Insurance simply is a protection against potential substantial financial losses due to unforeseen mishaps. It is generally in the form of a contract between the insurer and insured. Medical or Health insurance as the name suggests is insurance for medical expenses. Whether the company covers the whole or partial expense depends on the plant you opt. Medical insurance can help you get through a health ordeal without having to incur a huge financial loss.

Although not every insurance plan matches your requirements, you have to research thoroughly before finding the company and plan that perfectly fits you. Those companies can be government, private or non-profit organisations. To make it easy for you, here is a list of some of the top medical insurance companies in the world in 2019:


Best Health Insurance Companies 2019

AFLAC, popularly known as American Family Life Assurance Company. It is the largest provider of supplemental insurance in America. Founded in 1955 in Georgia the company now has assets of more than $110 billion and has insured over 50 million people. Aflac is probably the largest insurance company in Japan with over 19000 sales agencies. The company offers unique plans that cover hospitalisation and doctor’s fees; it also provides several types of insurance policies like Accident, Cancer, Dental, Life, Vision, Heart Attack, Coma etc.

9. Zurich Insurance Group Ltd.

Best Health Insurance Companies

The group is based in the country famous for chocolates and watches, Switzerland. It is headquartered in Zurich and is the largest insurance provider in the country and is ranked 91 in the Forbes Global 2000s list. The company started off as a marine reinsurance company and now has an array of sectors in which it provides insurance. It has different plans for different regions of the world and provides even for broken bones and fractures of elders. Paying attention to the small yet important aspects is what brought success to this company.

8. AXA PPP Healthcare

Best Health Insurance Companies

AXA is a multinational insurance cerage firm based in France. It operates in almost all continents, but its health insurance unit mainly operates in the United Kingdom and the Middle East. AXA PPP, a subsidiary of AXA UK was created when AXA bought Guardian Royal Exchange and has since then held a fair share of the market in the UK and also extends its services to over 50 countries. It is very well known for the provision of International Insurance for a person’s friends and family irrespective of location around the world.

7. Aetna Inc.

Best Health Insurance Companies

Aetna is a health services provider in America which includes pharmaceutical, medical and long-term care serving over 66.3 million patients of which 13.6 million are group insurance members. It also provides employee benefits through employer-paid insurance. It is one of the most recommended healthcare insurance provider in the country with an operating income of $2.9 billion. It is headquartered in Connecticut, US,

6. Blue Cross Blue Shield Association

Best Health Insurance Companies

BCBSA is a federation of 36 independent health insurance organisations comprising of earlier two different associations namely Blue Cross and Blue Shield, each developed independently. It is a large medical organisation serving over 106 million people within the United States. The company now offers health coverage in different states of the country in one form or the other and has one of the highest numbers of insurance coverage in the world. They also provide coverage to both state and federal government employees under a Federal Employees Health Benefits Program.

5. Humana Inc.

Best Health Insurance Companies

Regarded as one of the largest healthcare insurance company in the United States, Humana has a customer base of 13 million individuals and its turnout revenue is close to $54 billion as of 2016. It is ranked at 73 in the list of fortune 500 companies. UnitedHealth once made an unsuccessful attempt to acquire Humana in 1998. Back in the 1980s, Humana created its medical insurance plan, and in 1993 it had the largest series of hospitals in the country but soon traded them for $3.4 billion. Humana provides its services in all fifty states in the US and across Europe and Asia.

4. AIA

Best Health Insurance Companies

AIA is the largest Asian life insurance company spanning over 18 countries in Asia including Thailand, Singapore, China, New Zealand, and India operating from Hong Kong. AIA covers plans for all types of critical illness like cancer and heart diseases. With their fast and satisfying services, they have managed to maintain such a large market in the health insurance sector.


Best Health Insurance Companies

BUPA is a private healthcare organisation serving over 32 million customers spreading across 190 countries with its headquarters in London. BUPA is an abbreviation for British United Provident Association and was founded in 1947 with seventeen British provident associations decided to provide better healthcare to the general public. It was originally a healthcare company acquiring a large part of the healthcare business in many countries including Spain and US. It entered the healthcare insurance business by joining hands with a local company Max India forming Max Bupa Health Insurance Limited.

2. Allianz

Best Health Insurance Companies

Allianz, the biggest name in the world of insurance and the largest company according to Forbes regarding composite measures, is located in Munich, Germany. Allianz entered the insurance industry back in 1905 in the form of fire insurance. It provides life and health insurance services in Germany through Allianz Deutschland AG and in India through Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Company. They proclaim to process insurance claims within 48 hours.

1. UnitedHealth Group

Best Health Insurance Companies

UnitedHealth is a health company founded in 1977. It is based in Minnesota, USA and sixth in the list of Fortune 500 companies of America. The group offers products and services through two of its subsidiaries UnitedHealthcare and Optum with an operating income of $13 billion. The company provides comprehensive health reform by providing a range of health benefit plans to its employees; it takes care of the health of old and senile people. It has a wide array of health programs ranging from individuals to mid-sized businesses to large organisations. Its operations are spread across 125 countries serving over 115 million individuals. It is truly one of the largest health services and insurance provider in the world.

With the above-given list, there may be some other companies that can serve you better by providing a more suitable plan for you. You must research thoroughly before concluding the selection of a plan. In today’s world, medical insurance has become a necessity as no one can foresee the future. Thus it is highly recommended to get yourself and your family insured as soon as possible.


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