A pink beach seems an almost unimaginable concept but yes, they really do exist. One can only imagine the amount of beauty that emanates from such a scene. The shores of the water bodies appear to be pink.

The reason why we have pink beaches is at times there are microorganism in the water that are a shade of red, even some coral reefs are a shade of red hence when swept off the water they taint the sand pink. This type of beaches are some of the most spectacular features in the world and they sure do attract a lot of tourists from all over the world who want to see it with their own eyes and actually touch the sand to be able to see what it feels like. Following are the top 10 wonderful pink beaches in the world.

10. Spiaggia Rosa di Budelli

Wonderful Pink Beaches

The beach is found in Italy at a place known as Sardinia. This beach is found within Archipelagoof La Maddalena marine park. The entire place is amazing and there are a lot of exotic plants in the park. The combination of the flora and fauna make the scenery jaw dropping. You almost get the feel of being in paradise. The waters are turquoise blue and the pink shore is the perfect backdrop to this amazing waterfront. This is a hotspot for movie locations. Some of the scenes in the film Red Desert were shot here.

9. Elafonisi Beach

Wonderful Pink Beaches

This amazing piece of nature is hidden in the tropics of Greece at a place called Crete. Elafonisi is an island along the Mediterranean coast. This treasure is a great tourist attraction. People from all over the world flock in just to get a glimpse of the exotic beauty of the beach. The rough and natural appearance of the surroundings coupled with the greenery make this place all the more amazing. This is a perfect place to take pictures at and soak in the nature.

8. Pink Beach

Wonderful Pink Beaches

This natural beauty is found in Indonesia at a place known as Komodo. Indonesia as a whole is a beautiful country with great natural features but this beach is unique and unparalleled to the others in that country. Komodo is one of the many islands of Indonesia and it has an interesting legend about it. It is believed that the Komodo dragon originated from this place. We also have the Komodo National Park in this area and so one can enjoy the best of both worlds.

7. Horseshoe Bay Beach

Wonderful Pink Beaches

The beautiful beach is found in Bermuda at a place known as the South Hampton Parish. It is one of the best beaches in Bermuda. This is a relatively large beach that can accommodate a large crowd of people therefore it would be a good location for beach parties or even other kinds of celebrations. The beach is surrounded by amazing resorts and hotels and it is easily accessible. The water here is clean and clear. The beach got the unusual name because its shape resembled that of a horseshoe.

6. Pink Beach of Great Santa Cruz Island

Wonderful Pink Beaches

The pink beach of Great Santa Cruz Island is located in the Philippines in the city known as Zamboanga. The beach is known for its sand which is a shade of coral to pink. The sight of this beach is truly magical. The uniqueness of color comes from crushed red organ pipe corals that get crushed and mixed p with the white sand and then they are rolled on to the beach area to blend in with the while sandy soil. The place just looks picture perfect to say the least.

5. Balos Lagoon Beach

Wonderful Pink Beaches

This beach is found in Greece at a place called Crete. Most specifically the island with this beach is known as Gramvousa Island. The water along this area is known to be warm ad clean. The crustal blue waters blend in perfectly with the pale pink sand and it just forms the most beautiful combination of natural colors. Around the beach you will also find rocks in and outside of the water and some greenery here and there making the place a haven of pure beauty.

4. Pink Beaches of Barbuda

Wonderful Pink Beaches

This beaches are found along the coast of the Caribbean sea. There are two islands in this are namely Barbuda and Antigua. The shores have a richness of color to them that is not too overpowering. The view is just perfect. The beach is wide and the waters are turquoise in color. A walk around the beach is enough to drown any negative emotions and birth new exciting feelings because of seeing something so naturally pure and awesome.

3. Tangsi beach

Wonderful Pink Beaches

This lovely beach is found in Indonesia, at a place known as Lombok. The beach is in one of the Sunda Islands. The sand there is tainted pink hence setting it apart from all other beaches in the area. Fragments of coral reefs which are red in color get broken down and blended into the white sand hence when pushed out by waves they fall on the white sand. This is one of the most spectacular features in this area and tourists, both local and international come here to experience the marvellous nature.

2. Bonaire Pink Beach

Wonderful Pink Beaches

Bonaire Pink beach is found in the ABC islands of South America and it lies on the Caribbean Sea waterfront. The beach is nothing less of spectacular. A gaze over this place would drop any persons jaw in amazement. The way the pink sand blends in with clear turquoise waters is simply a sight to behold. There are a lot of tourists who simply come to walk around the beach and feel the sand on their skin as they soak up the sun.

1. Pink Beach of Harbor Island

Wonderful Pink Beaches

This amazing beach is found in the Bahamas. The beach particularly stands out because it has over 3 miles of pink sand spread across the waterfront. This is arguably the best pink beach in the world. The water is crispy clean and the combination of the blue water and pink colored beach makes the place magical. This beach has a richness to its beauty that cannot be compared. Anyone visiting the Bahamas should visit this worthwhile piece of natural beauty.

The above ten are just a few of the pink beaches we have in the world. If you are looking to have an out of the ordinary beach experience, you could try out some of these destinations. Not only will you get the extra ordinary beach experience you will also be able to enjoy other exotic features from these locations so why not go and enjoy the beautiful scenery.


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