The environment is essential for our existence as we get all our primary resources from it. from food to raw material, we rely on everything that Mother Earth provides us. Even though we are provided with all the material for our physical existence we are also provided with mental sustenance.

The beauty of nature has inspired us to write and compose pieces of literature and music the likes of which have never been created again. Numerous painters look to simple plants and large sceneries and try their best to capture what they know cannot be duplicated. Even the craftsmen of machinery have been awestruck by how nature has provided animals and plants with structures for defence and movement.

Anyone can find beauty in a flower with magnificent colours, but it is difficult to find beauty in a large rock, like a mountain. However, as there are always exceptions to a theory, there are a few mountains who strike the human eye as nothing short of absolute beauty. The following is a list of mountains that have shown the world that giants can be pretty too.

10. Alpamayo, Peru

Most Beautiful Mountains in the World 2019

We start the list with Alpamayo, a name which means ‘Earth River’ in the language of Quechua. This will not come as a shock to you if you look at this snow-covered mountain, giving the feeling of a flowing river. The 5, 947 meter High Mountain is a part of the Cordillera Blanca of the Peruvian Andes and is located in the city of Ancash, Peru. In a German magazine article in 1966, this mountain was claimed to be the most beautiful mountain in the world by the photographer Leigh Ortenburg.

9. Mauna Loa, Hawaii

Most Beautiful Mountains in the World

Mauna Loa is not just one of the most beautiful mountains in the world but it is also one of the five volcanoes that form the Hawaii Island. The beauty of this 4, 169-meter Hawaiian mountain lies in its very shallow climb. This gentle slope mountain has an approximate volume of 75,000 cubic meters and last erupted in the year 1984. No volcanic eruptions are good, but these are slightly less destructive as they do not have an explosive property.

8. The Spectre, Antarctica

Most Beautiful Mountains in the World

You know something is the real deal when they have ‘the’ before their name. Besides a famous James Bond movie and a comic book hero, the Spectre is a rock spire, approximate height of 2020 meters high, at the frigid continent of Antarctica. It is the part of the Queen Maud Mountain range and discovered in the year 1934. The beauty of this mountain lies in the way it emerges from a bed of snow, standing tall with a guard like projections on each side.

7. Machapuchare, Himalayas

Most Beautiful Mountains in the World

The name of this mountain is derived from the local language of Nepali, in which it means ‘fishtail’ after the appearance of the mountain. The mountain is part of one of the most famous mountain families, the Himalayas and is a cousin to the Mount Everest. Its elevation is 6993 meters at its highest point and is found in the region of north-central Nepal. The beauty of the mountain is in that fish like tail. The tail has a slight twist which, if seen from the right side, gives the feeling as if the mountain is looking over its shoulder.

6. Mount Eiger, Switzerland

Most Beautiful Mountains in the World

From the land of milk chocolate and army apparel, we get the 3,967 meters high Eiger. The name Eiger means ‘ogre’ which is a hideous giant like creature, which causes devastation in its wake. Though the name justifies the size, it is off on the beauty the mountain holds. Part of the Bernese Alps in Canton of Bern, Switzerland, the beauty of this mountain is brought out by the green fields which cover the base of this mountain.

5. Ama Dablam, Nepal

Most Beautiful Mountains in the World

This mountain is part of the mountain range Himalaya, more specifically the Khumbu Himal region. At an elevation of 6812 meters, this mountain is the most visible, rising above all others and is a prominent landmark to the hikers making their trek to its cousin, Mount Everest. The name Ama Dablam translates to Mother’s Necklace. The mother part is due to the ridges protruding from the mountain giving the look of protective outstretched arms and the necklace is due to the glacier which gives the look of the necklace which Sherpa woman wear.

4. Table Mountain, South Africa

Most Beautiful Mountains in the World

This uniquely shaped mountain is situated in the city of Cape Town, South Africa and is one of the main attractions for tourists there. Known as Tafelberg in the local language, this 1084 meter high mountain may not be the tallest one that you have seen but is the most bizarre because, as the name suggests, it looks like a table top which adds to its beauty. Many visit the top of this mountain, either by trekking or the cable car, to visit the Table Mountain National Park, a safe haven for much in-danger flora and fauna.

3. Kirkjufell, Iceland

Most Beautiful Mountains in the World

This tiny 463-meter high mountain is not famous for its height or the perils of climbing it. it is however probably the one spire meeting the needs of being called a mountain and is covered with green. Though the mountain is naked and white with snow in the freezing Icelandic winters, a beautiful shade of green covers it in the summer months. even though the mountain is beautiful on its own, it gets an upgrade when the beautiful Aurora lights come to life over it at night, giving it the mystique look of some fantasy novel.

2. Denali, Alaska

Most Beautiful Mountains in the World

Also known as Mount McKinley, Denali is part of the Alaskan Mountain Range and the highest mountain in North America at an elevation of 20310 meters. The name Denali was given to this mountain by the Koyukon people, who have lived in the area since long. Mount McKinley was given to the mountain by the prospectors who came looking for gold, taken after the then-presidential candidate William McKinley. The beauty of the mountain comes from the look of isolation of the mountain, standing large and strong all alone. Its isolation is only second to the great Mount Everest.

1. Matterhorn, Switzerland

Most Beautiful Mountains in the World

This prominent mountain is the inspiration for one of the most famous Disney World rides. The Matterhorn is a part of the Pennine Alps region and is situated in the Aosta Valley of Italy and Valais of Switzerland, but is mostly associated with the late country. The spire has an elevation of 4478 meters and is listed as an isolated mountain, about 13.8 kilometres from Liskamm West Top. There is a lot that brings out the beauty of this mountain. The physical form, with four sides forming an abstract pyramid, is even more beautiful in the winters while wearing its coat of fresh snow.

Beauty is all around us and it all depends on the perspective of the observer. However, anyone who gazes upon these behemoths will not just be overcome by their massive size but the subtle beauty in their size.


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