Are you tired of running into debts due to bank loans, the auctioneers are on your door now and then, legal proceedings is what you’re dealing with, lack of access to crucial loans and your credit score is rated poorly?

Do you have a business idea, business proposal, a creative project, a social cause, or are you a nonprofit looking for funds, are you a humanitarian looking for funds, do you have a personal problem, or are you looking for an angel investor to invest in your business? If the answer to these questions is “YES!” then I have a solution to all your problems.

There platforms on earth where you can get the very much help you need from its wide networks of millions of people and thousands of angel investors. These platforms have enabled startup companies to achieve their dreams and many more people to achieve what looked like just a dream to them. The platforms have an easy set up procedure, that only takes less than 10 minutes of your time. Have a look at the top 10 best crowdfunding sites in the world 2019 that can make your dream a reality.

1. Kickstarter

Best Crowdfunding Sites 2019

Probably the biggest most hottest site on the internet that has helped many creative projects to life today. The site helps artists, musicians, filmmaker’s designers and other creators find the resources and the help they might be much needing to make their idea a reality. Since 2009 when they launched the site about 13 million people have backed a project, over $3 billion has been pledged and over 127,000 project have been successfully funded.

Remember not all projects are supported by Kickstarter and you must remember your project must be honest and clearly presented, projects can’t fundraise for charity, projects can’t offer equity, among other rules. The submission of a project is intuitive and very up-front as you only need to sign up and fill out the project details. The only downside of this site is that it charges 5% of every successful project and you can only submit a project if you are a U.S resident.

2. Indiegogo

Best Crowdfunding Sites

Another crowdfunding site that will help you raise money for your idea and go beyond finding your very first customers from its community of millions is Indiegogo. As of today the site has raised across all projects over $1 Billion from its 11 million community. Anyone from anywhere around the globe is not restricted from participating in the campaigns or even raising funds. to participate you only need to sign up and follow the guidelines. If you are nonprofit the site charges you a 0% platform fee or your project is a social cause, however any other project is charged a 5% platform fee. Here you can create any type of project even donations for charity.

3. RocketHub

Best Crowdfunding Sites

RocketHub is among the best crowdfunding sites we have on the planet. All you need to do is get on their site click “get started “button, share the basics of your pitch or business with the ELEQUITY funding , they will review all information and contact you within 72 hours. If successful, you are on a fast lane to get started. The site also charges 4% of the fund for a successful project and 8% for unsuccessful funding and also 4% is deducted for credit card processing.

4. Gofundme

Best Crowdfunding Sites

GoFundMe is an online fundraising website that is ideal for organisations, groups and individuals as well. The reason why GoFundMe is among the best it’s because they have mobile friendly campaigns, no penalties for missing goal, there is a GoFundMe mobile app, no deadlines or goal requirements, there is an email support and the best part is you get to keep every donation you receive. Remember its free to launch your campaign, fees and deductions which amounts to 8.5% unlike others which charge 15%.

5. Crowdrise

Best Crowdfunding Sites

Are you an individual looking to raise some money for charity, cause or person, or are you a nonprofit, a company or an event organiser looking for funds then this is the site for you. It’s the most powerful social fundraising website for your corporation, event or organisation. Crowdrise is part of GoFundMe and as of today they have raised billions of dollars on their platform and so far they are the best social fundraising experts we have thanks to their great tools.

6. YouCaring

Best Crowdfunding Sites

One of the most dedicated crowdfunding site in the world is YouCaring. It has provided an easy way for people organisations and companies who are looking for capital either for humanitarian causes to get funds. some of the humanitarian causes YouCaring deals with are medical, cancer, charity, pets, veterans, family, emergencies, sports, memorial, mission trips, faith among others.

Some of the advantages of using YouCaring crowdfunding site are; it’s easy to set up as you only need 5 minutes, the site is safe and secure, they have real time customer support, you can access your funds daily and its mobile friendly too. As of today the company has raised over $500 million, has more than 280,000 fundraisers, has around 7.5 million supporters and the good thing is they charge 0% platform fees meaning you get to keep most of the funds.

7. GiveForward

Best Crowdfunding Sites

This is a partnership between YouCaring and GiveForward and together they have helped people to raise funds for either personal use, medical or charitable of today the site has raised over $800 million across all projects. The advantage of using GiveForward crowdfunding website over others are; just like YouCaring there is no platform fee and its totally free, setting up only takes 5 minutes, there is a real time customer service and you have access to more than 8 million donors.

8. Razoo

Best Crowdfunding Sites

It’s one of the world most trusted online crowdfunding platform. Fundraising on this platform is easy and fast and not to mention is free for any cause. You can fundraise money for charities projects, families, animals, medical, faith, education, emergencies and many more worthy causes. As of today the site has raised over $500 million from its millions of donors.

9. CrowdFunder

Best Crowdfunding Sites

This site basically is the leader in equity crowdfunding and has assisted thousands of businesses or rather companies from their massive network of over 10,000 VCs and angel investors. Here the money your company or business is funded you get to share the profits with the investors. Today the site has enabled startups to receive over $150 million and they go out of their way to couch you on how to secure a better deal.

10. Chuffed

Best Crowdfunding Sites

This site only crowdfunds social enterprises projects and non-profits only. If your organisations has a worthy social cause then this is the site for you. The crowdfunding platform offers zero fees on all you campaigns which simply means no ongoing subscription fees, no hidden 5% platform fee and the best thing about this platform is that you keep 100% of what you raise.

These are the best crowdfunding sites we have gathered for you and the most recognised ones on earth. If you have a social cause, a worthy project, a business idea, an emergency, or just that you need money to survive well look no further just sign up in one of these and say goodbye to bank loan debts.


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