As humans we have needs and there are commodities required to serve the needs of an individual person. Where to find the products to fulfil the needs varies from one person to another. With varying needs, some people choose to go get their products straight away from the supermarket others prefer the local retail shops, some prefer an ecommerce site and many other places.

However today we have witnessed giant retail shops cropping up in the name of Shopping malls where many businesses come together under one roof to give services to consumers. Shopping malls have become so common and many people really love them because you can do all your shopping under one roof. Checkout which are the top 10 most popular shopping malls in the world in 2019.

1. New South China Mall

Most Famous Shopping Mall 2019

The New South China Mall is located in the city of Dongguan, China. It was started in 2005 facing major challenges among them low occupancy estimated to be below 10% in its first years of operations. During this period the mall gained fame with its name as the dead mall for its low occupancy and visitor traffic. The mall features more than 2,350 stores offering different products from across the globe. The mall regained its position after major renovations in 2015 that attracted numerous tenants increasing the traffic and occupancy. The mall sits on an area covering 892,000m2.

2. SM Tianjin

Most Popular Shopping Mall

Property owned and managed by a leading supermall brand SM Prime Holdings, the SM Tianjin Mall holds the second position across the globe. The mall started operations in 2016 and features over 2,500 stores. The mall sits in an area measuring at 565,000m2 and features one of the modern establishments in the region. It is located in the city of Tianjin and attracts shoppers from across the globe with the range of products offered in the stores featuring international brands and being offered at consumer friendly costs.

3. Golden Resources Mall

Most Popular Shopping Mall

Located in Beijing, China, Golden Resources Mall is the world’s third largest. It is otherwise refereed to as the Great Mall of China owing to its expansive size covering an area estimated at 560,000m2. The mall won its place in history ranking as the worlds largest in the period between 2004 and 2005. Despite its massive size and investment, the mall failed to gain instant popularity owing to the high cost of products from its stores and inaccessibility by foreign shoppers. With time the mall has overcome these challenges attracting numerous shoppers from across the globe who shop from the over 1,000 stores housed by the mall.

4. SM City North EDSA

Most Popular Shopping Mall

The mall is located at the intersection of EDSA Avenue and North Avenue. The mall started its operations in 1985 under the management of SM Prime Holdings and became the first in the line of SM Supermalls in Philippines. The mall underwent major renovations in 2006 to save for the haste construction that saw its initiation at a time o f harsh economic times in the country. The mall covers an area of 489,000m2 and feature different sections interconnected by footbridges. Almost 1 million visitors are received at the mall to enjoy the different products on offer and the service, entertainment and hospitality services available.

5. SM Mega Mall

Most Popular Shopping Mall

Located in the Metro Manila, Philippines, SM Mega mall is the world’s fifth largest mall and the third in Philippines. The mall sits on an area of 474,000m2 and has a capacity to host over 4 million people. Over 100 stores are located in the mall featuring different brands and products from across the globe. The mall started its operations in 1991 and has over the years undergone numerous upgrading renovations and expansions to cater for its ever-growing population. The mall has its place in history as one among the earliest malls in the country.

6. SM Seaside City Cebu

Most Popular Shopping Mall

A modern and one of the latest establishments, SM Seaside City Cebu is located in Cebu city of Philippines. It is currently the largest shopping mall in Philippines outside of Metro Manila and the third largest in the country. The mall sits on an area approximated at 474,000m2. Currently the mall features over 450 stall with modern touch and appeal to the general public. Its outstanding features include its circular shape with multiple anchors. Other features include cinemas, an amusement park, a food court, a viewing tower and a bowling lane. Also expected on the mall is an ocean park believed to become a major attraction. The stores in the mall feature international brand making it a destination for international shoppers.

7. Isfahan City Center

Most Popular Shopping Mall

The largest shopping mall in Iran, Isfahan City Center Mall is located in the city of Isfahan. The mall started its operations in 2012 after an extensive construction project divided in four phases. The mall sits on an areas approximated at 600,000m2 and home to more than 750 stores. This is alongside being home to some of the worlds leading hotels including a 7 star hotel, hypermarkets, cinema halls and a financial center among others. It stands as one among the largest shopping mall in the Middle East and home to international airlines’ offices. The mall stands out and attracts shoppers from across the globe and tourists as well.

8. Utama

Most Popular Shopping Mall

Utama is located in Damansara city of Malaysia. It sits on an area of 455,000m2 of which more than 700 stores operate. Departmental stores, supermarkets and movie theatres are also available in the mall. The store, which opened its doors in 1995, received a major upgrade in 2003 that saw opening of two new wings giving the store its massive occupancy. A number of major international companies have their operations based in the mall giving it international recognition and a must visit location for tourists and shoppers from across the globe.

9. Persian Gulf Complex

Most Popular Shopping Mall

The Persian Gulf Complex was opened in 2011. The mall is located in the city of Shiraz, Iran. In terms of the number of stores available in a mall, it is the biggest globally with over 2,500 stores in operation. The mall sits in an area approximated at 450,000m2. With Shiraz considered s the cultural city of Iran, the mall stands as a unique and notable establishment. Among its other features include hotels, a swimming pool, amusement parks, convention center, cinema theatres and bowling alley alongside other establishments.

10. Central World

Most Popular Shopping Mall

Central World is large shopping mall in Thailand. It is the largest in the country and opened its doors in 1990. Over the years, the mall has improved in its service delivery and quality of products alongside ensuring the best experience for the customers and visitors. The mall measures in 1,024,000m2 featuring two skyscrapers that are home to numerous stores. Despite an arson attack on the attack, the mall managed to undertake appropriate renovations and reopen to the public in the same vigor. Of these there are approximately 500 shops in the mall and a five star hotel among other features.

Malls continue to gain popularity to modern shoppers as one stop shopping point. Availability of numerous stores in a mall allows the shopper to enjoy numerous products without the need to transverse across the town in search of a desired commodity. This is alongside establishment of entertainment and hospitality spots within the mall where shoppers can take time and relax in course of searching for the desired products. The growing popularity provides potential in development of modern and new mall to feature the ever-growing demand of the consumer community.