Even though football is a team game, a goalkeeper can single-handedly make the team win the match. The striker can only score a goal with the assist of the other players and lead the team to victory, but a goalkeeper can make saves and not concede any goal and it could lead to a draw and even a win if all the other players manage to score. Even when it is down to penalty shootout, it is only a goalkeeper who can make the team win. Therefore, a goalkeeper is the most important player in a football team and teams spend millions to land the best goalkeeper for them.

If you are wondering which top 10 goalkeepers are the best in the world in 2019, the following list is tailor-made for you. Their past years’ performance and team value are taken into consideration to determine their ranking.

10. Ederson (Manchester City and Brazil)

Best Goalkeepers in The World 2019

The dramatic turnaround of Manchester city is partially due to the fantastic goalkeeping of the 24-years-old Ederson. He was transferred from Benfica to Manchester City with 40 million euros. In his last season in Benfica, he helped the team win the treble. He is the second most valuable goalkeeper after Buffon. Once Pep Guardiola took over Manchester City, he signed him and replaced Claudio Bravo and this season, Manchester City has lost only one match out of 27 matches played so far and is sure to win the Premier League.

9. Keylor Navas (Real Madrid and Costa Rica)

best Goalkeepers in The World

Real Madrid’s performance this season has not been up to the mark but Keylor Navas has been the shining star so far. It is the number choice for Costa Rica national team and he was transferred to Real Madrid in 2014 for 10 million euros to succeed Iker Casillas. He made a record in UEFA Champions League by not conceding a single goal in the first 8 matches. He is known for his consistency though his position is under the scanner due to the transfer rumors of several popular goalkeepers from English Premier League.

8. Alisson Becker (AS Roma and Brazil)

best Goalkeepers in The World

He is one of the less popular goalkeepers on the list but his performance solely lands him here. In 2016, he was transferred to Roma for 7.5 million euros and he replaced Wojciech Szczęsny soon after. Even though he is not the first choice of Brazil, his current performance may just push him to take the spot from Ederson. He is solely responsible for some of the crucial wins Roma had in their domestic matches and he truly portrays why goalkeeper is the most valuable player in the team. His exponential improvement could just make him top the list next year.

7. Petr Cech (Arsenal and Czech Republic)

best Goalkeepers in The World

Petr Cech is a veteran goalkeeper who never seems to age and show deterioration in his performance. He is still the saving grace of Arsenal’s defense and the number one choice for Czech Republic national team. As a matter of fact, he has the record of being the most capped player in the team. He won best goalkeeper award three times in UEFA Champions League. Petr Cech is mostly associated with Chelsea for his outstanding performance during his long stay with the club. He holds the record of having the most number of clean sheets in English Premier League.

6. Hugo Lloris (Tottenham Hotspurs and France)

best Goalkeepers in The World

The reason for the rise of Tottenham Hotspurs in the title picture of EPL can be partially attributed to Hugo Lloris’s performance. He is the number one goalkeeper for the national team France. He is known for his lightning fast reflexes and is one of the sweeper-keepers in the world. In the current season, he has the most number of saves in the Premier League. He also has many assists to his name thanks to his clean vision and spotless clearances to tear through the defense of the opponents.

5. Jan Oblak (Atletico Madrid and Slovenia)

best Goalkeepers in The World

Jan Oblak is on the verge of becoming the most expensive goalkeeper if PSG manages to buy him for a whopping 100 million euros. He replaced Courtois in 2015 season and in his debut season he made the all-time record of conceding the lowest number of goals in LaLiga’s history. He used to play for Benfica before coming to Atletico Madrid and drove him former time to treble in 2013 season.

4. Thibaut Courtois (Chelsea and Belgium)

best Goalkeepers in The World

Thibaut Courtois is slightly inconsistent and he fails to make it in the top three despite being one of the finest goalkeepers the game has ever seen. He is known for making crazy saves with exceptionally faster reflex. As a matter of fact, he is the saving grace of the failing defense of Chelsea. He is one of the most sought-after goalkeepers at present and Real Madrid is trying to snatch him. He is the automatic number one choice for his national team Belgium. He did wonders for his former club Atletico Madrid for three consecutive seasons having won three major titles Europa League, Copa del Rey and eventually LaLiga title.

3. Gianluigi Buffon (Juventus and Italy)

best Goalkeepers in The World

When most of the goalkeepers of his age are ending up playing for second division teams, Gianluigi Buffon at 40 is still going consistently and it is safe to say that he is still at the peak of his career. There has been no replacement for him in his club team Juventus.

He is the most extensive goalkeeper in the history of the football and he was transferred from Parma to Juventus for 50 million euros. He is also the record holder of having the most clean sheets in Serie A.

2. David De Gea (Manchester United and Spain)

best Goalkeepers in The World

David De Gea is the most demanded goalkeeper at present because so many big teams are trying to get him onboard from Manchester United through the transfer window. Even though his club is not performing at its best, David De Gea is the highlight of the club and looks like the only defense in the team. As a matter of fact, he now equals the record for having the most number of saves in a single BPL game.

He was born in Madrid and started his career at Atletico Madrid. He is the first choice of the Spanish team in spite of several other established goalkeepers sitting on the bench. He is considered to be the successor of Iker Casillas for Spain. Coincidentally, Real Madrid is high on him and wants him in the team as a long-term successor for Iker Casillas.

1. Marc-Andre ter Stegen (Bercelona and Germany)

best Goalkeepers in The World

It is amazing how Marc-Andre ter Stegen was not on the list of top 10 goalkeepers in 2017 or even in 2018 but suddenly in 2019, he is at the top of the chart. That is how fast the career and fortune of a footballer can change. He is the first choice of German football team at present. Barcelona landed him on the team with a 12 million transfer fee in 2014 and his performance is picking up like old wine every season. He is called the new Manuel Neuer with the sweeper-keeper ability.

If you are wondering why Manuel Neuer is not on the list, it is due to the fact that he is suffering from an injury that has kept him on the sidelines for months now. His lack of play for the club and national team has decreased his present value and he is replaced in the national team by Mac-Andre ter Stegen who also plays for Barcelona.