There is nothing wrong to say that India is an emerging country in every aspect. The recent 4G revolution in the country has enhanced overall internet users by around 40 percent.

In the present time, India has millions of internet users and this, in fact, is the reason most of the online businesses are targeting Indian markets. The fact is the internet is playing an excellent role in making the life of Indians pretty easy since past few years.

Actually, a lot of tasks can simply be performed. After online shopping, online advertisement posting is the most common approach. This is the reason there are lots of ad posting websites that have gained a ton of popularity among users. One of the major reasons that have contributed to the success and in fact the popularity of these websites is that any type of ads can simply be posted anytime. Also, most of the websites are free.

Ad posting is becoming extremely common in India. A lot of people use them for selling or buying used products, for posting matrimonial ads as well as for comparing different services and products. It really doesn’t matter what type of ad one needs to post, these websites are truly amazing. Check out the list of top 10 classified (ad posting) sites in India in 2019.

10. Xoocal

Classified Ad Posting Sites In India 2019

It is one of the best websites in India if you want to promote your services and products. You will be allowed to post your ads totally free of cost and the good thing is the website is quite common in South India. The overall numbers of users are continuously increasing and the good thing is there is no need for you to register yourself for posting an advertisement.

9. Vooclick

Classified Ad Posting Sites In India

Voolick is an emerging website in India for posting advertisements. Although it’s an Indian website, you can post ads anywhere across the globe. The service is free and there is no upper limit on posting ads without registration.

8. VivaStreet

Classified Ad Posting Sites In India

With around 8 million users in the present scenario, Vivastreet is popular than ever before as an online advertisement posting website. The users are increasing at a very fast speed and the best thing is it has UI that is simple to use. Users are allowed to post advertisements in several categories. In case you have visited this website, you might already know how simple it is to use the service.


Classified Ad Posting Sites In India

You can post classified ads throughout the India without spending any money through It really doesn’t matter what type of ad you need to post, you can always derive a lot of response after posting it. This is because of a very large number of active users of this website who can help you promote your products or services.

6. ClickIndia

Classified Ad Posting Sites In India

ClickIndia is a website with a very large number of Indian visitors daily. Any advertisement posted on this website can be made viewable to millions of people from the first day. Of course, this is due to huge traffic this website attarcts on regular basis. ClickIndia let you post the ads in any part of the country. You can choose any city and because it’s an Indian website, almost all major cities have been covered by them.


Classified Ad Posting Sites In India

It is one of the finest websites to visit if you want to post an ad for jobs, sale or in real estate category. Actually, most of the advertisements on this website are posted on these three categories. There are users from every part of the country. Locanto has gained a lot of popularity because of several factors such as free of cost service, simple UI, simple registration process and privacy of user’s information.

4. Quikr

Classified Ad Posting Sites In India

Quikr is a popular online platform for buying used products and in fact for selling them too. The overall number of users of this website has increased up to a large extent since past few years. There are always several responses you can assure after posting any type of ads. Because it’s extremely simple to use, it has millions of users in India. Quikr is one of the websites where you cannot just post free ads, but can also use it to make your products more recognisable if you are a business owner.

3. Sulekha

Classified Ad Posting Sites In India

Sulekha is a well-recognised and in fact, one of the best websites for posting ads in India. It has millions of users who use it because of its simple policies and excellent outcomes. You might have no idea but Sulekha has been recognised as one of the best classified sites in India by a lot of people. It is very easy to use website and has a support of a very large number of users. In the present scenario, Sulekha is viewed as one of the website which is best for ads posting in every aspect.

2. Indeed

Classified Ad Posting Sites In India

Indeed has become very popular in India for ads posting. It is actually a website where one can post ads related to jobs and career. In addition to ad posting, Indeed is a website known to provide a ton of useful information related to building career in a specific field. It has a very large number of all time active users that have made it one of the best website for posting ads.

1. Olx

Classified Ad Posting Sites In India

Olx is the number one ad posting website in India with which almost every internet user in India is familiar with. The website has played a lot of attention in understanding the needs of people in the country. They have also adopted a lot of changes and have provided website users exactly what they want. The service is totally free of cost and you can post ads without worrying about anything. However, it must be noted that since last few months, a limit has been imposed on the overall number of free ads that one can post in a month. The best thing about Olx is there are certain categories which mean you can post any type of advertisement. Also, it has millions of users that have contributed a lot to its popularity.

There are other websites in India where you can posts ads but these are the websites that are extremely popular. Actually, they have a lot of traffic on them. Also, they are widely recognised and are also available in the form of mobile phone apps that enhance their popularity. In addition to this, as already mentioned, they are almost free or demand a very normal fee from the users. You can always make sure to get exactly what for which you posted the ads. This is one of the finest reasons why they are successful.


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