While the internet has given us an opportunity to view and enjoy the spectacular art galleries around the world through images nothing can beat a real life first-hand experience. Just having a glance of a painting or a sculpture up close to your eyes can elicit deep strong emotion response an experience a computer screen cannot replicate.

Choosing the finest art galleries in the world can be an uphill task considering their thousands of them. However, if you consider yourself a bit of an art lover we have compiled a list of the most famous art galleries that fully deserve an honourable mention. Here are the most spectacular museums and art galleries in 2019 to see around the world to get your arty fix.

1. The British Museum (London)

Best Art Galleries 2019

A quick glance at one of the most spectacular museums in the world that’s the British museum you will understand why it’s at our topmost position in our list. Founded in 1753 it’s the world’s first national public museum. The museum is a home to the national collection of archaeology and ethnography and has more than eight million artefacts ranging from exquisite gold jewels to the pre historic bones. Some of the other main attractions the British Museum has to offer are the is the Egyptian gallery which is the second biggest collection of Egyptian antiquities outside Egypt in the whole world.

2. The Louvre (Paris)

Best Art Galleries

The Louvre is magnificent cultural institution that it’s hard to miss out when you’re in Paris since it’s the France finest and among the world’s biggest art galleries. Before being turned to a museum two centuries ago the Louvre was a medieval fortress and a palace of the kings of France. Today the museum serves as a collection of art and a royal palace and I can assure you the scale and sheer wealth of the treasure this museum holds its mind-boggling. Some of the main attractions you will find here are “venus de Milo”, “Mona Lisa”, “Winged Victory of Samothrace,” some Egyptian relics among other spectacular pieces of classic art.

3. The Natural History Museum (London)

Best Art Galleries

This is a world class visitor’s attraction and one of the leading science research institute we have on the world. Currently the museum receives over 5 million visitors annually this is because the museum is a host to more than 80 million specimens which are old as a billion of years. Most of the materials in this museum are used to debate and argue how old is our planet and research on the evolution of life. In this museum you will have a chance to view mammals, the earth galleries, origins, ecology, dinosaurs, the Darwin Center among others.

4. Galleria degli Uffizi (Italy)

Best Art Galleries

It’s one of the most famous museums in the world and Italy’s richest and most celebrated art gallery. It’s a very prominent museum located in the heart of Florence in the region of Tuscany. Its a museum which plays host to a great chunk of magnificent unique artworks and masterpieces well-preserved within its walls, which were obtained from the Renaissance period. This is a must see destination as it is together with Vatican Museums in Rome, the most visited in Italy. The reason as to why it receives an average of 2 million visitors annually it’s because: “The Birth of Venus” by Botticelli, The Ognissanti Madonna by Giotto, Adoration of the Magi by Gentile da Fabriano, Portraits of the Duke & Duchess of Urbino by Piero della Francesca among others.

5. Vatican Museums City (Italy)

Best Art Galleries

Its normally called “the Vatican museums of museums “for a reason. It’s the most visited museum in Italy and this is a must visit destination since it contains the best works of Italian art from the Renaissance and high Renaissance. The Vatican masterpieces of sculpture, paintings and all other archaeology and ethno anthropology gathered by popes makes this museum an overwhelming place you could visit. Some of the main attractions here are marble “Laocoon”, the “Belvedere Torso”, renowned Sistine Chapel, Raphael Rooms, the Borgia Apartment, the Chapel of Beato Angelico, among others.

6. The State Hermitage Museum (Russia)

Best Art Galleries

A day is not enough to really exhaust all that Hermitages vast collection has to offer. Although Russia is somehow isolated from the world’s best artistic hubs such as Rome, London and Paris the state Hermitage Museum has managed to acquire a substantial collection of world art which is more than 3 million items spread out through 5 palaces spanning the years of stone age to date. Some of the main attractions you will find in this museum are the Treasure Gallery’s Gold Rooms, Nicholas II’s private collection, masterpieces by Leonardo da Vinci, Rembrandt, Orient, and Picasso among others.

7. The National Palace Museum (Taiwan)

Best Art Galleries

This Museum which is located in Taiwan is the home to the world’s largest most finest collection of Chinese art. This vast collection of over 800,000 pieces of prehistoric Chinese among others imperial artifacts and artworks which are as old as 8000 years are the sole reason hundreds of thousands of people flock in this region. Some of the main attractions here are the paintings, religious objects, calligraphy, statuary among other treasures all the Neolithic age to date.

8. The National Archaeological Museum (Greece)

Best Art Galleries

This entirely refurbished national Archaeological museum of Greece it’s among the most important and biggest museums in the world that holds the greatest collection and the most finest collection of Greek antiquities on earth. With its numerous and outstanding exhibits which are more than 20,000 dating back from the Neolithic era to late Aniquity without a doubt visiting the museum will give you an opportunity to travel back in history. Some of the attractions here are rich photographic archive, rare publications, Poseidon of Artemision, Zeus statuette, Myrrini lecythus, The golden mask of “Agamemnon” among others.

9. The Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York)

Best Art Galleries

Meet the metropolitan Museum of Art which is one of the largest museums in the western hemisphere and among the world’s largest and finest art museums. This museum plays host to more than two million works of art spanning over 5000 years and in addition its collection spans from Africa, Europe, Asia, and even the Islamic world. You will find the tomb of Perneb (circa 2440 B.C.), paintings, sculptures, antiquities, “Adam and Eve,” and many more.

10. Museo Nacional del Prado (Spain)

Best Art Galleries

The Prado is the national pride of pain and its considered one of the most important art museums in the world. It houses the world’s finest collections of Spanish paintings and other European art dating way back from 12th century. Some of the important collections of works this museum holds that contributes to its position as one of the most visited are works by Francisco Goya, Velázquez, Goya, Hieronymous Bosch, Peter Paul Rubens, Titian, El Greco, among others.

11. Museum of Fine Arts (Boston)

Best Art Galleries

The museum of Fine Arts which is located in Boston and founded in 1870 is one of the fourth largest most visited museum in the united states and among the most comprehensive museums in the world. Here the collection of 400,000 works among them the paintings of Cassat, Rembrandt, sculptures, furniture, decorative arts among other works are the main attractions and the date way from prehistoric times.

12. National Gallery of Canada (Ottawa)

Best Art Galleries

It’s one of the most famous, and respected art institutions in the world with collection of masterpieces of art traversing the middle ages to the present-day and not only does it have Canadian works of art but also Indian, American and Europe works. Today the museum boasts of having an exceptional collection of more than 65,000 works of art among them the early Quebec religious works, avant-garde contemporaries among other collections.

We only have one life to live and that the truth and I know it sounds a bit sad but let’s face the reality someday we have to die, and leave this planet who knows to where. But it would be sad for you to die a rich person yet you never utilised your money to reward yourself. Think about it. Now that I have listed down some of the best Art Galleries in the world you should visit let one of your vacations be in a city where one art gallery is located and enjoy your money and get to see the world from prehistoric age.


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