India has achieved highest GDP over the past years state-wise and has progressed gloriously with high-tech industries and rising globalisation nationwide to a large extent. These states have drawn up ambitious plans to augment power generations from both conventional and non-conventional sources. Therefore, India has the highest gross selling GDP in Asia without a doubt. Hence, today we have enlisted the top 10 fast developing states in India which have laboured hard enough to achieve its highest goal in making India a better-developed country through state-wise.

Let’s look at the Top 10 Fastest Developing States in India in 2018

10. Bihar

Bihar Top Famous Fast Developing States in India 2017

The 10th fast developing state in India is said to be the state of Bihar where the state has improved its critical condition with lots of development in infrastructure and also in the industrial sector to a large extent. It has shown remarkable growth in power availability in the state of Bihar. The state which produces close to 2 lakh technically trained resources every year. In addition to this, the state is statistically situated to serve the markets of North and East India. It has every potential to become IT hub of Eastern India.

9. West Bengal

West Bengal

The 9th fast developing state in India is said to be the state of West Bengal where it is popularly known as the state of heritage, a state of intellectual, a state of stability, a state of growth, a state that is on the rise with 61% growth in IT employment along with 169% increase in IT investment. The splendid legacy of art, culture, and knowledge has always set a unparallel place for West Bengal on the global map. The state today is poised at a promising reflection point to become the next large hub for companies to set out to build the future of IT sector. IBM, TCS, Capgemini, Cognizant, Wipro, and many more have already preferred West Bengal as their key locations

8. Rajasthan


The 8th fast developing state in India is said to be the state of Rajasthan which is preferably known as the ‘Land of Kings’. The state has shown remarkable presence in the development of infrastructure, industries, agro, automobiles, and various other sectors of growth and progression. It is basically represented by the beautiful Thar Desert which the main attraction of this state. It has got an ample production of the agro-based products along with it the production of edible oil to a large extent with a superior quality of cultivation.

7. Chhattisgarh


Chhattisgarh is being the 3rd most fast developing states in India where industries have a long-term relationship with this state. Chhattisgarh being just a twelve years young state born at the dawn of this millennium has significantly achieved huge development over the past years. One of the profiting units is the Bhilai Steel plant which is widely recognised nationwide. It was the first public sector steel plant to be established in India way back in 1955. Presently, almost every major industrial players are either working in the state or are all set to begin their mega projects. The state has been able to maintain double-digit growth even in the times of global recession. This impossible looking task was turned into reality by a sensitive and sincere regime in this state. This phenomenal growth has been the result of development-oriented policies and supports extended by unexpected growth of various industries in the state.

6. Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh

The 6th fast developing state in India is said to be the state of Madhya Pradesh which basically came into existence in the year 2000 with remarkable growth and development in the various industrial sector to a large extent. It is estimated that it has the highest GDP over the past year about 20.33% which is really very significant for a state stable growth. It has been recognised as the ‘Heart of Land’ which the largest producer in the production of high-quality soybean with increased demand across the state.

5. Maharashtra


Maharashtra has become a global financial capital of India along with this the state stands uniquely in the 5th position in the list of the fast developing state in India. 99.2 % its villages are connected to all available roads. A state that has 9.3% of country’s railway network and besides it has got two railway zones and some major ports. It has four international and seven domestic airports and 20 airstrips. In short, no matter how you wish to transport your goods there is more than one option each unique than the other. This is a place that allows easy movement of people and goods. You have got so many options not just to transport but also to build your industries to a large extent.

4. Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh

The 10th fast developed state in India is said to be the state of Andhra Pradesh which has been supremely considered to have an economic and social revolution. It is steeped in rich cultural heritage and besides it is blessed with exotic tourism locations. The state also contributes abundant natural resources. It also acts as a natural gateway to East and South East Asia. It is remarkably connecting India to the world through rail, airports, ports, and roads. It is also considered as industrial corridors for the business minded people across the country. In addition to this, the state also is a leader in labour reforms, revolutionising industry with best-in-class policies across sectors, automobile & auto components, textile & apparel, electronics & IT, agro & food processing, energy, pharmaceutical & life sciences, and varied other range of sectors.

3. Gujarat


The 3rd fast developed state in India is said to be the state of Gujarat which is estimated to have a net capital of about 7% in terms of country’s GDP. The Jamnagar Oil Refinery has said to be the chief industrial growth in the state of Gujarat which has left a remarkable presence in the development and growth of the emerging state to a large extent. It is one of India’s best tourism places which have stored gloriously beautiful places to visit over.

2. Karnataka


Karnataka is globally perceived as one of India’s most forward-thinking progressive state. The state has a proven track award in interacting and retaining business. The key factor behind the success is the knowledge quotient of the state. Some of India’s oldest and the most respected educational institutions are placed here. The state offers a vast scale of knowledge and technological capabilities unmatched in Asia. The key success of the state is based on the availability of talent, the enthusiasm of the people, and is significantly connected to other centres of the states worldwide. Some of the world’s pioneering organisations have set up their research facilities in Karnataka. Karnataka is opening its door to a variety of industrial sectors like automobile, agro-based, aerospace, apparel, oil & gas, steel, food processing, Tourism, and varied others.

1. New Delhi

New Delhi Top Popular Fast Developing States in India 2018

New Delhi is popularly known as the capital of India where industrialisation as taken up new bench marks in the history of India. New Delhi significantly ranks in the number one position as the fast developing state in India. The state has an estimated population of about 21.75 million over the past one year. The national capital has uniformly maintained its beauty and style in an appropriate way. The most charming beauty of New Delhi includes Qutub Minar, The Red Fort, Jama Masjid, India Gate, Rashtrapati Bhavan, and much other.

Therefore, this sums up our entire list of the top 10 fast developed states in India which has showed significant growth in the sectors of industries, agriculture, food processing, roads & highways, automobiles, power & energy, water, irrigation, and much more that has beautifully enhanced the various states of India in a fast-forward mode.



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