on a US tour or simply in need to take time of your daily schedules, there are packages to perfectly fill your wish-list. Here is a list of top 10 most famous tourist attractions in USA in 2019 that are worth considering while on tour.

10. National mall and Memorial Park

Best Tourist Place in The USA 2019Sitting on over 1,000 acres of land, the national mall and memorial parks is a place to reckon. It is home to war memorials of the of the Vietnam and Korean wars. Washington and Lincoln memorials are also in the park alongside other historic facilities. The 19 museums of the Smithsonian Institutions are also on the park covering a wide range of historic and educative artifacts. With no entrance fee, the park receives millions of visitors every year who are intent to learn more of the countries history, expand minds and enjoy the beautiful sights.

9. Denali National Park

Best Tourist Place in The USAHome to the tallest mountain in north America Mt. McKinley. Denali national park is the perfect choice for nature lovers. With the mountains peak covered in rocks, glaciers and snow, it is a great sight offering with the best photographic scene. Far down the mountain, is a natural forest which acts as the home to a range of wild animals. Bears, wolves and caribou are among the numerous bred of natural living in the park. A visit to the park not only offers an opportunity to learn more on nature but a cool experience from the noise and heat of the city.

8. Florida Keys

Best Tourist Place in The USAA long chain of tropical islands forms the Florida Keys. Covering a distance of 120 miles, the islands are connected to each other and the mainland by a series of bridges. The Seven Mile Bridge located within the Lower Keys is the most spectacular and widely sought after by filmmakers. Fast 2 Furious and True Lies are among the famous films shot on the bridge. Florida Keys offer the best tropical experience for holiday lovers with a range of accommodation and recreational facilities to cater to the needs of the visitors.

7. Kilauea

Best Tourist Place in The USAA shield volcano located on the Hawaiian Islands, Kilauea is the most active. This is alongside other four that are within the Island of Hawaii. Its attractive appearance and expansive accommodation facilities laying around the island makes it a most sought after tourist destination in the United States since 1840. Among the famous facilities on the island, include the volcano house which offers visitors the perfect view of the volcano alongside hospitality packages tailored to meet the need of every visitor. The popularity of the island as a tourist destination attracted the interest of high profile businessmen and hoteliers who run the establishments around the island.

6. Niagara Falls

Best Tourist Place in The USAAmong the natural wonders of the world, Niagara Falls are described as among the greatest Falls in the world. Located between Ontario a province in Canada and the state of New York, the fall are three in number. They include the Horse-shoe Falls located in Ontario and Bridal Veil and American falls in New York. A valuable source for hydroelectric power, the falls offer an attractive view that enables them to receive over 14 million visitors in each year. Other than enjoying the great works of nature at Niagara Falls, it is an ideal scene for photo shoots.

5. Golden Gate Bridge

Best Tourist Place in The USAAccredited as the most photographed bridge on the planet, the golden gate bridge is a pure wonder. Constructed in 1937, the bridge runs between San Francisco and Marin County in the United States. It acts as the recognised symbol of Francisco internationally. Other than being the biggest suspension bridge in the world, it is also listed as one among the wonders of the modern world. Its most outstanding feature is the unique red orange color of the bridge. The colors were chosen during its construction to increase its visibility mostly at the times of fog which is prevalent in the area and normally shrouds the bridge.

4. Yellowstone

Best Tourist Place in The USAThe world’s oldest national park, Yellowstone was demarcated through an act by the national congress in 1872. It is home to a wide variety of wildlife alongside a series of attractive and breathtaking natural features. Geysers, hot springs and other thermal natural features don the park which carries more than half of the world’s identified geothermal features. Other features that compliment the beauty to the rugged area include the mantle rock which rises towards the surface. The park is also home to a range of wildlife species which includes bears, elk, bison and wolves.

3. Las Vegas Strip

Best Tourist Place in The USALas Vegas Strip is the world’s biggest gambling city. Though not located within the city of Las Vegas, it is home to the world’s biggest casino and hotels that play host to the world’s greatest gamblers. The strip is located within between the towns of Winchester and Paradise. Hotels and casinos constructed in the area depict dramatic architecture. This includes use of names and themes that evoke mystery, far-away destinations and romance among other inspirations. With its endless list of attractions, the strip is known to receive millions of visitors looking forward to enjoy the scenic locality of the region alongside those seeking to try a hand at the gambling.

2. Grand Canyon

Best Tourist Place in The USAOne in the list of seven natural wonders of the world, the Grand Canyon it one among the biggest attractions in the United States. Colorado River carves the canyon which has a depth of 1 mile and a length of 277 miles. Though not the deepest or the longest canyon in the world, Grand Canyon has outstanding features not witness in any of the other canyons ever identified. These include the colorful and intricate landscape that offers visitors a scenic and attractive view that is not only welcoming but also offering a perfect location for photo and movie shooting.

1. Times Square

Best Tourist Place in The USA

It is estimated that over 300,000 people pass through Times Square each day. This is alongside being host to almost 40 million visitors annually. Sitting in the city of New York, over 80% of the visitors to the city ends up visiting Times Square. It is home to a range of theatres, cinema halls and super signs that offer visitors with an opportunity for fun, recreation and learning. It offers visitors to the city with an opportunity to learn and get informative tours that cut through the different parts of the city. Varying transport options are available for this purpose including buses, bikes, executive limos and hikes.

Known as the worlds economic giant, United States has more to show than its economic prowess. This is unlike most countries whose attraction list is select serving only a certain category of visitors. Available facilities are adequate to cover the taste of people from all walks of life, age and religion. Consideration for a tour of the listed top 10 tourist attraction sites in the United States is an eye opener to the extent of attractions the country has to offer.


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