For decades, analysis have been done and publicised on the most amazing things on the globe. While the common is the Seven Wonders of the World, other facts indicate there are more undocumented wonders that offer exciting and captivating experiences.

As a tourist, experiencing one of the top 10 wonders of the world not only give a memorable experience but as well an opportunity to enjoy and learn from different communities and what they have to offer. With list produced on varying basis, consideration is required when choosing the perfect locations to visit. Among the considerations used to determine which is the most preferable location to visit include costs, accessibility, and climatic conditions among others. Here are top 10 wonders of the modern world.

10. Roman Baths

Best Wonders Of The WorldWith history that dates back to beyond the 6th century, roman baths were a great site used for public bathing. After being reconstructed in the late 1800s, the baths have been acknowledged as a major tourist attraction and among the wonders of the world. It is estimated that the site receives over one million visitors per year despite the fact that visitors are not allowed into the water. In 2005, a feature on TV programs identified the baths as one of the major wonders of the modern world. Visitors are only allowed to access the museum and watch the baths.

9. Leaning tower of Pisa

Best Wonders Of The WorldHaving endured the effects of nature through centuries, the leaning tower of Pisa is today identified as among the wonders of the world. The tower was constructed in the 12th century in Pisa one of the cities in Italy. In what has been considered as natural factors, the tower has over the yeas tilted to the right. Despite the tilt, it remains as strong without posing any risk to visitors and others in its neighbourhood. It carries with it the mystery of historical architecture and the gains in its application.

8. Hagia Sophia

Best Wonders Of The WorldThis is believed to be the second most visited location in Turkey attracting an average of 3.3 million tourists every year. Having undergone different religious transformations, Hagia Sophia remains to be a controversial masterpiece in its construction and history. Its transformation started with being a Christian basilica, a mosque and today it is a museum. It’s unique and outstanding designed served as the inspiration for most ancient mosques constructed in ottoman.

7. Great migration of Serengeti

Best Wonders Of The WorldUnnoticed for many decades, an exciting pattern has come to be acknowledged in Serengeti. The migration involves millions of wild beasts, zebras and gazelles moving from Maasai Mara game reserve in Kenya to Serengeti in Tanzania. It is estimated that the animals cover over 800 kilometers while migrating where a good number from the herd succumb to hunger, exhaustion or are predated upon. Being one of the modern day attractions, the exciting part is when the animals cross Grumeti and Mara rivers where predators among them crocodiles lie in wait. The great migration has gained its place in the seven natural travel wonders of the world with the event occurring twice every year.

6. Machu Picchu

Best Wonders Of The WorldAlso referred to as “the lost city of Incas”, Machu Picchu is believed to have been around 1450, used for only 100 years and then abandoned. Despite remaining unused for decades, the remnants of the city are still in place, ancient architectural designs, cool gardens and the surrounding mountain environment makes it a great attraction. Machu Picchu was built in a ridge above the valley of Urubamba in Peru. It was voted as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 1987. This not only gave it identity as a great source of history worth protecting but a great resource for history lovers and tourists.

5. Great Wall of china

Best Wonders Of The WorldRunning from east to west along the traditional borders of china, the Great Wall of China is one among the most ancient pieces that remain to date. It is believed the wall was first built in 7th century BC and attempts and efforts have been made to make the wall better and stronger in the years that followed. Enhanced by watch towers, the wall has over the centuries been used for different purposes including being a defensive line, controlling immigration and regulating trade with neighbors. Visible from as high as 360 km above the ground, the wall of china is a great historical monument with rich history and an opportunity for tourists to transverse and enjoys the beauty of china.

4. Cristo Redentor Statue

Best Wonders Of The WorldConstructed in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Cristo Redentor Statue is the world’s largest art décor today. It is placed fifth largest statue of Jesus in the globe. Made of reinforced concrete and soapstone, the statues construction took place between the years 1922 and 1931. It is a great icon for Brazil and Rio de Janeiro. Its placement and locations makes it a resource for international photographers and filmmakers and one of the most sought after visiting sites by tourists from across the globe. The statue has gained its place as one among the modern Seven Wonders of the World.

3. Petra

Best Wonders Of The WorldNamed as one of the Seven Wonders of the World in 2007, Petra is an outstanding beauty in its own way. Found in Jordan, it lies within a long valley that runs from the Dead Sea to the Gulf of Aqaba. The Jebel al-Madhbah basin that lies between mountains is the home to this beautiful scenery. Classified as one of the “best places to see before you die”, it offers tourists with an experience of outdoor nature and beauty. Petra otherwise known as “Rose city offers a unique and magnificent works of nature through its red stone from which it is carved.

2. Valley of Love

Best Wonders Of The WorldThough considered to be among the lost wonders of the world, the “valley of love” is one of the greatest places to visit. Located in Ireland, the valley is a mile high and wide and surrounded by mystery. With rich archeological history, the valley is believed to have been constructed by a mysterious community where it remained hidden from the rest of the world for decades. The only available structure in the valley today is the “memorial of Joy” which is constructed of an awesome stone structure and boasts of a fully functional and welcoming interior and exterior. The valley is believed to have been in existence more than 3000 years before the Egyptian pyramids making it one of the most ancient tourist attraction sites of modern times.

1. Jerusalem Old City

Best Wonders Of The World

With deep religious history, Jerusalem Old city is one of the attraction sites that attract numerous tourists all the year round. Divided into four quarters, the city is home to a diverse cultural and religious heritage. The four segments of the city are classified as the Christian, Muslim, Armenian and Jewish quarters. The old city is also home to different religious heritage sites among them Dome of the Rock for the Muslim community, Church of the Holy Sepulchre for the Christians, and Temple Mount for the Jews. Its rich religious history makes it a host to major religious festivities cutting across religions and a “must visit place” for all from around the globe.

There are many wonders of the world to seek around the globe. Most are classified into different categories with some remaining unpopular. Some carry with them deep mystery that cannot be explained by the common man while others have rich history of nature. Taking time to visit these places not only provides with a unique and memorable experience but as well, an opportunity to enjoy, learn and relax the mind from the common day hassles.


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