Ghosts, miracles, mysteries, fare tales, exists right? I can’t doubt it because how would a plane just go missing on the face of planet earth yet it’s not a rocket that we can conclude it disappeared in space. We all know that accidents happen but when they do professionals come in correct evidence, analyse the wreckage, evaluate all probable causes of the accident and a report is made to the public what exactly happened and what can be done to prevent such an occurrence from happening again.

However in certain instances accidents involving airplanes have happened leaving the world with a million unanswered question. This is usually in the event of mysterious disappearance where the plane is lost from the radar control, never gets to its destination and its wreckage is never recovered.

Though not common, a number of incidences have happened around the globe and the world is still waiting to hear a different story other than the plane disappeared. Here is a list of 10 such occurrences from around the globe.

10. Amelia Earhart

Airplanes That Disappeared Mysteriously

Destined to be acknowledged as the first female to fly around the globe, Amelia Earhart never made her desired history. It was in the 1937 when she took of on her mission only to be lost over the central Pacific Ocean. Despite the many theories that have been in place since her disappearance, no findings seem to indicate exactly what happened or where her remain or that of her aircraft can be found. Recent reports from a sonar scan indicate that she could have crashed a Nikumaroro island in southwestern pacific but factual information is yet to be presented to back this claim. A 2014 expedition to seek further evidence may reveal more but as of now it remain a topic of speculation.

9. Flight 19

Airplanes That Disappeared Mysteriously

The mystery of Bermuda triangle continues to haunt many. It is related to the disappearance of flight 19 45. This was a team of 5 TBM Avenger torpedo bombers with a total of 14 crew members. Unconfirmed reports indicate the possibility of navigations errors resulting from the effect of Bermuda triangle may have drawn the planes off the course into the Atlantic ocean where they ran out of fuel and crashed. Despite the speculation no single party of factual evidence can be used to identify the course which the planes took nor the possible crash location.

8. Stolen Boeing 727 – 2123 Angola plane

Airplanes That Disappeared Mysteriously

On may 25, 2003, an aviation engineer and pilot known as Ben Charles Padilla is believed to have taken off from the Quarto Fevereiro Airport in Luanda, Angola and never to be seen or heard of again. More to the mysterious disappearance of the plane is the motive of Ben who is believed to have been in the plane alone. On the fateful day, it is believed that the plane was spotted taxing down the runway and flying into the sky without seeking any clearance from the airport authorities. With the dying sound of the engines, so way the begging of the mystery that remains unresolved to this date.

7. Star Tiger and star aerial

Airplanes That Disappeared Mysteriously

The star tiger disappeared between Santa Maria and Bermuda in 1948. In what was though to be poor weather conditions, the plane veered off the course and no traces can be made of its crash site or remains. A similar fate would befall another plane star Ariel from the same company plying between Bermuda and Jamaica in 1949 barely a year later. According to reports from the ground indicate that prior to its disappearance the plane had reported clam conditions and smooth flying. With that communication more is yet to be unearthed to this day. With the disappearance of the two flights from Tor IV fleet, the entire fleet was retired.

6. Flying Tiger Line flight 739

Airplanes That Disappeared Mysteriously

Flying 96 American solders, the plane was safe and travelled equally smoothly in the first leg of its journey. The entire journey was from Travis Air force base in the US to Saigon in Vietnam. Its first leg covered the journey from the airbase to Guam where the plane made a stop over to refuel. At this point, there was no malfunction or any incidence that had been reported and the plane took off well and safely. 80 minutes into the second leg the reports from the pilot indicate that all was okay. After the 80th minute, there was no further communication from the plane and it was lost for good. A comprehensive search by the US military never yielded any results leaving the masses only to speculate.

5. BSAA Stardust

Airplanes That Disappeared Mysteriously

Run by British South American Airways, the plane was enroute from Bueno Aires to Santiago in Chile. Under a distinguished air force pilot Regina Cook the plane took off headed for Andes Mountains in august 1947. Despite having no mechanical problems at the time of commissioning the flight, it never got to its destinations. Speculations have been made over the years on the possible eventualities which include self bombing to destroy classified information on the plane, attack by foreign military or a crash into the snow filled mountains. With unanswered questions, fragments of what is believed to be the planes engines were found by argentine mountaineers alongside shreds of clothing. However the cause of the crash is yet to be established.

4. Flight 191

Airplanes That Disappeared Mysteriously

In what was to be considered as unlucky number, flight 1919 has one of the mysterious flights ever recorded in history. On the fateful day the flight run by American Airlines took off from O’Hare International Airport. Despite having undergone all the necessary checks, the flight crashed only minutes after take off. In what was considered to be toe worst aviation accident of the year, all the 258 passengers and 13 crew on board perished in the accident. Unlike most of the mysterious accidents where the wreck or the place of crash was never identified, flight 191 was recovered but questions still remain into the cause of the accident.

3. Flight 571 at Andes

Airplanes That Disappeared Mysteriously

Otherwise christened alive, flight 571 left a lot to be desired. With 45 passengers onboard and crew members, the Uruguayan Air force plane crashed into the Andes Mountains. The cause of the crash was immediately identified as bad weather but what followed was even more terrifying. On crashing, 12 of the people on the plane died. 14 other died in the days that followed before the team could be rescued. Of the 45 passengers onboard only 16 survived. They did so by turning themselves into cannibals and feeding on the bodies of their comrades. They were to find solace 72 days later when two of the passenger volunteered and trekked for days to find Chilean who offered them food, shelter and then alerted the authorities.

2. Egyptian Flight 990

Airplanes That Disappeared Mysteriously

Flight 990 left JFK international Airport headed for Cairo, Egypt. On board was a total of 217 passengers and crew member among the Gamil el-Batouty a co-pilot of the flight. The co-pilot had before the flight been reprimanded by the chief of the airlines group where he was informed that this was his last flight as a punishment for sexual misconduct. The co-pilot on the other hand replied that it would be the last for the chief. When the plane was airborne, it was ruled that Gamil took the opportunity when the pilot went to the bathroom and pushed the plane into a nose dive killing all on board.

1. Air France flight 447

Airplanes That Disappeared Mysteriously

With 288 passengers and crew enroute from Rio to Paris, flight 447 disappeared into the Atlantic in a mysterious way. This was in the year 2009 when the accident happened and all the crew and passengers perished in the accident. Investigations revealed the accident was caused by ice-cube that stalled the engines and efforts by the crew to recover from the problem bore no fruits. After the accident, only 50 bodies were recovered immediately after the crash. Another 104 together with the black box were recovered two years later with 74 bodies still remaining to date.

Although we have no idea where the above planes disappeared to their rumours that they were snatched by aliens, others say they were shot down with a chemical weapon and others say they disappeared deep deep in the ocean but all these are assumptions. Let’s hope that someday someone will give us an answer which I highly doubt.


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