What does United Kingdom has to offer tourists? With its long history, there are numerous scenic attractions for all ages from across the UK. Statistics indicate that United Kingdom is among the leading destinations where the number of tourists continually increase by each day.

Including both and man-made wonders in united kingdom, it’s practically impossible to exhaust the list. This comes alongside the great hospitality and reliable transport systems provided. If you are seeking the best place for your vacation, United Kingdom need to be among the top on the list. Whether for a family treat, working vacation or simply seeking for a place to relax, there are many reasons why you need this option. Among them is an opportunity to visit the top 10 wonders of United Kingdom. Not only are they attractive and scenic but as well offer a taste of the historic city.

10. Elizabeth Tower (Big Ben)

Most Wonders Of The United KingdomRenamed in 2012 to commemorate Queen Elizabeth II’s diamond jubilee, it is one among the best icons of United Kingdom. The tower’s construction was completed in 1858 making it the highest tower across the globe to this day. A four faced chiming clock is held by the tower from which its name the Big Ben was coined.

With its growing popularity, this has come to be acknowledged as a big attraction attracting the attention of filmmakers from across the globe. It’s historic significance and relevance to the royal family makes it a prominent and sought after attraction in the city. A common believe is that you have not been to the city if you have not visited Elizabeth Tower.

9. Stratford-upon-Avon

Most Wonders Of The United KingdomAlmost every person across the globe has come across the works of Shakespeare. A playwright and poet who has won many hearts for his works, Shakespeare is celebrated to this day even in his death. With his popularity, it is estimated that almost 5 million tourists visit his home town Stratford-upon-Avon. The town is home to the Royal Shakespeare Company which displays the work of the poet. A visit to this humble gives you the opportunity to sample the great works of Shakespeare displayed in a humble home environment.

8. Tower of London

Most Wonders Of The United KingdomWith its construction completed in 1066’s, the tower of London is among the ancient wonders on the globe. This was a time of England’s Norman Conquest’s a great time in English history. With its long history, the tower has been used over the centuries as an armory, treasury and an office of public records.

Being royal mint’s home and the home for crown jewels are among other purposes for which the castle has been used for decades. In ancient times, controlling the tower was perceived to be control of the nation hence numerous attacks on the castle. Visit the tower of London for a chance to learn the great history of the United Kingdom.

7. British museum

Most Wonders Of The United KingdomThe history of humankind is a subject that continues to generate interest among different generations. British museum is one location known for its rich collection of human cultures and development evidence. Whether seeking general knowledge or visiting for educational purposes, it is the best equipped resource in this regard.

Materials availed at the museum are a collection from different parts of the globe with some dating back to 196 B.C. Started in 1753, the museum today boasts of over 8 million pieces of art collected. With the unmatched collections, it is the best vacation destination that not only offers a chance to relax your mind but as well an opportunity to learn more on human history and cultures.

6. The seven sisters

Most Wonders Of The United KingdomThese are among the natural wonders of the United Kingdom. Located between Seaford and Eastbourne, they are today among the most sought after attractions. Having defied the test of time, this wonder today remains with the least spoilt compared to others in the region. To ensure they last longer, they are under protection of South Downs national park that ensure they remain in their best natural state.

The seven sisters are equaled in fame by the white cliffs but they retain much of their natural properties. They offer a perfect view for the great works of nature while at the same time offering visitors unique ground for photo shoots alongside other outdoor activities.

5. Windsor castle

Most Wonders Of The United KingdomHaving been in use for over 10 centuries, Windsor castle is one of the oldest occupied castles across the globe. Originally, the castle was constructed in the 11th century and has over the decades been associated with the royal family. Sitting on 13 acres of land and with its outstanding and unique architectural designs, the castle remains as the most notable building as you fly into London through Heathrow airport.

It is a great tourist destination offer a history of the British monarchs as well as growth and development of the modern United Kingdom. Currently is serves as the weekend home for the queen and a great place to visit.

4. Buckingham Palace

Most Wonders Of The United KingdomInitially referred to as the Buckingham house, it is today the official residence of the monarchy. Built in 1705, it has stood the test of time to remain as the most beautiful palace across the globe. It is on record as the place that plays host to royal guests and dignitaries each year with an estimated 50,000 visitors per year. 775 room that include offices, guest bedrooms, state rooms and staff bedrooms are all housed within the palace. A visit to the palace not only gives a taste of the royal presence but as well a great depiction of the historic United Kingdom.

3. York Minster

Most Wonders Of The United KingdomConsidered as the largest Gothic Church in England, it is architectural designs that make it outstanding. Created with stained glass window estimated to be as big as a tennis court, York Minster remains today as a unique and outstanding design unrivalled across the globe. Construction of the church was done over 250 years ago.

It is a great location to visit and take photos as well as learn from the great architectural designs used. With the growing popularity of the church across the globe, York Mister continues to attract more and more visitors and you will not have enjoyed all if York Minster is not among your to visit locations.

2. The tower bridge

Most Wonders Of The United KingdomA globally acknowledged scene, the tower bridge is not only a scenic but a breathtaking location to visit. Its popularity in photos, movies and features makes it a must visit location in United Kingdom. Built across river Thames, the bridge was completed in the year 1984 and has over the years remained one of the key locations indentified with United Kingdom. Among its outstanding features is the elevating spans raised from time to time to give way to tall ship to pass through. The bridge is further highlighted by being close to the tower of London and a key attraction for tourists.

1. Stonehenge

Most Wonders Of The United Kingdom

Considered as the most iconic photographic site on the globe, this is a remnant whose initial purpose remains a mystery to majority. Speculated to have been in existence between 2,000 – 3,000 BC, it is believed to be a sacred site used as a place of worship by the early man. Others also believe that the kings and people of substance in the society were buried at the site. Visiting this site give you a chance to enjoy a taste of history dating to time unknown.

Everybody looks forward to a vacation at some point in life. The chosen location for a vacation should offer the best environment to relax and where possible learn more. The wonders of United Kingdom provide visitors with a rare opportunity to relax and learn. These come alongside other welcoming features to ensure every tourist enjoys a memorable time and experience.


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