Who would not want an award? Even the smallest trophy in the world is still worthy of a smile. While there exist thousands of awards worldwide, the most coveted being academic and showbiz related. There is however those awards you would not want to be associated with, leave alone going home with them.

These awards are associated with rare, embarrassing, hilarious and weird achievements worthy of ‘’recognition’’. They inspire the otherwise socially awkward, the funny and adventurous type. They are the weirdest awards in the world, and we have compiled a list of the top 10 weirdest of them all. Disclaimer: this list is as weird as they come.

10. Golden Collar Award

Weirdest Awards in The World 2019

If you thought only humans get awards then you are wrong. The Golden Collar Award is an award presented to the best dog actors. Surprisingly, these awards are handed to the canines during a ceremony held every year. The Dog New Daily, a commercial dog website, came up with this idea in 2012 and officially launched the Golden Collar Award ceremony in 2013. The award is divided into five categories; Best Dog in a Theoretical Film, Best Dog in a Foreign Film, Best Dog in a Television Series, Best Dog in a Reality Television Series and Best Dog in a Direct-To-DVD Film.

9. Darwin Awards

Weirdest Awards in The World

This award is given to people who die in an exceptionally idiotic way. The idea to contextualize this award was conceived in 1985 by a group of US citizens. They collected stories about deaths that were surprisingly stupid and concluded that the people who died were actually contributing to the theory on human evolution, hence the name the Darwin Award. The award was officially launched in 1993, with Wendy Northcutt running the award. The award is in its fourteenth year and has recorded bizarre deaths that are downright silly.

8. Foot in the Mouth Award

Weirdest Awards in The World

Public figures today talk faster than they think. This unfortunately leads them to make baffling and bizarre comments that leave most of us awed. The Foot in the Mouth Award has been dedicated to honoring public figures who say comment anyhow without thinking twice. The award was officially launched in 1993 with the first winner being Ted Dexter, the former chairman of the England cricket team. Welsh politician Rhodri Morgan is the only person to have received the award more than once. The award is given out once every year.

7. IG Nobel Prize

Weirdest Awards in The World

In our time and age we have been bemused by science, medicine and technology. These branches of our living world have prompted men and women all over the world to delve into research. With vast resources at hand some researchers have come up with imaginative theories that at first seem laughable but later on make us think critically about the same theory. The Ig Nobel Award is dedicated to honoring scientist and researchers who approach science with more funny but critical point of view. The award ceremonies are held every year at the Harvard Sanders Theatre.

6. Diagram Prize

Weirdest Awards in The World

When one decides to become a writer he or she has to ensure his content is different and unique from others. This has prompted many novelists and writers to think out of the box but some have taken this phrase way too literally. The Bookseller, a British trade magazine, decided to come up with the Diagram Award for writers and novelists who came up with the oddest book title. This award has been in existence since 1978. Some of the winning titles are Living with Crazy Buttocks, The Joys of Chickens and Bombproof your Horse.

5. Ernie Awards

Weirdest Awards in The World

The Ernie Award is one you definitely don’t want to win in your whole lifetime. This award is given annually to a public figure who makes the most sexist remark. The winner of the award is chosen by a group of 300 women who meet every September in the NSW Parliament House. The winner of the award takes home a golden Ernie that has a sheep mounted on a golden orb. The winner is chosen by whichever nomination receives the loudest boos. A silver Ernie with a pig mounted on a plinth is given to the nominator whose quote wins.

4. Big Brother Awards

Weirdest Awards in The World

In this age of advanced communication privacy has always been a major issue. Many governments and private organizations have frequently threatened our privacy in the name of national security. The Big Brother Awards was invented so as to honor governments, private organizations and individuals who constantly work to threaten our privacy in a hope to end their chronic violation and intrusion of other people’s private data and information.

These awards are organized by nongovernmental organizations so as to publicize this issue. Many nations in the world hold the Big Brother Awards; some include Germany, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States of America. This award is different from the Big Brother Africa which is a reality television show.

3. Bent Spoon Award

Weirdest Awards in The World

Some people are natural born to be more skeptic than others. This leads some of them to develop preposterous paranormal piffle. The Bent Spoon Award was started by a group known as the Australian Skeptics so as to commemorate less meaningful but widely acclaimed paranormal claims of psychic ability. The Award has been in existence since 1982 and is a rival to major Award ceremonies such as the Oscars, the Nobels and the Ernies. If you are an Australian or someone with paranormal piffle and conducts the activities in Australia then you can win this award.

2. Pigasus Award

Weirdest Awards in The World

This award is similar to the Bent Spoon Award. It is presented to individuals who claim to possess or have ever seen paranormal or psychic activities. The only difference is that this award is presented to individuals worldwide unlike the Bent Spoon Award that is presented to Australians only. The Pigasus award was incepted in 1982 and was known as the Uri Trophy. In 1997 it was changed to its current name the Pigasus Award. The award is presented during April Fool’s Day every year by renown skeptic James Randi.

1. Bad Sex in Fiction Award

Weirdest Awards in The World

This award was created so as to draw attention to poorly described sexual scenes in today’s modern fiction. Since 1993 the award has been presented to authors worldwide who had an unsatisfactory description of sex in a relatively well written novel. Rhoda Koenig, a literary critic, established this award. One of the most notable winners of this award is Erri De Luca. His masterpiece the Corriere della Sera has received many honors including the European Prize for Literature. His poorly portrayed sex scene between the main protagonist and a mysterious woman won him the award.

The good thing about weird awards is that the talent required to win them is actually weird in itself. While professional awards are subject to voting, criticism, rigging and all sorts of innuendos, weird awards are mostly for fun, rare recognitions and awkward talent. That means the social class factor borders on the irrelevant an most of them are open to anyone willing to try them out. They might be weird but the honesty in them keeps the fans coming back for more.


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