Every person needs to work out. Whether the reason to work out is frustration, anger, or a simple effort to keep the body in shape, finding and joining a gym is a good way to go. More than the gym, it is the gym trainer who has to be thoroughly judged. It is important for a person to choose the right gym trainer because the trainer will be the one to guide and help with the workout sessions. Body maintenance is a tough task and stretching the body the wrong way will result in cramps and paralysis (in extreme cases). Below is the list of best gyms in 2019 that have good facilities plus trusted trainers.

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10. Bev Francis Powerhouse Gym, United States

Best Gyms Centres 2019

Bev Francis was born in 1955 in Australia and has a degree in physical education and has been a teacher in the same for more than ten years. Located in New York, this gym is open all throughout the year from 4 am in the morning till midnight. The gym trainer has trained legends in the gym. In fact, she is the first woman ever to bench press more than 300 lbs. Open to both ladies and gents, this gym offers both short term and long term memberships to its clients.

9. Metroflex Gym, United States

Best Gyms Centres

Established in 1987 by its founder Brian Dobson, Metroflex Gym is one of the most popular gyms in the world. It was founded because its founder found a lack of hardcore gyms and the commercial gyms were too restricting. Once a person joins this gym, the experienced trainers will provide invaluable suggestions and recommendations on diet, work, and pose. One of the best things about this gym is that members can terminate their membership anytime, with no continued cost.

8. Original Temple Gym, United Kingdom

Best Gyms Centres

Founded in the year 1962, Original Temple Gym has the reputation for producing healthy people out of teeth chattering ones. One unique feature about this gym is that it is located in the basement, indicating that it accepts people from anywhere without any restrictions. Though this might go against a few beliefs here and there, this gym has proved to be one of the best in the world.

7. Gold’s Gym, United States

Best Gyms Centres

Established by Joe Gold, this gym reflects all the lessons learned and training taken by Joe Gold during his career. Though it all started in the United States, Gold’s Gym now serves over a million members in more than thirty countries around the world. It has now become the dream of every serious bodybuilder to train here one day. Alongside serious bodybuilding training sessions, Gold’s Gym also provides services such as yoga, cycling, and martial arts. Dancers can also learn Zumba classes here.

6. Firehouse Fitness, United States

Best Gyms Centres

This gym probably has the best creation history ever. The gym was once a firehouse station until the gym’s founders, Pam Smith and Timothy seized the opportunity to turn it into a world-class gym. Besides training famous personalities for competitions, this gym also offers Zumba and Yoga classes. More interestingly, it provides food! It is the most creative gym ever established.

5. Titan Fitness, Australia

Best Gyms Centres

Not many gyms these days offer consistent quality throughout their existence. Titan Fitness, however, begs to differ. Established 26 years ago in Australia by Murat’s and Mets Analin, this gym’s every single equipment is hand selected by the owners themselves. The gym also offers healthy food according to the on-going diet of the person. Personal and group training is also offered. It is one of the few gyms left in the world that priorities quality customer service.

4. Quads Gym, United States

Best Gyms Centres

Famously known for its history, Quad Gym began thirty-five years ago by two friends. It is believed that building a top-notch gym was their dream which they later turned into reality. This gym has also secured its spot in the top 10 gyms in the Muscle and Fitness Magazine. Built to accommodate more than a thousand members, this gym is for the ones who are looking for hardcore training in muscle fitness. It has 15 trainers who are more than willing to suggest and recommend healthy ways to work-out. Moreover, its flexible membership ranging from one day to one year is what attracts more people to this gym.

3. Big Tex Gym, United States

Best Gyms Centres

One of the most famous gyms in the world, Big Tex Gym is located in Austin, Texas. It is known for providing people space and mental concentration they need while working out. It has separate secluded places for hardcore training where the person can really focus without getting distracted and disturbed by other members. Moreover, this gym gives its members the facility to change the music to their own taste, style and mood. It has a great reputation among its members.

2. Axiom Gym, United States

Best Gyms Centres

Full of efficient training equipment, Axiom Gym is located in Boise, the capital city of Idaho. The gym is locally owned and operated and is known for its friendly atmosphere. So far, they have four excellent health clubs in the United States. All of these clubs have personal training and performance clubs that strive to stick to their result oriented goals. Each member who wishes to join this gym will undergo a specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely (SMART) assessment through which the trainer will get to know more about the person and the baseline body composition. Depending on these results, recommendations are made to the member. Except for Friday, the gym operates throughout the year for 24 hours.

1. Oxygen Gym, Kuwait

Best Gyms Centres

One of the best gyms in the world, Oxygen Gym is a serious training center for those looking for bodybuilding. The gym has state of art equipment that is designed to focus on cardiovascular and free weight training. It also has sauna rooms for the members to relax after a tiring workout. Nutritious drinks, parking lots, internet service, prayer room, and much more. The training equipment also has flat screen televisions connected to OSN ShowTime Satellite so that members can watch the television while exercising.

People join the gyms for a variety of reasons. From simple body maintenance to serious bodybuilding, there are gyms across the world to suit every person’s requirements. One has to make sure to check out its facilities before signing the membership form.

Out of the various varieties of gyms present across the world, one has to make sure it matches to the need they are looking for. Serious gyms would not work for a person who is just looking to making the body. Joining such a gym would waste time, energy and money. Careful assessment of gyms is time well spent.


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