India is a land which is rich in culture, tradition, and heritage. The Indian food is not an exception to that. The dishes that are prepared are not only different from the other parts of the world in terms of taste but also they are totally separate from other delicacies in terms of the cooking methods.

The dishes can well be distinguished from other cuisines because of the spices that are used in the preparation of the same. As such Indians are truly regarded as foodies since they relish good food. In the recent times, they have also well adopted the art of preparing other cuisines such as Thai, Continental, Chinese, Italian and much more.

There are many renowned restaurants all around India where one can easily go and savor the taste of both traditional as well as innovative dishes. Below are the top 10 best and most famous restaurants in India in 2018.

10. Farzi Café

Best Restaurants in India

Farzi Café in Gurgaon is one of the best restaurants in Delhi if considered from an economic point of view. The café serves its customers with Indian food at perfect prices which are usually lower than the other nearby restaurants. One of its delicacies is the cheeni parantha which is made more delicious by adding foiegres butter. One can also try out its samosas and cheese cakes.

9. Italia in The Park Hotel

Best Restaurants in India

Park Hotel in Chennai has got one of the most popular dinings in Italia. As the name goes, the chefs of Italia prepare dishes which focus on the various regions of Italy and one gets a variety to choose from. The Italian cuisines include seafood, pizzas, pasta, baked asparagus, etc. The signature item of this restaurant is Risotto and Roasted Chicken. Besides, the non-veg dishes, a wide variety of delicate veg dishes are also served to have their own flavor and authenticity.

8. Khyber

Best Restaurants in India

Eighth in this list of famous restaurants is Khyber in Mumbai. It is one of the restaurants that has been serving the people with top notch quality of food for decades. Khyber has been one of the favorite places of the foodies for trying out the North Indian cuisine. Besides kebabs, one also gets a variety of options with biryani, dal, bread and a compulsory dessert. Famous personalities like Bryan Adams, Richard Gere, and Shakira, have also visited the place.

7. Villa 39

Best Restaurants in India

This renowned restaurant is located in Colaba, Mumbai and is famous throughout the world for the phenomenal Italian dishes that it offers. It is generally known to be a perfect place for the couples who want to enjoy dinner dates in a romantic manner. The decorative interior of Villa 39 has dim lights, a glittering chandelier and soft music which keeps on playing. All of these together gives it a decent ambience. It is definitely the place for enjoying authentic and mouth-watering Italian dishes.

6. Thalassa

Best Restaurants in India

Thalassa located in Goa is perched on the rocky cliffs which overlooks the sea. Thalassa is the Greek term for sea. One can relish the flavor and culture of Greece while sitting on the cushioned chairs made up of the cane. The restaurant perfectly resembles the homely atmosphere which is generally found in the Greek houses. Here one should definitely try out the famous preparations of Greek meat, desserts, rich cheese cakes, Greek homemade yogurt, and yogurt smoothies of flavors blueberry and cranberry.

5. Travertine in The Oberoi

Best Restaurants in India

The restaurant is one of the most sophisticated and formal collaborations between the Hassler Hotel of Rome and The Oberoi. Although it is an Italian restaurant, yet the usual pizzas and pasta do not categorise it. One gets a lot more of Italian delicacies that are prepared by the Hassler chefs of Rome. Here one gets to enjoy an awesome selection of first class Italian Wines. It also presents the Indian gastronomes with tempting desserts like Belgian Chocolate Cake, Sorbet, Ice Creams, Puddings, and Mousse. The place is also ideal for the coffee addicts as one gets a variety of those.

4. Villa Maya

Best Restaurants in India

Located in Thiruvananthapuram, the restaurant is more like a perfect foodie trail. The restaurant is a restoration of a three storeyed Dutch mansion which is 300 years old. It definitely gets a place in this list as one gets to enjoy the bygone era with the restored structures while savoring the cuisines of France, Italy, Morocco, and Mexico. The Kerela platters along with the sea food are also quite famous. The guests can surely enjoy two different snacks and a welcome drink as a complimentary item from the house of Villa Maya.

3. Peshwari in ITC

Best Restaurants in India

Situated in Mumbai, this restaurant is the replica of Bukhara which is a famous Delhi kebab center. ITC has structured it perfectly to make it the branch of Bukhara with the same menu, décor and service style. While visiting this place, one should definitely try out the seekh kebabs, the awesome SikanderiRaan and tandoori chicken which are truly lip-smacking. Besides the non-veg dishes and items, one also gets to enjoy a large variety of veg dishes and the Dal Makhani, rich in butter is the most crazed for. One can also enjoy a table sized family naan for entertaining all the members of the group. Here, one also gets a great selection of whiskey and wine.

2. Bukhara

Best Restaurants in India

Bukhara in North Delhi is the parent of the above mentioned Peshawari. It is a perfect destination for kebabs and North Indian cuisine. The place is one of the most expensive restaurants in Delhi. Bruce Springsteen and Bill Clinton have also visited the place and tried the famous preparation of the raan. This is a perfect place for the meat lovers and the foodies only get an apron to wear for enjoying the awesome food like tandoori meat and naan with bare hands.

1. Indian Accent

Best Restaurants in India

It has been the topmost restaurant of India for the past few years. Located in Delhi, it showcases the Indian cuisine with the traditions and flavors of India. Besides, it is known to use the global techniques and ingredients for inventing the new Indian delicacies. It is the only restaurant from India which has secured a place among the 50 best restaurants in the world. One can enjoy the traditional palates that the restaurant offers in a satisfying and adventurous manner as he would surely get the unique blend of modern ingredients and traditional flavors of India.

All the restaurants mentioned above have secured their positions with their efforts for satisfying every ardent person who loves to experience new food and beverages and explores this world. Every foodie should definitely try out the restaurants that are mentioned in the list as they are not only famous in India but all throughout the world.


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