Medicine is one of the prestigious and expensive educational streams in the world. One of the branches of medicine is dental or BDS. People from all over the world appear every year in the international and national level medical entrance exams but before appearing in the entrance exams, every student should know the colleges in which they want to apply and the most suitable colleges for them.

There are many colleges in the global platform that offers the international students with the dental education. Some of the best dental colleges in the world in 2019 are below mentioned:

10. The University of Hong Kong

Best Dental Colleges 2019

The University of Hong Kong comes among one of the oldest establishments for dental education. It is about 100 years old organisation. It is one of the most reputed colleges in the world for its outstanding educational facilities it provides. It is an internationally acclaimed college for a dental education. This University was founded in 1911, it is well known for the international level education facilities it offers to the students worldwide.

9. University of Michigan

Best Dental Colleges

The University of Michigan is one of the top ranked Universities in the world. It is a public educational body, which offers various courses and combination of subject to the students. The University of Michigan is world famous for its research work. On the other hand, it is also very famous for its excellent dental educational opportunities. This University offers a plenty of opportunities to its students. Many students willing to study dental, apply for an admission to this university. It is one of the topmost preferences for any dental student in the whole world.

8. Tokyo medical and dental University

Best Dental Colleges

Tokyo medical and dental University is a part of the Japan national university. It is one of the most famous Universities in the world for dental and medical educational purposes. This University was established in 1928. This University is world’s most famous and reputed Universities for medical and dental education. This university is one of the major priorities for all the students of the particular field. This university has managed to maintain a good reputation in the global market with its constant.

7. King’s College London

Best Dental Colleges

Situated in London, United Kingdom, King’s College London is one of the most reputed and renowned college’s to offer the dental courses in the world. The King’s College London is well known for its excellent quality education provided to all the students worldwide. People from across the world consider this University as one of the best. This University has been managed to maintain a consistency in the level of educational quality it provides. The King’s College London also known as KCL is a research-based university. It as established in 1829. Since then, it has managed to keep the reputation of this college up.

6. Harvard University

Best Dental Colleges

Harvard University is known for its educational Excellency in the whole world. Students from the whole world dream to get admission in Harvard University. This university is located in the USA. It offers the most variety of course to study. This is the topmost University in the world for educational purpose on any stream or any course.

5. London’s Global University

Best Dental Colleges

Also known as ULC, London’s Global University is one of the names in the list of top dental universities in the world. University College London is a public research-based establishment. It is the largest University in the whole United Kingdom by total enrollment. This university is well recognised for its quality educational policies. Students from worldwide take admission in this university to study different courses of different streams. This University has been on the highlight for all the student willing to seek dental education in the whole world.

4. Karolinska University

Best Dental Colleges

Karolinska University is a Swedish medical University. This university is world famous for its medical education. This university is solely devoted to medical studies. For all the student want to study any branch of medicine, this university comes at one of the top positions in the desired college’s list to get admissions. This University is also one of the most ancient educational institution’s this world has. It has been on the top names of the most reputed Universities in the world. The quality education this University provides in incomparable.

3. Academic Centre for Dentistry Amsterdam

Best Dental Colleges

Also known as ACDA, the Academic Centre for Dentistry Amsterdam is a collaborative venture specialised in provide dental education with the University of Amsterdam. This is also one of the most famous and reputed colleges in the world to provide the specialised education on Dentistry. All the students will study Dental courses always have this college in their mind. It is globally acclaimed college for excellent educational offerings to the international students. This college offers only the education on the subjects of dentistry, which makes it even special as this academy concentrate in one particular field and aspire to cover all possible topics to teach. This university also believes in experiments and inventions, so the students are given a space to apply their own logical mind and learn with the experiences.

2. Ku Leuven

Best Dental Colleges

Ku Leuven is a University concentrated on research and education with international appeal. All the programs that this University provides are based on research and innovation. This has been one of the most reputed colleges in the world. This University has managed to earn a good name with the excellent applicable innovations and logical researches. This University is situated in Belgium. It offers the most efficient methodology of learning, which motivates the student to apply their own minds, going beyond the classroom environment and learn with the practical experiments. This is one of the biggest reasons of the University to get a global recognition. It is one of the best places to go and study.

1. University of Gothenburg

Best Dental Colleges

The University of Gothenburg is situated in the city of Gothenburg, which is also the second largest city in Sweden. Well known for its world-class educational programs, this University is the third oldest University of Sweden at the recent times. It is well known for the quality education and excellent scope to grow it offers to all its students. This is one of the best Universities for dental educational purposes in the world.

Above mentioned are some of the best educational institutes of recent time for dental education in the world.