The beauty salon industry in the world has witnessed a phenomenal growth rate in the recent times. Men and women have begun to pay attention to how they want to present themselves and also has learned to relax. This has resulted in the search for expert salon services and this is the list of best beauty salon chains in the world in 2019 that provide the best experience.

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10. Illusions Color Salon Spa

Best Beauty Salon Chains 2019

This salon was designed to become a state of the art salon under the guidance of Maria Stones in 1995. It has been serving since then in St. Louis and has continued to offer expert salon services like facials, manicure, pedicure, and hairstyling. They greet the customer so well and make them feel comfortable and also the ambiance and professional beauty tips make them stand out in the crowd.

9. Jawed Habib

Best Beauty Salon Chains

This is an Indian-based salon chain with over 300 branches spread across the country. It was started by a professional stylists Jawed Habib whose vision and the mission was to provide quality beauty care to a wider customer base in the country. The ambiance and the service of the salon reflect the passion and touch of the expert Jawed Habib himself. The wide range of hair and beauty treatments personalised for the customer ensures a very satisfactory experience.

8. Salon Cielo

Best Beauty Salon Chains

The variety of services that tend to blend glamour and elegance that are offered by the Salon Cielo has enabled it to set a trademark brand in the business. It is considered to be one of the best beauty salon chains in the world only because of its expert quality services with premium products that are promised to bring out a better version of the customer. A session at this salon leave the customers with immense satisfaction and a rejuvenating experience. This American based salon was first established by a salon professional Ann Ratner and has been showing an increasing growth potential since the beginning.

7. Bijin Salon and Spa

Best Beauty Salon Chains

It is a pioneer in the business which was first started in 1988 in the Kansas city’s Westport by a professional, Connie Suss. She brought a very passionate brand into this business and it has grown to be recognised as one of the best beauty salon chains in the world. Their services and practices are shaped according to their customers. The team explores options that would suit your face shape and also recommend products that are best suited for you, with excitement. Their ambiance and the team’s expertise are noteworthy.

6. Muse Salon

Best Beauty Salon Chains

Muse salon packs the ultimate spa experience, makeup, and hair treatments and is considered to provide the best service in the world. It is an American beauty salon which was first established by Micah Yarbrough Magee in the year of 2005 and has gained a huge popularity and brand name since then. Muse salon’s expert staffs use premium equipment and cosmetic products to ensure their promise to deliver the best beauty experience to their customer. Through hair styling and facial methods, they try to enhance the beauty quotient of the customer. Their services include exceptional manicure and pedicure and spa that are capable of rejuvenation.

5. Toni and Guy

Best Beauty Salon Chains

This is a very popular salon chain which is highly preferred by celebrities across the world. This international chain is a UK-based brand and has found its foothold in the Indian market. Their expert services and skillful stylists provide the best beauty care treatments and styling which makes the customers leave with satisfaction and fulfillment.

4. Naturals Salon and Spa

Best Beauty Salon Chains

The name of the salon is synonymous with beauty care and salon services in India. The brand name resonates with quality services and best salon experience. It is the fastest growing salon chain with over a 100 branches operating in the busiest regions and about 4 new establishments every month. The concept of the unisex salon was started by this salon and it has now become a trend-setting development. It is now the most successful chain which delivers the best salon services and enables the customer to sport any look they want. They also give expert advice to choose the best-suited look and thus creating an amicable environment for the customers.

3. Paris Parker Salons and Spas

Best Beauty Salon Chains

This was first started as a test kitchen in order to improve salon experience and it has now grown to be one of the best beauty salon chains in the world. It was founded by Debra Neill Baker in the year 1992. They provide full Aveda salon services varying from shading, Aveda spa to hairstyling. They provide top class services that inspire self-confidence and self-worth through the perfect look of the customer created by these specialists. The brand name is known throughout the world and also hosts the annual salon conference conducted in New Orleans. This is a very deserving salon chain to be called as the best in the business.

2. Salon Next

Best Beauty Salon Chains

It is the best salon chain in America and it was first started in the year 1999 by Kevin O’Connor Tucker Fascula. The expert staff and stylists team have driven the brand into success and has now gained a recognition for its world-class styling ability. Their interior ambiance and the service provided makes an everlasting impression with its client and makes them want to come again. The salon provides flawless services and makes it possible to achieve this impression.

1. The Roose Parlour and Spa

Best Beauty Salon Chains

This salon is from the Phoenix’s downtown historic district and was founded by Sawana Grimmett, a professional stylist. They offer a wide range of services including nail and facial services and all other head-to-toe beauty services. The mission of the salon allows them to focus on the needs of the customers and provide the best attention. The expertise of the staffs and the premium products give enough assurance about the salon’s services and their quality has them the most preferred salon in the valley.

A salon is a place which offers relaxation and helps you present yourself in a better way. It is very important when it comes to the choice of salons as it involves treating the skin and your looks which is not worth any risks. These salons are renowned for their services across the world and use high-quality products in order to provide the best experience to their customers.


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