India is a cultural heritage of great monuments, antiques, old books, and architectural resemblance. India speaks about the historical past of great emperors like Mughals, Marathas, Rajput, and many others Kings and Queens.

On the other hand, India also marks the resemblance of the British era as well. It is uniformly a country with rich, dark, and in-depth historical tale from a wide range of city in India. India is the route to all historical events and occurring and has left the memories of past in the form of monuments, statues, antiques, books, manuscripts, artifact, paintings, sculpture, pottery, and a range of other significant items.

These age old things are studied by the scientific researchers and renowned archaeologist to find the origin and purpose of the antique items. After a complete research work, they preserve these antiques and showcased to the public in the form of a museum. In India, old heritage buildings and mansions are now transformed into museums and have become a tourist spot in every city. Let’s look at the top 10 most famous museums in India in 2019:

10. Baywatch Wax Museum, Kanyakumari

Most Famous Museums in India 2019

They have their own kind of wax statue which is quite a significant resemblance to London’s Madame Tussauds but with an Indian touch, unlike the international one. It is a famous tourist spot in Kanyakumari for its wax statue specialty. They comprise of the wax statues of eminent personalities like Shah Rukh Khan, Kapil Dev, Indira Gandhi, Gandhiji, and many other popular ones with distinctive features. It is like a mini Madame Tussauds of Indian versions. It fetches huge tourist crowd every day especially on the weekends for taking pictures with these distinctive personalities and creates memories with family and friends. The entry fee INR 160 which is bit high compared to other museums in India.

9. Calico Museum, Ahmedabad

Most Famous Museums in India

Calico Museum is basically based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat and a popular tourist attraction for many which gather a huge crowd of tourist every day. They have a collection of cloth of different fabric from the prehistoric time and they have also collected a range of cloth paintings from the historical period and are showcased for the tourist to enjoy the magnificent beauty of those eras. They have beautiful cloth work and a wide range of bandhani collections in solid colors. They are also specialised in ancient textiles from the Mughal era which has been exhibited in the museums for the tourists.

8. Kite Museum, Ahmedabad

Most Famous Museums in India

The Kite Museum is one of a kind of special museum in Ahmadabad which features different color, shapes, and pattern of kites which are displayed for the tourist and visitors in their museum. The best time to visit this museum during their biggest festival ‘Uttarayana’ in Gujarat. This museum helped to develop knowledge of all the lovers of kites that how they are used, what are the techniques used for flying, and where its origin. It is a uniquely featured museum which gathers a huge crowd during the kite festival of ‘Uttarayana’. It is an ancient sport of prehistoric period comprises of 125 different kinds of kites in the museum. They have kites with different size, shapes, and unique pattern and colors which make you fall for the beautiful magnificent kites even if you are not a kite lover person.

7. National Rail Museum, New Delhi

Most Popular Museums in India

The museum features different kind ancient model and structures of engines and railway part with a wide display for the tourists who are fond of old historical things. The museum is situated in Chankyapuri a district in New Delhi on a vast spacious land. They have a vast collection of old antiques and furniture, old photographs, railway models, and other things related to railways. They have a toy train facility for tourist every day which gives a whole ride surrounding the museum.

6. Victoria Memorial, Kolkata

Best Museums in India

Victoria Memorial is the ancient heritage marble building of Kolkata. It is one of the prime tourist locations with varied art, sculptures, and rich in artistic paintings. Every day people visit this place to enjoy the aesthetic and glorious piece of arts and a special museum with great monuments and rare collection of British antiques. The building is a symbol of Queen Victoria’s memorial which has been built in the time of British rule in India. It is a magnificent marble building with the statue of Queen Victoria everywhere and the building consists of a royal gallery of artistic paintings of Winter Halter and Jansen depicting the memorial journey of Prince Albert. It looks absolutely stunning and mesmerizing to look at the numerous art collections of varied arts.

5. Shankar’s International Doll Museum, Delhi

Museums in India

This is another kind well-defined unique museum consists of various kind of dolls internationally acclaimed over India. This is a must place for the tourist to enjoy the uniqueness of the museum as it showcased a collection of colorful dolls from the foreign lands like New Zealand, Africa, Australia, and India as well with large glasses case to attract a large of tourist every day. The museum is divided into two halves consisting of dolls from the independent states like UK, US, New Zealand and other halves from the middle-east countries. The doll museum represents the different nations and different countries cultures.

4. Prince of Wales Museum, Mumbai

Most Famous Museums in India

This museum is situated in the industrial hub of Mumbai, a very popular place where we find the historical tale of the 20th century. The museum is connected with three sections comprises of an art gallery, an antique gallery with historical figures, monuments, and statues, and another section is an archeological gallery where we will find the researched items and things by the archeologists. They have bygone days work features of Chalukya and the Guptas reminisce of the Indian history.

3. Sulabh International Museum of Toilet, Delhi

Most Famous Museums in India

It is the most innovative and unique museum in India with featured toilet of a different kind. They have huge collection of antique toilets of different structure, shapes, and pattern. People from all over India come to enjoy the exceptional collection of the toilet which is never seen to the eyes in life. They have a unique display of 50 countries toilet structures and models. They have detailed picturization of the origin of the toilets which involved the different kind of sanitary system, use of toilets, and other prevailing condition related to toilets of different times.

2. Indian Museum, Kolkata

Most Famous Museums in India

Indian Museum is situated in the city of joy Kolkata, build up in a huge white mansion with a vast area of land. The museum is too huge and vast to cover in one day as it is sub divided into different sections comprises of botany, archeology, art gallery, antique gallery, prehistoric skeleton and collection fossils, and other historical monuments and statues dated back to the historical period. They have a magnificent and fascinating collection that will be mesmerising to your eyes and unfold the tales of the historical period.

1. National Museum, Delhi

Most Famous Museums in India

The National Museum is situated in the center of Delhi fetching all kind of crowd and visitors all over India to be mesmerised with the exotic collection of the museum. It is one of the top largest museum in India consists of historical paintings, antique jewelries, manuscript, prehistoric monuments and statues, and antique armors and shields.

Thus, these are the top 10 famous museum in India in 2019 which depicts our rich cultural heritage with a magnificent collection of the prehistoric and British period as well.


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