Pathology Labs deals with the study of the cause due to which certain symptoms are present. Diagnostic Companies have pathology labs with state of the art technological equipment used to precisely determine the disease. Once a diagnosis is confirmed, the patient is then treated with the cure as per the need. Pathology Labs diagnose the disease and try to break down the disease into four components, cause, the method of development also called Pathogenesis, the altercations cells undergo in their structures and the result of the altercations. This helps them determine the disease. Various diagnostic tests are run through the equipment to weed them out. Top 10 best diagnostic companies in the World in 2019 are:

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10. Alere

Best Diagnostic Companies 2019

Alere is a healthcare diagnostics company founded in 1991. Its headquarters is in Waltham, Massachusetts. Alere operates worldwide for health care issues, and thus create a positive change to the world as a whole. Its main focus is HIV testing, Healthcare, Malaria eradication and their treatment.

Alere has pioneered in manufacturing rapid point-of-care diagnostic tests, launched the world’s foremost digital pregnancy test, launched CD4 analyzer making management of HIV patients smoother and more effective. They have launched Alere I Influenza A&B to differentiate influenza A from influenza B in under 15 minutes. They have also launched Alere I Strep A test for Group A Streptococcus which can provide effective result in 8 minutes or less.

9. Johnson & Johnson

Best Diagnostic Companies

Johnson & Johnson boasts the world’s largest diagnostic business; 28.5$ billion in total sales for 2013. The company’s business in diagnostics is approximately 305 of the total global market, which is no easy feat. These stats prove that J&Js healthcare diagnostic labs are far-reaching and effective. The company follows a ‘Triple Aim’ which is to assist healthcare systems, improve clinical results, and increase patient satisfaction and doing all three while containing a strict budget.

The company has partnered with many other innovative product companies to ensure optimum care, and the best equipment which is cutting edge is easily available.

8. Sysmex

Best Diagnostic Companies

Sysmex offers services which are centered on the patient’s needs. This is what makes them different and a smarter choice than other diagnostic companies. Sysmex has always strived toward improving its capabilities through evolving, expanding and adjusting. It has considered each aspect of patient’s experience and created an intuitive, holistic ecosystem which helps in improving healthcare system and patient management practices.

7. Abbott Laboratories

Best Diagnostic Companies

Abbott Laboratories is an American company specialising in Health Care industry. The company has headquarters in Lake Bluff, Illinois. Abbott Laboratories is famous for its breakthrough products which not only increase one’s life they also make it a better one. Abbott Laboratories is set up in more than 150 countries and has 94,000 employees all over them to make a definitive impact on health. Doctors at Abbot Laboratories rely on a fast, accurate diagnosis which leads to full recovery.

6. Roche

Best Diagnostic Companies

Roche offers a reliable, efficient, time saving, and detailed diagnosis. Roche has long been committed to delivering the best possible solution diagnostically for the betterment of lives. Roche offers an improved disease management and patient care.

Roche not just offers a diagnosis; it goes a long way to cure it and even involves patients in its decision-making for the entire duration of the disease. Treatment at Roche includes several processes like Prevention, Screening, Diagnosis, Prognosis, Stratification, Treatment and Monitoring.

5. Beckman Coulter

Best Diagnostic Companies

Beckman Coulter backed with 80 years of experience in the Diagnostic world doesn’t just offer innovative diagnostic systems, network information systems and a detailed list of tests. They also offer expertise in the management of the health business and continuous improvement. They offer this because they believe that efficiency and clinical results are enhanced; the patient therefore benefits. Beckman Coulter provides many cost-effective quality assurance programs.

Some of the featured diagnostic solutions offered by Beckman Coulter are DxC 700 AU, Procalcitonin Assay, hsTnI ASSAYS, DxH 500.

4. BioMerieux

Best Diagnostic Companies

BioMerieux is a pioneer and world leader in diagnostics and pathology labs. They are present in more than 160 countries, have many subsidiaries and a vast web of distributors. They are committed to giving a high value to clinicians and advancing to meet the increasingly complex difficulties of hospitals, laboratories, and healthcare systems. Their products are used to diagnose infectious diseases and offering high medical value results for monitoring, cancer screening, and cardiovascular diseases.

3. Becton Dickinson

Best Diagnostic Companies

Becton Dickinson is the leading contributor of regents and instruments needed for diagnosing a vast range of healthcare infections, cancer, and infectious diseases. Becton Dickinson focuses on various numbers of diseases like TB, Sepsis, STIs, Cervical Cancer screening test, and HAIs. Diagnostic products are required for testing sterile and non-sterile pharmaceuticals and medical equipment, for monitoring the environment and detecting food pathogens. They are fully committed to increasing the lab’s efficiency.

2. Siemens

Best Diagnostic Companies

Siemens offers a vast portfolio of diagnostic solutions which are augmented for performance and provide effective scenarios to assist in the diagnosis, monitoring, and management of the disease. Siemens offers a balanced approach to science, technology, and practical usage. They offer a personalised healthcare around the globe to the patients in a better and careful manner. Siemens offers a customer-centric approach to product development. Hence the products are shaped and formed according to the needs of the patients.

Siemens was founded in the year 1847 and has headquarters in Erlangen, Germany. With more than 14,000 employees that serve around 30,000 patients. They have offices in more than 100 countries.

1. Danaher

Best Diagnostic Companies

At Danaher, many diverse companies come together to share a single unified goal. That is to improve quality of life around the world. Danaher has more than 20 companies under it which provide innovative products in today’s dynamic, growing world. Danaher has companies all around the world offering groundbreaking and cutting-edge technologies in the field of diagnostics. Danaher focuses on improving patient’s health through latest equipment which ensures precise diagnosis. It brings diverse skills, backgrounds, and perspectives together to create a difference and change the healthcare system as a whole.

Diagnostic companies offer a variety of services with the sole agenda of improving human life as it is. They ensure ultimate patient care and provide the patient with the best support possible in this technology-laden world. The cutting-edge equipment provides a fast and efficient solution to the diagnosis of a disease which ultimately benefits us. These different companies offer varied experiences according to our needs and requirements.