Pathological labs and the medical diagnostic centers are extremely important as they help in determining the real cause of the sickness or disease. Diagnosis of any particular disease involves the radiology tests along with the pathological tests which help in determining a disease’s root cause.

The study of diseases that are determined in laboratories is known as the science of pathology. The Indian industry of diagnostics is one of the biggest in the country which also comprises of manufacturing of laboratory equipment. The net value of the industry is over INR 20,000 crore. Given below is the list of top 10 diagnostic companies (Pathological Labs) in India in 2019.

10. Lucid Diagnostics

Best Diagnostic Companies in India 2019

The medical diagnostic services from Lucid were established in 2007. Providing quality services in diagnosing diseases, the facilities of the diagnostic center are available in 5 places across the cities of Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Secunderabad. The technology of state-of-the-art is used by the company for providing the needed with a wide number of medical services and diagnostic tests. The patients are provided with utmost care while the tests are being held and most importantly the little ones. They are distracted while the tests are performed so that they do not feel the pain for the same.

9. Oncquest Laboratories

Best Diagnostic Companies in India

The Oncquest Laboratories Limited is next in the list. This particular diagnostic company provides diagnostic services to the Indians and has above 100 centers throughout the country. The company boasts to provide specialised and premium pathological and diagnostic services to the people. Its central laboratory offers various diagnostic services in different therapeutic areas namely oncology, cardiology, immunology, gastroenterology and much more. Children are handled with special care.

8. Dr. Dang’s Lab

Best Diagnostic Companies in India

The pathological lab was first started in 1983 and has been one of the most renowned and reliable diagnostic center or company in India. The company has been attributed with many awards and has secured PAN- INDIA recognition. It has pioneered in providing great service to all patients and each patient enjoys the same attention and importance from every staff members of the organisation. The company offers a wide variety of tests which include Haematology, Biochemistry, Histopathology, Immunology, Cytology and much more.

7. Roche Diagnostics

Best Diagnostic Companies in India

Roche has secured the seventh rank in this list. The labs of the diagnostic center masters in using innovative technologies which allows them to offer accurate testing of patients with different diseases. All the reports that are generated are efficient enough to serve various clinical purposes. The pathological solutions of Roche get simplified due to the use of the latest and gen-next devices.

6. Quest Diagnostics

Best Diagnostic Companies in India

Quest Diagnostics is not only spread all over India but it is known to be one of the leading diagnostic service providers of the whole world. It ranks sixth on this list. Insurance companies, doctors, and pharmaceutical companies rely on and prefer the testing reports provided by the diagnostic centre for carrying on with a treatment.

5. Metropolis

Best Diagnostic Companies in India

Securing the 5th rank, this diagnostic company has above 240 centers throughout the country. The diagnostic center offers high-quality clinical services in the various fields of cystogenesis, chemistry, hematology etc. Metropolis has gained tremendous popularity as it offers above 4,500 tests which range from the simple ones to extremely specialised ones. The attentiveness and consciousness of the organisation help in rendering quality services to the patients with a firm infrastructure and trained, experienced and skilled professionals.

4. Suburban Diagnostics

Best Diagnostic Companies in India

Suburban Diagnostics was established in 1994. Although located in Mumbai, it is known to be one of the leading diagnostic companies. It extends its services to the nearby areas of Bombay. The various services provided by the company are pathological services, diagnostic services, programs of corporate wellness and much more. It also offers premium services to various companies. Mahindra, ONGC, Cipla, Toyota, HCL, Jet Airways and Shoppers Stop are few of the clients of the diagnostic center.

3. SRL Diagnostics

Best Diagnostic Companies in India

The operations of the diagnostic center started in 1996. Today, SRL Diagnostics has become one of the indisputable names in the Indian Industry of Diagnostics. It has also become one of the leaders in the same industry. Offering premium and quality diagnostic services throughout the country, SRL Diagnostics has over 280 laboratories across the different states of India. It is known to be a proven specialist in offering pathological services and boasts in offering diagnostic tests which are above the number of 3,500.

Besides offering radio logical services, it is known to conduct above 1 lakh diagnostic tests per day on a regular basis. Services are provided equally all throughout India. Besides providing top notch services throughout the country, the supporting team and staffs of the organisation are provided with proper training which gets reflected through their approach and skilfulness.

2. Dr. LalPathlabs

Best Diagnostic Companies in India

Ranking second on the list, Dr. Lal Pathlabs is one of the most popular diagnostic firms besides being the most popular all across the country. The diagnostic company works with a dedicated team and staff members and has above 3,000 employees. The premium and quality diagnostic services are provided by the pathological labs in different domains. Throughout the country, the organisation has above 160 labs and more than 1300 service centers for providing patients with various diagnostic and pathological services of high quality.

Dr. LalPathlabs, not only carry out their operations only in India but they also have a widespread network in many other countries namely Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and also in many other countries all over the world. The organisation not only works in a dedicated manner but also commits to providing the patients with advanced healthcare facilities so that they can live stronger and healthier lives.

1. Vijaya Diagnostic Centre

Best Diagnostic Companies in India

Securing the very first place in the list, Vijaya Diagnostic Center operates 14 centers all throughout India. Its foundation was laid in 1981. Besides offering premium and high-quality diagnostic services in various domains, it also offers services in the fields of Cardiology, Diabetology, Radiology and much more. Health packages for the corporate officials are also provided by the company. The packages can be utilised accordingly as they have various tests which help to detect the diseases in the early stages. With all its services, it improves the quality of living and life.

All of the diagnostic centers and pathological labs mentioned in the list have a track record that is praiseworthy. Rendering top class service to patients with the use of latest technologies at most economical rates, most of these diagnostic companies also provide the patients with the test kits for diagnosing and confirming the diseases like HIV, HCV, Malaria, and TB.