Bio-Tech Companies is a pharmaceutical company that specialises in producing quality products including a range of hypoallergenic, natural and chemical. It is licensed and registered with the FDA, meaning every product you buy from them is guaranteed to be safe and effective.

The company’s manufacturing facilities adhere to high standards, so all processes are approved by the FDA. This ensures that all products are made in an environment that is clean, modern and controlled. There are many manufacturers involved in the pharmaceutical industry, so the competition is tough. Despite this, some companies remain at the forefront and are streets ahead of the rest. Bio-Tech Companies is one such company, and there are few things you need to know if you are considering buying. The following are top 10 best and largest biotech companies in the world in 2019.

1. Johnson & Johnson

Best Biotech Companies 2019

Johnson and Johnson was started in 1886 with its headquarters in New Jersey and New Brunswick. Johnson & Johnson is a multinational bio tech companies, consumer packaged products and medical devices, and manufacturer. The company distributes and markets more than 172 medicine in the United States, which includes brands such as Zyrtec, Tylenol, Sudafed, and Motrin. The cooperation’s pharmaceutical segment concentrates on infectious disease, immunology, oncology, and neuroscience. In 2015, the cooperation had a total of 126, 500 employees, total resources of $131 billion, sales of about $74 billion part of the Dow Jones and a capitalization market of $283.4 billion.

2. Roche

Best Biotech Companies

Roche Bio Tech Company was founded in 1896 in Switzerland. It has 14 biopharmaceuticals on the market and calls itself the biggest biotech cooperation in the world. Roche has been the best in cancer treatment and research, producing medicines for colon, breast, skin, lung, ovarian, and other cancers. Roche is the leading Bio Tech Company in diabetes management, in-vitro diagnostics, and tissue-based cancer diagnostics, and it has created leap forward medicines in neuroscience and ophthalmology. In 2015, Roche had total sales of $51.6 billion, the company has capitalization market of $229.6 billion, 88,500 employees and assets of $76.1 billion.

3. Novartis

Best Biotech Companies

The Bio Tech Company is based in Switzerland-based and was started in 1996 when Sandoz and Ciba-Geigy were merged. The company manufactures pharmaceuticals, generics and eye care. It’s increasing its market in the emerging markets of Latin America, Asia and Africa where there is increased demand for health care and medicines. The company’s medical division is among the world leaders in developing and primary care, commercialising oncology, and specialty medicines. In 2015, the company had a total of Novartis has over 133,000 employees across the world, assets of $225.8 billion sales of $53.6 billion, and a capitalization market of $204 billion.

4. Pfizer

Best Biotech Companies

This is a research-based global Bio Tech company founded in 1849 with its headquartered in New York City. It acquired Botox Maker Allergan for $160 million in 2015, which was the biggest deal in its history and the largest-ever purchase in the health care area. When completed, the alliance will create a giant biotech corporation, and it plans to have its headquarters in Ireland, where Allergan is headquartered. In 2015, Pfizer had assets of $169.3 billion, sales of $49.6 billion, and a capitalization market of $200 billion.

5. Merck

Best Biotech Companies

The company was founded in 1891 and has its headquarters in New Jersey. The company is a world company that produces prescription medicines, biologic therapies, vaccines, and animal health and consumer products. Its core product categories include cancer, diabetes, vaccines and hospital acute care. It mainly specialises in producing treatments for hepatitis C, cancer, cardio-metabolic disease, Alzheimer’s disease and antibiotic-resistant infection. The company is also investing a lot in the fight against emerging world pandemics which include Ebola. In 2015, the corporation had a market capitalization of around $150 billion, sales of $42.2 billion and assets of $98.3 billion.

6. Gilead Sciences

Best Biotech Companies

Gilead Sciences has its headquarters in California. It mainly focuses on liver diseases which include hepatitis C virus and hepatitis B virus, HIV/AIDS, respiratory conditions and severe cardiovascular or metabolic. The company has produced some treatments which include medication for HIV infection as a once-every day pill and the primary oral antiretroviral pill to decrease the risk of getting HIV in certain high-risk grown-ups. In 2015, the company had assets of $34.7 billion, a capitalization market of $147.1 billion, and sales of $25 billion.

7. Novo Nordisk

Best Biotech Companies

Novo Nordisk is a multinational biotech corporation with its headquarters in Denmark, with manufacturing facilities in over seven countries and with 41,000 employees and offices in 75 countries, worldwide. The company mainly produces hemophilia care, diabetes care, hormone replacement therapy and growth hormone therapy. The company makes various drugs under different brand names, including NovoLog, NovoSeven, Levemir, Novolin R, Victoza, and NovoEight. In 2015, it had assets of $12.5 billion, sales of $15.8 billion, and its capitalization market is $146 billion.

8. Amgen

Best Biotech Companies

The company has its Headquarters in Thousand Oaks, California. It mainly produces therapeutics and also focuses on new medicines based on advances in molecular and cellular biology. It markets protein therapeutics in inflammation, supportive cancer care, and nephrology. Amgen also develops treatments for bone disease, kidney disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and other serious illnesses. In 2015, the company had assets of $69 billion, sales of $20 billion, and a capitalization market of $120 billion.

9. Bristol

Best Biotech Companies

Bristol is a Bio Tech company with its Headquarters in New York City. Bristol mainly produces prescription pharmaceuticals for HIV/AIDS, treating cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hepatitis, psychiatric disorders and rheumatoid arthritis. Some of its marketed medicines include, Abilify, Plavix, and Opdivo, which treats advanced cancer stage that has spread or grown. Bristol-Myers Squibb was formed in 1989 by merging Squibb and Bristol-Myers Corporation. M&A has led to recent company growth. The company bought iPierian for $725 M in 2015 and Flexus Biosciences for $1.25 B in 2015. In 2015, Bristol-Myers Squibb had assets of $33.8 billion, sales of $15.9 billion, and a market capitalization of $114.6 billion.

10. Sanofi

Best Biotech Companies

This is a French pharmaceutical cooperation with its headquartered in Paris. Sanofi specializes in human vaccines, diabetes solutions, and health care for consumer, innovative drugs, emerging markets, Genzyme, and animal health. The company is present globally in over 100 countries which include the US with its US headquarters in Bridgewater in New Jersey. In 2015, The Company had total assets of $177.9 billion sales of $44.8 billion, and a capitalization market of around $109.5 billion.

These are the top 10 biggest biotechnology companies in the world 2019 in terms assets, sales and market capitalization. If you’re looking for a job in the field of bio technology look no further as I have given you a head start on the best companies to start off your journey on.