In this changing world, everyone wants to be updated and trendy with how they look. They want to look exceptional and unique, and the best way to be up to date in the fashion world is through Fashion Magazines. Even in this era of digitisation, the shiny and glossy papers of the magazines are still the predominant medium for information. All the latest styles, models and their attires are displayed in the magazines.

Many fashion magazines have thrown numerous up and coming models into the limelight and made them famous overnight; the trends which are featured in magazines are followed by people from all around the world and there are thousands of magazines published nowadays but some magazines are in a class of their own. Below are the top 10 best fashion magazines in the world by readership in 2019.

10. W

Best Fashion Magazine

W magazine was created in 1971, gaining instant popularity for its highly stylish models and ability to tap into its reader’s mindset and adapt accordingly. Their primary readership constitutes of high earning females. W has managed to sell more than half a million copies every year. W has had its share of controversies because of posting content which shocked the readers many times. The magazine is owned by Conde Nast.

9. Teen Vogue

Best Fashion Magazine 2019

Teen Vogue was published in 2003 as a teenage version of the original Vogue magazine. It also has the same theme and looks as the Vogue magazine, the difference being that the main focus is on teenage readers. The trends and styles revolved around teen celebrities and even the articles were written for a teenage fan base. The editor-in-chief of Vogue is Amy Astley. The Teen Vogue magazine sells a million copies annually.

8. Elle

Best Fashion Magazine

Elle is French magazine with its name meaning ‘she’ or ‘her’ in French. It is one of the most popular magazines that have been published. Its core content is about educating their readers about fashion – with publishers present all over the world, it has succeeded in achieving that. It has maintained its reputation by focusing on beauty, fashion, health, and amusement ever since its inception in 1945.

7. Glamour

Best Fashion Magazine

Glamour is a world famous magazine with a target audience reaching up to 50 years of age. Its name was Glamour of Hollywood when it was created by Cande Nast in 1939. It is one of the biggest magazines in the world with approximately 2 million copies being sold every year, its success is largely due its forward fashion statements and the usage of innovative ideas in its articles. The editor in chief of the American version of the Glamour magazine is Cynthia Leive.

6. Esquire

Best Fashion Magazine

Esquire is a fashion magazine with the core readership of male populace. It has been publishing on a monthly basis from its creation in 1932. Esquire magazine is one the most famous magazines in the world and its popularity among men is supreme. The magazine is most famously associated with The Sexiest Woman Alive contest from 2004 with the beautiful and talented Angelina Jolie winning it in the first year and Scarlett Johansson being the only woman to win it twice once in 2006 and second time in 2013.

5. Marie Claire

Best Fashion Magazine

Marie Claire is a French magazine based in New York City known worldwide for fashion, lifestyle, and beauty articles about women from all around the globe. It is published monthly in more than 35 countries in 24 different languages with its core readership being females. The magazine was created in 1937 by Jean Prouvost and Auclair. The editor-in-chief of Marie Claire is Arnaud de Contades.

4. Vanity Fair

Best Fashion Magazine

Vanity Fair is an American magazine which was first published in 1983, initially, its publication was spontaneous but after a while, the magazine continued production on a monthly basis. In the beginning, the magazine was actually a society magazine, and then Vanity Fair merged with the Vogue magazine. Vogue took over the magazine but in 1983 the magazine started its solo run. A million copies are sold every year by the Vanity Fair. The editor-in-chief of Vanity Fair magazine is Graydon Carter.

3. Cosmopolitan

Best Fashion Magazine

Cosmopolitan or Cosmos as it is famously called, is one of the biggest brand names in the fashion world. From its inception in 1886 as a literature magazine, to it becoming a woman’s magazine in 1965, it has received huge popularity and success. It is an American magazine which has a superb worldwide reach with over 64 international editions in over 35 languages that are sold in around 110 countries. The magazine centers on fashion and beauty, issues which women have, relationships, health, etc. it has more than 3 million readers.

2. GQ

Best Fashion Magazine

GQ was first published in 1931 as Apparel Arts. Then, in 1957, it became the Gentlemen’s Quarterly though it began to be called GQ over the years. It has a worldwide readership with its primary readers being male as the focus of the articles is also on male fashion, style, movies, sports, fitness, and lifestyle. It is irrefutably the best male magazine. Its headquarters are in New York City but the publishing is done in more than 25 countries with famous Conde Nast as its publisher. It is the most successful magazine in the US and is issued on a month to month basis.

1. Vogue

Best Fashion Magazine

Vogue has been the biggest fashion magazine for years running. It is one of the oldest fashion magazines with its first publication being in 1892. It has been publishing on monthly basis ever since then and now its reach stretches to about 23 countries. It has been dubbed as ‘the world’s most powerful fashion magazine’ with its readers being approximately 11 million just in the USA and 1.5 million including the rest of the world.

Anna Wintour has been editor in chief of the Vogue magazine from 1988; she is considered as one of the most powerful figures in the fashion world and the magazine has scaled new heights under her by focusing on a younger audience and providing bold fashion statements and styles to its monthly readers.

There are numerous other magazines which boast immense popularity and success both domestically and internationally but these magazines have dominated the fashion world for the better part of a decade if not more. Their rankings have shuffled over the years but the quality of content hasn’t diminished and that is the sole reason why these magazines have such a massive readership.