India is a place with a huge diversity. Here you can find a place with extreme coldness like in Kashmir, to the place with the highest rainfall in Cherrapunji, to the extreme dry place that is Thar desert. India is the home to hundreds of beautiful beaches and has a snow covered mountains in the northern part.

Every place has its own uniqueness and language and each place has its own beauty. If you’re planning on visiting a place this vacation you can consider this 10 places. Below is the list of top 10 most famous tourist states in India in 2019.

10. Kerala

Most Famous Tourist States in India 2019

Kerala is known to be the own country of god. It is one of the prettiest states. Here lies wonderful beaches like Kovalam, Varkala, Muzhappilangad etc. It also has many astounding hill station, historical places, gripping waterfall, wildlife sanctuaries, and national parks. If you’re looking for peaceful hill station then Munnar is the best place for you and it is crowded with firms of green tea. Kerala has a very serene atmosphere and it strongly encourages the eco-tourism and travel and won’t fail, to impress any tourist. If you’re planning backwater trips then Alleppey Backwaters is the best place as it is considered to be the “Venice of East”.

9. Rajasthan

Most Famous Tourist States in India

This is the land of kings. This city is filled with stories of victories, wars, misfortunes, glories, and romance. The amazing folkloric tales and the heroism will always remain in the memory of the local people. This state is also famous for monuments, forts and magnificent palaces. This state is rich in culture and traditions and it is great for trying the desert safaris, breathtaking wildlife, sand dunes, and forest. The must visit places of this state is Jodhpur, Udaipur, and Jaipur.

8. Goa

Most Famous Tourist States in India

Goa is a popular name when it comes to the planning of a short trip by students or teenagers. This place is the home to wonderful beaches. Goa is a place that everyone should visit at least once in your lifetime. Watching the sunsets on the sand beaches which looks all golden is simply breathtaking. Goa is famous for amazing local cuisine that includes seafood dishes. If you are water sports lover then Goa is the best for trying the water sports, water skiing, and windsurfing. This may be a small state but the place has many old towns which are filled with unique culture and ethnicity. If you visit Goa then you can also visit Portuguese churches, astounding wildlife sanctuary, and Hindu temples.

7. Punjab

Most Famous Tourist States in India

Punjab is the fascinating state of India with their famous Golden temple situated in Amritsar is a must visit. Punjab is known for its beautiful religious diversity, ethnic and cuisine. Here you can learn a lot about the religious history of Sikh. If you are seeking for a place with ancient empire’s stories and local culture then this is the right place for you. You can visit the villages for experiencing the true culture of Punjab. If you get enough time then you can visit Wagah border to see the flag ceremony there.

6. Himachal Pradesh

Most Famous Tourist States in India

This is the best place to enjoy the stunning views of Himalayan landscapes and this hill station is breathtaking. If you visit this state then Kullu, Manali, and Dharamshala are a must visit place in here and they are mostly visited by tourists. The palace has its own pristine beauty. The mesmerising lakes and the snow covered mountain is surely going to take away all the stress from your head. Here you can do a lot of activities like rock climbing, heli-skiing, paragliding, mountain biking and many more.

5. Uttar Pradesh

Most Famous Tourist States in India

If you are an architectural lover then Uttar Pradesh is the right place. We all know the famous Taj Mahal which is situated in Agra is a great place to visit. It lies on the side of the Ganga and there lies Varanasi which the oldest city of India. This state is the home to religious, historical, architectural destination etc. The famous Ayodhya is present here and the holiest city of Allahabad is also present here which makes this state a must visit.

4. Gujrat

Most Famous Tourist States in India

This place is on the western coast of India and every year it manages to attract 19 million counts if visitors. This state is rich in culture, traditional handicrafts, history, beaches, temples and archaeological sites. This is the only home of the famous Asiatic Lion and is known for its protected wildlife areas. And the best part of this place is it is the birthplace of the famous Mahatma Gandhi.

3. Jammu and Kashmir

Most Famous Tourist States in India

If you want to visit a paradise on earth then this is the best place. Visit this place any time of the season and still, you will be amazed to see the beauty of this place. Starting from green valleys, excellent blue skies, snow covered mountains and many other spectacular places. It has an excellent aesthetic beauty which never fails to attract its visitors to see the Alpine villages, gardens, amazing waterfalls, green valleys and many more. If you visit the place during winter then a beautiful ride on the Dal lake is astounding. Starting from temples to antique mosque, castles, forts and Hindu shrines everything has its own uniqueness in here.

2. Karnataka

Most Famous Tourist States in India

This state has the most beautifully diverse landscapes. Starting from white waterfalls, lavish green forest, historical ruins, palaces, hills covered with mists etc it has everything. If you are searching for breathtaking views of hill station then Coorg is the right place. Here you can visit the city of palaces that is Mysore, you can enjoy the pristine beaches in Gokarna, and the famous heritage site in Hamoi are all worth a visit.

1. West Bengal

Most Famous Tourist States in India

The capital of West Bengal is Kolkata which is famous as the cultural place and a city of palaces or the city of joy. This place has many elaborate mansions, this city is sumptuously rich. The city is having a good reputation in terms of films, arts, and theatre. This places have many breathtaking landscapes and have the famous Sundarban forest where you can see the royal tigers.

These are some famous top 10 tourist states where millions of tourist visit every year in every season. They are rich in culture and beauty.


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