The world has so many fascinating physical features and natural resources. Lakes are just one of those many natural features of the world. There are over one hundred million lakes in the world.  The Dead Sea is the lowest lake in the entire globe.

It is four hundred and eighteen meters below sea level. Lake Bikal which is found in Siberia is the deepest lake in the world. There are salty and fresh water lakes. Finland has a large number of lakes specifically, more than 180,000. Some lakes are not permanent though, when drought hits, they dry up at times. Equally, some lakes form after floods or after digging of the surface. Let us look at the top ten largest lakes in the whole world in 2019.

10. Lake Malawi

Largest Lakes in The World 2019Lake Malawi is found in the eastern part of Africa. The lake borders Tanzania and Mozambique. In Tanzania, the lake is known as Lake Nyasa and in Mozambique the lake is known as Lake Lago Niassa. This is lake is 29,500 km squared, 579 meters long and 706m deep. The lake is the third largest lake in Africa and the second deepest. The lake is simply spectacular. The lake has the highest number of fish species in the entire world too. Many indigenous types of fish are found there.

9. Great Bear Lake

Largest Lake in The WorldThis lake is found in Canada. The Great Bear Lake is a glacial lake that is known for its low temperatures at times. Sometimes the lake freezes especially during the winter months. The Lake has one outflow point which is the Great Bear Lake. This wonderful natural lake is 31,000 km squared large and 373 kilometers long. The lake is 446m in depth. This is the largest lake in Canada and the fourth largest in the Northern part of America.

8. Lake Baikal

Largest Lake in The WorldLake Baikal is found in Russia. It is known as the deepest lake in the whole world. The lake is popularly known as Natures Lake. The lake rests on the Siberian part of Russia and it is 31,500 km large and 636 km long. The depth of this lake is 1,637 meters. This is also the largest lake that has fresh water and is also ice free. The lake is also very old. It is thought to have existed for more than twenty five million years. The Lake drains into the Angara River. Lake Baikal because of its age has some of the rarest fish species in it.

7. Lake Tanganyika

Largest Lake in The WorldLake Tanganyika is found in the basins of Tanzania, Burundi , Zambia and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The Lake follows Lake Baikal closely in terms of depth making it the second deepest lake in the world. It is also the longest freshwater lake in the entire world. The lake is 32,600 km squared and 636 km long. It is 1670m deep. The lake was formed because of tectonic movements. River Ruzizi and River Kalamboo flow into this great lake.

6. Lake Michigan

Largest Lake in The WorldThis is one of the five lakes in the Great Lakes of North America. The Great Lakes include Lake Superior, Lake Erie, Lake Ontario, Lake Huron and Lake Michigan. Lake Michigan is the Largest Lake to be located within just one country, in this case the United States of America. The lake was formed from glacial movements. The Lake is 58,000 km squared and it is 494 km long. The Lake is not entirely that deep though as compared to the other Lakes in this list. It is 231 meters deep.

5. Lake Huron

Largest Lake in The WorldThe Lake is among the Great lakes of North America. The lake is 59,600 km squared large and 494 km long. Lake Huron is 229m deep. The lake is the third largest fresh water lake in the world. This beautiful lake is one of the largest among the great lakes of North America. The lake also has the largest island within a lake. The island is known as Manitoulin.

4. Lake Victoria

Largest Lake in The WorldLake Victoria is the largest lake in Africa. It s found in East Africa and it borders two countries, Kenya and Uganda. The lake is named after the late Queen Victoria from England since the British are the ones who colonized both Kenya and Uganda. It is a fresh water lake and although it is not deep it covers a wide surface area. The lake is 68,870 km squared and it is 322 kilometers long. Lake Victoria is one of the most spectacular resources in Africa. There are eighty four islands in this huge lake.

3. Lake Superior

Largest Lake in The WorldLake Superior is another one of the North American great lakes. It covers a wide surface area and it is a fresh water lake as well. The lake came into formation as a result of glacial movements. This is among the United States largest lakes. It is 82,100 kilometers squared in surface area and 616 km long. The lake goes 406 meters deep. The Lake contains the largest volume of water as compared to the other individual Great lakes of North America.

2. Lake Michigan-Huron

Largest Lake in The WorldThe two lakes Michigan and Huron are sometimes referred to as one thus the name Michigan-Huron. It is quite obvious that the two combined will cover a huge surface area and have a high volume of water. The lake covers a surface area of 117,600 km squared and it is 281 meters deep. The reason people sometimes refer to the two lakes as one is because they connect at the Straits of Mackinac. It is the top largest freshwater lake when the two are considered as one Lake.

1. Caspian Sea

Largest Lake in The World

The lake has a very interesting ad contradictory name and this is because the Lake has some features of a sea mainly that it has an oceanic basket. The lake forms the shoreline of countries such as Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan and Iran. The Lake covers a surface area of 436,000 km squared and it is 1,199 km long. It goes approximately 1,025 meters deep. The Caspian Sea is not a fresh water lake. The volume of water is three times that of the Great Lakes of North America combined together. The Lake has no outflow into rivers or any other water bodies. Some of the rivers flowing into the Caspian Sea Lake include River Ural, Volga, Kuran and Terek.

It is always an amazing thing to view mass water bodies. There is a calm and cooling effect about looking at running water. The above lakes are also great tourist attractions therefore visiting some of these lakes would be a great idea for the lover of adventure and nature.


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