In the present time, beaches are attracting the attention of a lot of people. There are beaches that have become so popular and attract a record number of people every year. The best thing is it’s always a refreshing experience to visit a beach and because India is a country where a lot of beaches are there, you can always spend quality time with your loved ones.

It is very much true that visiting a beach is always fun. You may have no idea that there are beaches in India that are best in all the aspects. A lot of people visit beach cities during the holidays and free time. The fact is some beach cities have attracted a very large number of tourists in the past few years.

In India, there are beaches where you can visit any time of the year and can have a life-long experience. It is quite true that presently a lot of people have started visiting beaches in holidays than in hill stations. The fact is some beaches in India are widely regarded as the best creation of nature. They are basically the places where you can see Sun and Sea kissing each other and the environment is always relaxing. Some beaches in the country are incredibly scenic where you can enjoy sun bathing. Check out the top 10 best beaches in India 2019 below.

10. Dhanushkodi Beach

Best Beaches In India 2019

It is located in Ramesawaram, Tamil Nadu and is one of the well-known beaches of India. It provides some stunning views and some people believes that it is the place from where the Hindu God Hanuman build the famous bridge “Ram Setu”. You can have views of blue sea water. This beach is considered as one of the very silent places.

9. Marari Beach

Best Beaches In India

It is one of the very beautiful and in fact the very clean beach which is in Kerala. It has been said that it alone attracts around 35% of the overall tourists in Kerala. Being one of the famous beaches known for its beauty, it is also a picnic spot for locals and newly weeds. Its close location to Kochi makes it a favorite destination for visitors of the city. If you have plans to visit Kerala, it is suggested to visit this beach to experience the backwaters of the state.

8. Cansaulim Beach

Best Beaches In India

Well, Goa is a beautiful city in India and something that adds more to its beauty is nothing but some of the best beaches available here. One among them which is at position 8th in our list is Cansaulim beach. Located in south Goa, it is a place where you can truly relax and can enjoy one of the stunning views of the Sea. There are palm trees that make this place really beautiful. Also, there are hotels and restaurants which have surrounded this beach and thus you can always enjoy the stunning view with your favorite food.

7. Ganpatipule Beach

Best Beaches In India

If you are a beach lover or a peace-seeker, we suggest you to visit this place. The good thing is it’s always less crowded and in fact a true center of attraction if you love nature. The temple of self-originated Hindu god Ganesh adds more to its popularity. There are coconut palms that let you have a relaxing experience.

6. Kashid Beach

Best Beaches In India

It is one of the finest beaches to visit if you love nature. Located very close to the city Pune, Kashid is a very popular place where you cannot just relax but can also enjoy shopping in the nearby areas. One of the best things about this beach is it’s the best weekend destination if you have plans to spend time with family in a pollution free zone and silence.

5. Puri Beach

Best Beaches In India

It is one of the very beautiful beaches in Puri in Orissa where the fine white sand is the most noticeable thing. It is actually a place for a very large number of Indian as well as International tourists who love the beach. It is located just at a distance of 36 km from the famous Sun temple. If you ever visit this beach, don’t forget to enjoy the sunrise and sunset at this place. The view of sun touching the water is really amazing. You can even enjoy some of the best seafood here.

4. Ramakrishna Beach

Best Beaches In India

It is one of the very famous beaches in India which is located at a distance of just 5 km from the Visakhapatnam city. The most attractive thing on this beach is the soft gold sand which enhances the beauty of this place. There are several beach activities that can be enjoyed here and the good thing is this beach is being surrounded by a lot of tourist spots. The famous Submarine Museum, Kali temple and water memorial are some of the examples of same.

3. Juhu Beach

Best Beaches In India

Juhu beach in Mumbai is popular since a very long time period. It is actually a place where you will find almost every age people. Whether you need to relax or want to have a hangout with friends, it is the place you can simply visit. It is true that this beach always remain full of people. However, it’s still one of the very famous and in fact the best beaches in India. It is also a tourist destination and most of the people who visits Mumbai often visit on this beach.

2. Baga Beach

Best Beaches In India

It is another beautiful beach of Goa where you can enjoy some of the best moments. Something that makes this place extra beautiful is nothing but some of the best continental food restaurants. You might have no idea but this is the beach in India which attracts the maximum number of foreign tourists all over the year. Baga beach is a true relaxing point at the edge of the sea and you can simply enjoy your day here.

1. Radhanagar Beach

Best Beaches In India

Radhanagar Beach is located at Havelock Island in Andaman & Nicobar Islands. It is one of the best and in fact the most beautiful beach in India. The key attractions are very clean water due to a limited number of visitors every year. The untouched natural beauty and pristine surroundings make this place amazingly elegant. Time Magazine has given this beach the tag of “Asia Best beach”. Water sports are not allowed here.

There are other beaches in India in addition to these. However, these are best in every aspect and have already been considered the very clean beaches in India. Landscapes and natural beauty at the surroundings often add a lot to make them look more elegant. You can relax, or can enjoy sun-bath simply. Visiting any of these beaches is always one of the best experiences of your life. Thus don’t miss the chance to be here. Also, the good thing all the beaches listed above is simply accessible and is connected with all major cities of India.


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