India is a diverse country with rich culture and ancient heritage that symbolises the beautiful arts and architecture of our country. The rich culture of India has shown a variety of different art in contemporary, modern, visual art, and much more.

It is a way of exhibiting an expression or emotion in the form of arts to reach to the core of people’s heart through different styles of art. These beautiful arts are showcased by our Indian artist with their different techniques of artistic styles, forms, movements, colors, and composition to give it an aesthetic value.

These artists display their alluring and creative art to the people through by exhibiting in different art galleries in different parts of India. In addition to this, sometimes their creative art also get auctioned in the art galleries and people buy it at a very high price. Let’s look at the top 10 best art galleries in India 2019.

10. Victoria Memorial, Kolkata

Best Art Galleries In India 2019

Victoria Memorial is the ancient heritage marble building of Kolkata. It is one of the prime tourist locations with varied art, sculptures, and rich in artistic paintings. Every day people visit this place to enjoy the aesthetic and glorious piece of arts. The building is a symbol of Queen Victoria’s memorial which has been built in the time of British rule in India. It is a magnificent marble building with the statue of Queen Victoria everywhere and the building consists of a royal gallery of artistic paintings of Winter Halter and Jansen depicting the memorial journey of Prince Albert. It looks absolutely stunning and mesmerising to look at the numerous art collections of varied arts.

9. Volte, Mumbai

Best Art Galleries In India

Volte is one of the reputed and renowned art galleries in Mumbai where artists of different artistic value display their piece of art depicting the expression, emotion, movement through their paintings, sculpture, and also specialised in contemporary art. The art galleries give a wide platform for the new artist to showcase their rich artistic talent through their meaningful art to the public. It is a must visit place for every art lovers who want to be get lost in the luxury art pieces of the aesthetic artists.

8. Nature Morte, New Delhi

Best Art Galleries In India

Nature Morte is one of the best art galleries in New Delhi which displays a wide range of premiere art for the various art lovers. This art gallery is specialised in Indian contemporary art with huge artistic meaning. Nature Morte has their leading art gallery in the New York City and soon after some time they launched it in India in the New Delhi branch. It showcased the collection of high profile arts by the leading artists in India.

7. Aakriti Art Gallery, Kolkata

Best Art Galleries In India

Aakriti has got some fabulous art show for the varied art lovers. They have the finest art collection in their art gallery. It consists of a rich form of art and paintings by the leading artist and also by the emerging artist depicting the contemporary Indian art collection. This art gallery is situated in the heart of Kolkata exclusively it promotes young artist from various places and location to showcase their artistic talent to the art lovers.

6. Mahua Art Gallery, Bangalore

Best Art Galleries In India

Mahua Art Gallery displays attention seeking paintings and different forms of art promoting the leadings as well as the emerging artists of India. They exhibit a wide array of contemporary art selectively displayed there. One added advantage of this gallery is that if you like any of the art you can easily purchase it for yourself and enjoy it more sitting at your home or in your office and get lost into the rich artistic paintings. Again, it is a must visiting place for every art lovers in India. The selection they make in displaying the arts from various artists is absolutely a treat to the eyes.

5. Delhi Art Gallery, Delhi

Best Art Galleries In India

Delhi Art Gallery is well-known for the collection of arts of the leading artist all across the India. It basically displays the modern art of the established artist from India. These artists are no ordinary men or women but India’s top most artists whose paintings are displayed in this art galleries. This place is famous for Indian modern art. They show some masterpiece collection which will make you mesmerised and you will be lost into the art world of creativity and vibrant hues. This place just steals the show every day for varied art lovers who get astonishingly amazed by gazing at those arts.

4. National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi

Best Art Galleries In India

The National Gallery of Modern Art comes under the supervision of Government of India, Ministry of Culture. It exhibits the collection of Indian modern art for the different art lovers. They conduct summer carnival and various art events for the public who can visit this place during the ongoing events and exhibition shows. They have a huge collection of ancient arts which are preserved there from ages. They provide the quality art with sheer excellence from the established and leading artists from India. The art gallery showcased the pride of India through various art forms and movements from the artists. It contributes to the aesthetic value of art promoting the rich and ancient culture of India through modernised art forms to the people.

3. National Gallery of Modern Art, Bangalore

Best Art Galleries In India

It’s a beautiful art gallery for every art lovers who worship and appreciate different forms of arts and movements. It is like an enormous mansion with awestruck art collection from the leading artists like Rabindranath Tagore, Jamini Roy, Amrita Sher-Gil, and other leading artists of India. They display arts of different categories depending on the art school, time period, and various ancient artists with their glorious and exceptional talent depicting the hues of different colors, shade, and structure and make into a complete meaning art for the curious art lovers.

2. Genesis Art Gallery, Kolkata

Best Art Galleries In India

Calcutta or better known as Kolkata is the hub of rich art and culture where you will find extraordinary and creatively talented artists both emerging and leading to lure you with their appealing artistic skills. The art gallery is specialised in focusing on the Indian modern art depicting more the birth place of various arts. It is a great platform for the young rising artist to exhibit their different style of arts and forms and get appreciated by the Bengali art lovers. A place where not only the local people visits but also people from both nationally and internationally come over Kolkata to enjoy the rich heritage of art and culture from various renowned artists.

1. Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata

Best Art Galleries In India

Academy of Fine Arts is undoubtedly one of the best art places all across India. They have the richest collection of various art forms and style that will allure your soul and mind deeply and you will be lost into hues of different colors. One of the best place to visit in Kolkata throughout the season and every then and now they have some art programs, shows, and events held by different emerging and leading artist with the deep knowledge of various art forms. One cannot stop itself from gazing at the fascinated art forms.

It is a proven fact that people visit these extraordinary art galleries not only from India but also people residing in abroad and who are true lovers of different art came over here and enjoy the mesmerising art of aesthetic value.


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