Mass communication can objectively be defined, as a broad platform of expression of ideas and opinions about any issue, however trivial it might be. Journalism, on the other hand, is a more specific medium of mass communication. It is the art of gathering news and annunciating it to a wide section of people through other modes of mass communication.

Clearly, journalism and mass communication aren’t the same, as commonly misconceived by many. Mass communication has remarkably made its way into becoming an essential and an established course in the educational system in India. While India has been producing millions of engineers every year, other countries have been more productive in extending their sense of education to more than one seemingly important branch of study. Given below are the top 10 most reputed educational institutions for mass communication and journalism in 2019.

10. Boston University

Best Journalism and Mass Communication Colleges 2019

Established in 1839, this university has been steadily ranked among the top colleges and has vastly progressed in its quality and diversity of courses over the years. Apart from Journalism, Business, Law, and Medicine are other major fields of study in this university. 22% of its students are from other countries, out of which India seems to have quite a large community settling up every year. This university was ranked as the 70th top university for the ongoing academic year and has always stayed in the lower strata of ranks.

9. Purdue University

Best Journalism and Mass Communication Colleges

Located in Indiana, this university holds the reputation of serving as an alma mater for quite a few esteemed astronauts like Neil Armstrong, Gus Grissom, and Eugene Cernan. It proudly holds the 60th rank among the top colleges and universities in the world for the current academic year. It was established in 1869 on a very small scale and has enormously outgrown numerous dignified institutions since in quality of education and experience.

8. University of North Carolina

Best Journalism and Mass Communication Colleges

This university was established as the first public one in the USA in 1795 at Chapel Hill, North Carolina. This community consists of one of the biggest and best libraries in the world, containing an average of six million books and research materials. Holding the 56th rank among the best colleges in the world, it is reviewed to offer an excellent quality of education and research experience to the students.

7. University of Wisconsin, Madison

Best Journalism and Mass Communication Colleges

University of Wisconsin is reputed to consist of the highest number of staffs and students in the USA. It consists of 2022 staffs and takes in 42,000 students in a year. Though the University is actually 20 colleges put together under its association, it still is one of the largest universities in the USA. It has also launched a rather resourceful initiative, which allows Indian students to study or work during a part of their education in this institution.

6. University of California, Los Angel

Best Journalism and Mass Communication Colleges

This university is ranked 15th among the top colleges and is renowned explicitly for its research facilities. Many of the faculties here are either Nobel laureates or Pulitzer prize winners, or other esteemed dignitaries in education. This community consists of a group called the Indian students union which organises numerous events to make them feel at home, as this has a very low international students’ acceptance rate of around 8% only.

5. Indiana University, Bloomington

Best Journalism and Mass Communication Colleges

Indiana University, popularly known as IU has been successful over the years to consistently hold its reputation as one of the best colleges for Journalism and other atypically established courses. It was found in the year 1820 and has developed to a status where it now has 15 colleges under it and offers 550 programmes along with those related to mass communication. It’s faculties and alumni have come out in life with flying colors as Nobel laureates, Pulitzer prize winners and other reputed award winners and luminaries in the field of education.

4. University of Queensland

Best Journalism and Mass Communication Colleges

This university ranks as 65th among the best colleges in the world and is reputed to be one of the best research institutions in Australia. It has gotten more awards teaching excellence than any other university in Australia. It also provides the students the opportunity to study abroad for a part of their course at any one of highly ranked universities in the USA.

3. University of Amsterdam

Best Journalism and Mass Communication Colleges

This university ranks as 59th among the top universities in the world as per the latest survey for the current academic year. It takes in an average of 11% international students every year. This might easily be one of the oldest universities among all others, and is the third oldest university in Netherlands, with its year of foundation going long back to around 1632. It enrolls the highest number of students every year and is deemed as one of the largest research universities in Europe with about 7900 scientific foundations made in a single year.

2. University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

Best Journalism and Mass Communication Colleges

Established in 1851, it was set up as an independent university in both Twin Cities and St. Paul at the same time. It accepts around 15% of international students every year has over 40000 alumni, a significant number of which, are Nobel laureates. It consists of a dynamic community of international students and a well-experienced crew of faculties, to aid them in every way. It ranks as 46th among the best institutions in the world and offers more than 150 graduate degree programmes, of which courses relating to journalism and communication are reputed to be the best.

1. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Best Journalism and Mass Communication Colleges

Located in Detroit, university of Michigan was founded in 1817, making it the oldest university in the state, even older than the state itself. After it was moved to Ann Arbor, it’s campus then expanded to 40 acres and was then established as the central campus. It holds a world rank of 21 and enrolls about 14% international students every year. The entire university is comprised of 19 schools having internationally recognised and trained faculties and offers about 250-degree programmes. This university emerged as the founding member of Association of American Universities in 1900.

These aforementioned universities are each deemed proficient and impeccable in their own conspicuous aspects. The one thing they all share in common is that they all provide world-class education and training in mass communication courses. It can only be hoped that, over the years, in a not-so-far future from now, mass communication earns it’s rightful, deserving place in the shallow perspectives of people yearning to create a difference in the world.


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