Top 10 Best Dairy Companies In The World

It would be a completely different scenario if there were no dairy companies in the world at all. Dairy companies have contributed and given significant products that have become an integral part of human life.

The dairy industry has flourished, and it is continuing to do so.  It is better to know the best and the topmost dairy companies in the world. To make your work easier below is the list of top 10 dairy companies in the world.

Here are the Top 10 Best Dairy Companies In The World in 2017-2018

10. Dean Foods

Dean Foods Top Famous Dairy Companies in World 2017

Dean Foods is amongst the largest dairy company in the United States and well known for its beverages and other milk-based products. The company has over 55 brands in the US and worldwide. In the year 2016, the company used 10.3 million tonnes of milk to manufacture milk and other related products. It posted a turnover of US$8.0 billion. Ice creams, tea are few of its other products present in the market. Samuel E. Dean founded it in 1925 and started as a small food processing facility.

9. Saputo


The Saputo is a public company based in the Montreal, Canada and is a family run organization. It produces a number of dairy products and is among the top dairy companies in the world. It consumed 7.7 million tonnes of milk in 2016 and posted a turnover of US$8.6 billion. The company has reached in over 40 countries and is the largest dairy processor in Canada. It was founded in 1954 by the Saputo family.

8. Yili


The Yili Group is Chinese dairy company which sponsored the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, People’s Republic of China. Their drive towards quality has given them a distinct reputation in the dairy industry. That is the reason it is loved by its consumers who know about the high-quality of its dairy products. The company consumed 6.8 million tonnes of milk in 2016 only to record a turnover of US$9.3 billion. It was started in the year 1993 and has made its name in the dairy industry.

7. Arla Foods

Arla Foods

Arla Foods is a Denmark based dairy company which is present worldwide and is a cooperative. It is amongst the top best cheese makers in the world. The company is famous for its exquisite cheeses which can be found worldwide. It used 14.2 million tonnes of milk in 2016 & a turnover of US$10.5 billion. Scandinavia is where it produces largest dairy products. This was founded in 2000 as a result of a merger between Swedish Dairy Cooperative and Danish Dairy Company, MD Foods.

6. FrieslandCampina


FrieslandCampina is incorporated in the Netherlands, although it’s a young company but still comes in the list of top dairy companies in the world. It has its products in over 100 countries worldwide and has more than 21,000 employees. It has offices in over 28 nations for smooth and better functioning. In the year 2016, it consumed 12.6 million tonnes of milk & posted a turnover of US$12.3 billion. It was formed in 2008 as a result of a merger between Royal Friesland Foods and Campina.

5. Fonterra


The Fonterra Co-dairy company is from New Zealand which is held by the around 11,000 farmers. Their milk intake in the year 2016 stood to a whopping 22.1 million tonne with a turnover of US$13.1 billion. The multinational dairy company is responsible for the world’s 30% dairy exports. This makes it the largest organisation in the New Zealand and is very popular in the Country and worldwide. The company came into form in the year 2001; it was a result of the merger of two large co-operatives, New Zealand Dairy Group and Kiwi Cooperative Dairies.

4. Dairy Farmers of America

Dairy Farmers of America

The Dairy Farmers of America Inc. (DFA) consumed 28.1 million tonnes of milk to fulfill its need. The corporation has 15,000 dairy farmers and agriculturists who stake a claim. In 2016, the corporation recorded a turnover of US$13.8 billion. It has over 9,000 dairy ranches spread in different states of the United States. It holds a significant dairy market in America and is one the best in the US and worldwide. The company was founded in 1998 and runs as an agricultural cooperative.

3. Danone


It is a multinational corporation, which is incorporated in Paris, France. Danone is listed on the stock market of Paris, Euronext Paris and deals in over 130 markets worldwide. It used 7.5 million tonnes of milk in the year 2016 and generated a turnover of US$16.7 billion. The company is very active especially in the developing nations where it provides employment opportunity. In the United States, it is known as the Dannon Company. The company was founded in 1919 by Isaac Carasso.

2. Lactalis


Lactalis is mainly a family run corporation in Laval, France, and is known for the best cheese in the world. It has established a name in the dairy industry with its exquisite milk products. To suffice its need, it used 15.1 million tonnes of milk in the year 2016. It posted a turnover of US$18.3 billion in 2016. It specializes in the products manufactured for infants for its nutritional value. The corporation was founded in the year 1933 by Andre Besnier, which started as a cheesemaking company.

1. Nestle

Nestle Top Popular Dairy Companies in World 2018

Nestle is known for its exceptional products which range from nourishment to snacks. The company is incorporated in the Switzerland and is one of the oldest dairy companies in the world. The company is present in almost every nation, totalling to 195 countries. The products range from baby food to pet foods. It utilized 14.0 million tonnes of milk and recorded a turnover of US$25.0 billion. It founded in the year 1866 by Henri Nestle, Charles Page & George Page.

The dairy industry is flourishing, and it has raised the quality of dairy products. The competition ensures better products to the consumers. The top dairy companies have given so much to the public across the globe. It has enabled people sitting in a different region to enjoy the delicious products. Dairy companies have evolved new trends in the market; it has adapted to the changing society, the demands and adopted the better tools to bring best of the products to your plate.

It is the time that you look into the top category of dairy companies and find the story of your dairy product.

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