Engineering has been a profession since ancient times. Everything which needed design and application of scientific knowledge needed engineers. That’s why it is one of the most popular profession choices among students. There is always a high demand for engineers in the market which has led to the formation of thousands of colleges around the world. Though most of the credit for becoming a good engineer depends on the individuals but the college he/ she goes to is quite fundamental in shaping up their future. Today we discuss one of the ten best engineering colleges in the world in 2019.

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10. University of Oxford

Best Engineering Colleges 2019

This is one of the oldest universities in the world and is so old that its foundation date is still not clear but teaching in the dates to 1096 A.D. it is a highly prestigious college and has been offering one of the most famous and oldest scholarships of all time, The Rhodes Scholarship. The university has a total of 38 colleges under it which are present throughout the city of Oxford, England. It has the list of notable alumni including many Nobel Laureates and former Prime Ministers of the country. It is really hard to get a chance to study at the university as the acceptance rate is 17.5%.

9. National University of Singapore

Best Engineering College

The National University of Singapore was founded in 1905 and has produced four prime ministers of its country and also two prime ministers of Malaysia. It is situated in an urban location with a huge campus of 0.58 square miles. It was mainly built for medical science but had been providing engineering courses. It is a highly reputable college which has been ranked as one of the top 10 universities numerous times. Getting into top engineering courses like computer science is really tough and grades matter a lot.

8. ETH-Zurich Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

Best Engineering College

The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology AKA ETH-Zurich is a university present in Zurich, Germany which specialises in the fields of Science, Technology, Mathematics, and Engineering. The university was founded in the year 1854 and has been one of the most excellent engineering and science institution. Many of its students, 21 to be exact, have received the Nobel Prize. One of its most famous students was the pioneer of modern physics, Albert Einstein. The university has two big campuses housing 25,000 researching and working, which makes it like a small town of sorts. The acceptance rate of the university is about 27%.

7. University of Cambridge

Best Engineering College

The University of Cambridge is one of the oldest colleges of the world having been founded in the year 1209. It has a total of 31 colleges under its name and has the second largest university publishing house, which is also the oldest publishing house in the world. The university has a history of having notable alumni. Have you heard of Sir Isaac Newton? Of course, you have! He was a student of the university. Stephen Hawkins and Ramanujan are one of the other famous alumni of the college. It too has a low acceptance rate of 21% and surely requires a lot of hard work to reach there.

6. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Best Engineering College

Yeah! Up top is one of the biggest names in the field of technological institutions, MIT. It is a private university situated in Cambridge, Massachusetts, specialising in the research field. Being founded in 1861, to facilitate and adjust with the increase in industrialisation in its country (USA), it is often deemed as one of the most prestigious colleges. It boasts a strong faculty list which includes 87 Nobel laureates, and a huge campus extending up to 168 acres. If you have a dream of getting into this world-class institute you better have some serious amount of dedication and determination mixed with a bit of luck as they are one of the most selective colleges and have an acceptance rate of mere 8%!

5. Tsinghua University

Best Engineering College

What better than to start off the list with China, one of the world’s leading country in scientific and technological development. Tsinghua University is reputable university situated in Beijing, China and is one of the C9 League universities in China. It has campus size of a whopping 980 acres (like a town in itself). It has surpassed MIT in the research and achievements field when it comes to engineering. Its acceptance rate is one of the lowest in the entire world and the entrance exams are really tough.

4. University of California, Berkeley

Best Engineering College

The University of California, Berkeley was founded in the year 1868 in Berkeley, California making it one of the oldest universities in California. It is a leading research university in the world and owns a campus of around 178 acres and has an approx of 6700-acre land under its name schilling around 40,000 students. They boast of a rich past and present with an impressive group of faculty and alumni of which at least 93 are Nobel Laureates. Their acceptance rate is around 17.5 %. Make sure you dedicate a lot of time preparing for the entrances if you wish to get into this university.

3. Imperial College London

Best Engineering College

Imperial college is a highly reputed college ranked as the most innovative on in Europe. It was established in the year 1851 and is equipped to teach science, engineering, business, and medicine. It has a rich line of notable alumni including 15 Nobel Laureates. It comes from the University of London. The campuses of the college are scattered throughout the city with its main campus in central London near South Kensington. It has an acceptance of 14.3%.

2. Nanyang Technological university

Best Engineering College

The Nanyang Technological University was founded in the year 1981 in Singapore and is currently one of the best universities in the world. It has a total of 8 colleges and schools under it offering courses for engineering, business, medicine and much more. It has a big campus of around 490 acres, one of the largest in the country. It has been ranked as one of the top 10 universities several times in various different fields. It helps the student financially and provides about 27% of the tuition fees of the students. It has an acceptance rate of about 20-30%.

1. Stanford University

Best Engineering College

The Stanford University is one of the most prestigious universities in the world in terms of excellent academics and wealth. It was established in the year 1891 and is currently specialising in the research field. It boasts of high success rates among students many of whom have founded companies whose total annual revenue is about $2.7 trillion. It also has an impressive group of faculty and alumni among which 64 Nobel Laureates are present. The entire university stands on a whopping 8,180-acre land and has a total of around 16000 students. Its high selectivity of students has resulted in an acceptance rate of a mere 4.8%.

Engineering is one of the most in-demand professions in the world due to its high significance in the working of most things. This had led to an outburst of universities and colleges which provide engineering as a course. Among those tens of thousands of universities and colleges are some jewels that have been providing the world with a supply of best quality engineers some of whom have revolutionised the world.


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