Top 10 Most Developed States in India

India is one of the countries which is still developing. We need to continue working in different sectors and only then can we be given the status of a developed country. But as far as the states of India are concerned there are many which are developed as compared to others. We know if the state is developed by knowing the GSDP of that particular state.

GSDP is the Gross State Domestic Product which is the sum total of all the products as well as the services which are produced in one region, or one state or one country in a stipulated time period. So here is the list of the top 10 states of India which has the status of a developed state amongst the other states of India.

Let’s check the list of Top 10 Most Developed States in India in 2018

10. Delhi

Delhi Top Most Famous Developed States in India 2017

At the 10th position is the capital of India, Delhi. As compared to the prior years the rate of growth seems to have been increased by 15%. In the northern parts of India, Delhi is known to be the place with the largest number of industries. It is also known to have different types of industries and it is based on varied sectors. Some of the industries which are included are the Banking, Retail, Information Technology, Real Estate, and Power. Since it is a hub for the current upcoming industries there are a lot of opportunities for different jobs. Delhi is known to have a Gross State Domestic Product of roughly rupees 4 crores.

9. Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh

At the 9th position is the state which is at the heart of India which is Madhya Pradesh. This state is known to have been brought into existence only somewhere around the year 2000. Bhopal is the capital of this state. It is called Madhya Pradesh because it falls right in the middle of the country and ranks fifth in the list of cities with terms of population. The GDP of the country has a 4% contribution from the state of Madhya Pradesh. Soybean is produced in large amounts in this state so it is known as one of state with the larger production of it. India’s heart is known to have a Gross State Domestic Product of approximately 4,34,730 crores.

8. Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh

At the 8th position is the state to the south of India which is Andhra Pradesh. Just like Madhya Pradesh this state is also known to contribute up to 4% in the GDP of the country. It falls in the eight position amongst the states of India which are largest. Pharmaceuticals, Automobiles, Horticulture, and Textiles are some of the industries which are majorly present in this state. There are approximately 250 or even more industrial estate in this state. This state also has special economic zones which are somewhere around 35. The city of Vishakapatnam is known to be a hub for commercial purposes and Vijayawada comes immediately after this city.

7. Rajasthan


At the 7th position is the state of Rajasthan. Famously known as the state that has the Thar desert. As far as the area is concerned this is one of the larger states. It is known as the major producer for manufacturing of edible oil which is a major contributor to the economy of the country. There is also a major production of cement by this state and again a large contribution to the overall production of cement of the country. Rajasthan has the GSDP of approximate rupees 5 crores.

6. Karnataka


At the 6th position is the state of Karnataka. Bangalore which is the capital of this state is known as the hub for the IT industries. The public sector which is included in this state is as follows Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd, Bharat Electronics Ltd, Bharat Earth Movers etc. This state falls into the eight position amongst all the state if the population is concerned and it is a seventh of the area of the state is to be compared. It has a very unique and famous cultural heritages and is called as the state of agriculture in the country. The IT companies which are prominently present in this state are IBM, Infosys, Wipro etc. Karnataka has a GSDP which is roughly around 5 crores.

5. West Bengal

West Bengal

At the 5th position is the state of West Bengal. The capital city of this state is Calcutta. It is known to be confined to the five states of India. It is the major producer of agriculture and falls at the sixth position in the contribution towards the domestic products of India. This state is considered amongst the major and important states in India and has had a 17% financial growth. It is known to be famous for fertilizers, chemicals, steel, jute industry. West Bengal has a GSDP of approximately 7 crores.

4. Gujarat


At the 4th position is the state of Gujarat. It has a contribution of 7% to the GDP of the country. It is in this state that the Jamnagar Oil Refinery is situated. It is the world’s biggest oil industry which is run by the Reliance Industries Limited which can hold up to 12 lakhs and more barrels each day. It is home to various other companies. This state is known as the Jewel of the West of India. Gujarat has the GSDP of approximately 7 crores.

3. Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu

At the 3rd position is the state of Tamil Nadu. Situated to the south of India this state is known to be a major manufacturer of turmeric and rice for the country of India. There are varied companies which belong to different sectors such as the Automobile, Textile and Information Technology and Leather. There are also companies such as the Cisco, Hyundai, BMW, Infosys and Ashok Leyland. The capital of this state is Chennai. It is the second state in terms of the economy of the country of India. Tamil Nadu has the GSDP of approximate rupees 8 crores.

2. Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh

At the second position is the state of Uttar Pradesh. The GDP of this country receives a total of 8% contribution from this state. It is famous for the production of sugar. The 70% of the sugar of this country comes from the produces of Uttar Pradesh alone. The different sectors and industries include the leather, automobile, jewelry, steel etc. Noida in Uttar Pradesh is another hub for the Information Technology sector for the northern parts of India. Uttar Pradesh has a GSDP of approximate rupees 8.50 crores.

1. Maharashtra

Maharashtra Top Most Popular Developed States in India 2018

At the first position is the state of Maharashtra. This state has seen a growth of about 13% as compared to the prior years. 14% is contributed to the GDP of the country by Maharashtra. The major industries which can be seen in this state are the Automobiles, Pharmaceuticals, Petrochemicals, Information Technology and the Food processing. There is an excellent initiative which has been started by the state government of Maharashtra for giving opportunities to the industries which are emerging and is known as Make in Maharashtra. Maharashtra has the GSDP of approximate rupees 14 crores.

This is the list of the top 10 developed states of the country of India as far as the year 2018 is concerned. All these states are the ones that are emerging and growing to be at the top as compared to the rest of the states of the country. This includes everything from education, food to other tertiary industries. Another important factor is that these states are the main contributors towards the GSDP of the country of India.

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