A village can naturally be envisioned as a lush green space where crops are grown, rivers flow and the whole thought seems appealing in the most aesthetic manner possible. Villages have developed and have come a long way since the foundation of such places. Some have progressed into towns and cities over the long years, while some have just been upgraded in countless aspects but has remained as a village since the dawn of time.

These villages offer amenities to people that seem par with cities and developed towns. Such villages are inherently rich and are perceptibly calm and serene to even think about living there permanently happy. Given below is a list of top richest villages in India as of 2019.

10. Shani Shingnapur

Richest Villages in India 2019

Located in Maharashtra, this village has a seemingly strange culture of not having doors to houses within the village. It is so believed that theft is something that will never occur anywhere in the village, because the people there are always rich in their hearts. There is not even a police station for people to complain against crimes, as nothing of such sort takes place in the village. Though the bank of the village also itself has no lock, it is one of the richest villages in the country.

9. Khetwadi

Richest Village in India

This is also located in Maharashtra and is one of the most prominently developed villages in the country. People in this village are economically well-doing and the village itself is crime free and has a proper municipality and a proper system. This kind of an organised system is further supplemented by the Art of Living foundation, which the village has adapted.

8. Dharnai

Richest Village in India

It is located in Bihar and is one of the most mechanised villages in the country. Solar power is used to supply electricity in domestic and industrial areas of living. From being without electricity for 30 years, this village has taken a huge leap to solar power electric supply, and has become an inspiration for other villages and towns to convert to solar-based power systems.

7. Punsari

Richest Village in India

This village is located in Gujarat, and is more urban than how one might think a village usually will be. Some awe-inspiring facts about the village are it has 24hrs Wi-Fi connectivity, solar powered street lights, CCTV cameras in major public spots, clean and purified drinking water and frequently available bus services. Considering all these, Punsari is more of an urban settlement than actual urban settlements and is one of the richest villages in the country as well as Asia.

6. Maraog

Richest Village in India

It is located in Himachal Pradesh and is one of the leading apple producers in the world. This village prospers mainly from the income generated by the apple business, thus placing it at the top among the richest villages in India. Major Apple drink companies are in close business with the village, thereby commercially lifting it’s position to the top among the developed villages in the country.

5. Kokrebellur

Richest Village in India

It is a small sized village located in Karnataka, and is known for it’s enrichened greenery and aesthetic natural beauty. There are countless species of birds in the village, and the villagers here specifically indulge in various bird and nature conservational activities. Home to various rare species, there are even places in the village to tend to homeless and sick birds. The Government of Karnataka has helped a lot financially to deal with such rare species and sick birds, maybe because of which this village is one of the richest villages in the country.

4. Pothanikkad

Richest Village in India

This is located in Kerala, and naturally beholds 100% literacy rate among it’s people. This is the only village to have 100% literacy rate in India, and is among the top richest villages in the country. Being the most culturally advanced village in the country, it has prominent schools in and around the village, where many politicians have been educated too. The village has more churches than temples, as it has only one temple within the borders.

3. Baldia

Richest Village in India

Located in the state of Gujarat, it is one of the most populated villages in the country. Filled with almost 8000 people, this village provides almost all the amenities required to make it a small-sized city. It has non-disruptable telecommunication network, 24 hour- electricity supply, well-paved roads and transportation services. Being the most affluent village in all of Asia, it possesses a total deposit record of an amount of INR 12crores.

2. Madhapar

Richest Village in India

It is located in Gujarat too, and has a population of 15000 people. It is present near Bhuj, which has an airport of its own. In the recent years, it has become a greener place with rivers and dams emerging up, and has progressed in every aspect, in terms of wealth and affluence. The per capita income of the village is as high as nearly INR 12 lakh, which makes it as no surprise to rank second among the richest villages in the country.

1. Hiware Bazar

Richest Village in India

This village is present in Maharashtra in the Ahmednagar District, and is the richest village in the country as well as Asia as of 2019. This village contains more than 60 millionaires and contains merely 2-3 poor families, who are just relatively poor, compared to the affluent families in the village. This village is known for its well-maintained irrigation system and water conservation techniques, using which it has fought the most adverse of droughts and water problems in history. It now has well-developed sanitation facilities, Panchayat system and national-level centers of developments for watersheds and capacity buildings.

These villages have risen from mere dust and barren lands to such developed areas of resources and income. There are countless villages having people who are still suffering from adverse food scarcity, and poverty. The Government of India should become more actively indulgent to resolve such people of misery and put out measures that will not only help them to merely overcome poverty but will also develop the village on an economic scale of standards.


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