The more you learn, you find that there is a lot more to learn. The one great thing that even the richest person in the world can’t buy for his own is knowledge. One who is open to exploration always tends to learn. The best lessons of life are learned through experience. One can’t know much about all but to remain updated with the real world, it is always advisable to know a little about a lot of things.

Learning is an eternal process and one who is committed to it will always be ahead of the pack. The process of learning is common for all classes of people be it the white collared or blue collared workers, homemakers, professors and all other people who desire for it. Here is the list of top universities across the world in 2018 facilitating distance education for the people who are not able to take up the full time study.

10. Charles sturt university

Best Distance Education Universities

Charles sturt university is one of the largest online university in Australia. It provides online graduate and undergraduate programs and manages over 25,000 admissions every year. It provides courses on different specialisations that include Agriculture, health, finance, communication, engineering and so on. This university has also been actively involved in Research and development activities. The tagline of this university states “the public good” and echoes their deeds in providing education as a service more vibrantly.

9. University of Pretoria

Best Distance Education Universities

University of Pretoria is an answer for all who doubts the quality of education in the rural part of South Africa. The aim of this university is to educate the professors and other professionals to world-class standards and thereby they can educate a group of people to become great leaders. Since its establishment from 2002, it is maintaining a comprehensive track record and academic excellence.

8. University of Southern Queensland

Best Distance Education Universities

It is a yet another Australian university established in late 1970’s registering 17,000 enrolments every year. It provides specialisations in wide ranges of courses related to Business, Commerce, Health, Community, Arts, Sciences. This university ensures an unmatched online experience with its online forums, discussions and dedicated social media groups to keep the students enthralled.

7. Symbiosis center for advanced learning

Best Distance Education Universities

Symbiosis is the only educational institute in India that cover almost all the fields of study. Some of the major fields include law, management, arts, science and so on. It is one such university that is tied up with most of the industries and businesses. It comes up with best in class academic resources like e-learning, providing self-learning material. It regularly updates its curriculum depending upon the technology changes. It is empowered with 350 adjunct faculties for developing and deploying academic curriculum and assessments.

6. The University of Manchester

Best Distance Education Universities

The University of Manchester in Britain has students enrolled from different parts of the world and aimed at providing dense curriculum to enrich the knowledge of the students. It offers courses in various disciplines like Nursing, Density, Management, Informatics, and much more. It holds a firm 52nd position in World University rankings. It provides enormous facilities for the Research beacons paving way for new discoveries through collaborations and cross-sector partnerships with different world class industries.

5. Boston University distance education

Best Distance Education Universities

Boston University is more concerned to provide a quality experience to the students where they receive the same standard of knowledge as any other student undergoing full-time course. It offers courses in various disciplines that include Arts, criminal, justice, music, health, management, and communication. It occupies 78th position in World University Rankings.

4. Massey University Distance Learning

Best Distance Education Universities

Massey University is one of the leading University in New Zealand managing 20,000 applicants every year. It offers distance education for Undergraduate and Postgraduate programs. They provide online course material and check the progress of the students by conducting assessments periodically. They are ready to lend their service hands for financially challenged students by providing loans and scholarships. They embrace diversity, talent, and performance, and provide students with extensive opportunities to develop professionally and personally.

3. University of Florida distance learning

Best Distance Education Universities

The university of Florida stands tall by providing almost 200 online and distance education programs and facilitates the students to enroll from different parts of the world. The university of Florida ensures that the distance education curriculum provides the same quality as the full-time courses. It has the fame of holding 330,000 successful alumni spun across the globe. The better part is it provides education for a lower cost when compared to other distance universities.


Best Distance Education Universities

Indira Gandhi National Open University serves as the largest distance education organisation providing courses at down to earth cost ensuring world-class standards. It offers courses in all disciplines of study and thus it stands in the top position among other universities. It is a Government of India undertaken institution continuously striving to impart quality education to its students. It covers all available programs both at Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels. It directs its applicants to study through an ODL (Open and Distance Learning) mode.

1. University of Liverpool

Best Distance Education Universities

The university of Liverpool established in 1881 holds the world’s best e-learning University according to financial times known for its best education services. It serves as an all-rounder in providing the best educational services be it Undergraduate or Postgraduate level, or in the field of research and development. It provides all courses ranging from A-Z. It has been inspiring its learners and created world leaders and has been continuing this process for centuries. It has signed MOUs and collaborating with leading industries in the advent to discover earth shattering creations. It also provides loans and scholarships for the students who excel in their curriculum and always in search of talent acquisition.

Education is the only field that will guarantee a trustworthy return on investment when it is utilised to its core. Always believe in studying, because it is the greatest privilege to own. One must maintain his thirst for learning until he dies. This will surely make him achieve great heights in his entire career of life. To conclude, if you want the present to be different from the past, study the past. Learning requires passion and it is one among the very few things independent of age, caste, and creed.


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